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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

The Book of Ataniel
Chronicles of the Ataniel Campaigns


Storyboard Chronicles: Second Chances

Chronicles of the original Storyboard campaign (in Word format).

Finished!Book I: Rat Kings
Finished!Book II: Hell and Back
Finished!Book III: We'll Always Have Paris
Finished!Books IV & V: The Art of Losing

Finished!Storyboard Fonts
Finished!Storyboard Characters

Storyboard Conclusion: Shake The Dust Off Of Your Wings, And The Sleep Out Of Your Eyes

Conclusion to the two-year Storyboard campaign (in Word format).

Finished!Book I: Trial and Error

Book II: Shake The Dust Off Of Your Wings
Finished!Shake The Dust Off
Finished!The Hotel
Not Done YetConclusion

Finished!Storyboard Glossary for Trial and Error/Shake the Dust Off

The Chronicles of the Sunfighter

Chronicles of the three-year Baltimore campaign and AFYR (in Word format),
from the perspective of the Sunfighter

Finished!Part I: Days of Light and Darkness
Finished!Part II: Look Into the Light
Finished!Part III: Body and Soul
Finished!Part IV: Ragnarok

Additional Chronicles

Chronicles of the as-yet-unfinished Storyboard campaigns, and the apocryphal email game of 1995.

OngoingStoryboard II Archives (ongoing)
Finished!Run Down Like Waters Archive
Finished!Enigma Board Archives
Finished!Hoaxes, Dreams, and Imaginary Stories (non-canon)

'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

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