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The Book of Ataniel

DISCLAIMER: These chronicles are not guaranteed to be either complete or 100% historically accurate. That's because A) gaps in my memory or in the logic of the plot have been filled in over time by me, like limestone in a cave, and B) a 100% historically accurate representation of our game would include a lot of dice, Combos, jokes that aren't funny anymore, and other non-memorable stuff, so be grateful for small favors!

Also, these are my chronicles, so though not everything is written from the Sunfighter's perspective per se, she is definitely the central character, and this is her story. Don't take that personally. Believe me, you don't want me crawling around in your character's brain.

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Body and Soul: Threnody
by Laura Nagel, 1995

"Max, nothing ever 'happened' to 'poor Threnody.' Threnody happened, and the world happened. Sometimes you got good harmonies, sometimes you didn't."--Flicker

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Background: Sway

A tall, fairly thin man with big shoulders is standing quietly with his arms folded, barely smiling. He is wearing a trenchcoat and sunglasses and his blond hair is gathered in a ponytail. To his right stands a friendly-looking elven man with an infectious smile who manages to be reasonably attractive despite dorky seventies sideburns; he is almost improbably bulked up, dressed in beige, and has a giant war hammer inverted in front of him. There is an unusual elven woman in chainmail and flamboyant silks hanging around their necks and between them, one tight leg extended toward the ground and the other kneed up to the elven man's chest. She has bronzed skin and curling dark red hair past her waist, and her right hand has been replaced with a hook. Her eyes are strangely bright. A thin, pale man with wispy black hair is leaning into the trenchcoat's other side, amused. He is wearing a sleeveless black chainmail shirt over blousing black sleeves, a silver belt buckle and dangling ankh, and fingerless black leather gloves, one of which is extended to the bombshell to the left of him. She is regarding him with pursed lips. She has highly styled platinum blond hair, short in back and long in front, and is wearing an artistically tattered white minidress and four-inch heels. She does not appear to be wearing any underwear. There is a light mist curling up around her feet, and she is leaning on a battleaxe as tall as she is and testing its blade with a finger. A tall set man in a white karate uniform with a black sash is standing behind her with his arms crossed, smiling quietly. Next to him is a four-foot-high mound of partially transparent sludge, from which several eyeballs and toothy mouths protrude at unpleasant angles. The black-belt's hand rests lightly on top of the sludge, which is jutting a toothy smile out just underneath it. On the other side of the massive elf is a thin, hard little woman with mousy brown hair and unflattering leather armor, playing with a dagger and quirking her lips. A pretty Oriental woman in burnished scale armor leans against the wall on the far side in a dignified but relaxed way, checking out the blond in the trenchcoat. A big, doofy-looking blue furry thing with tentacles and a kilt stands behind them, apparently in the process of doing some dance step.

The Sway weathered Janther's death with much less difficulty than the Significants had weathered Sunny's, despite the misguided hopes of Iolleil Oyello. There were few major personnel changes during this time period, with the exception of the introduction of the new Sunfighter. Besides having become a force to be reckoned with in combat, the psionicist PRAXIS had also matured into a capable leader, coordinating the group's efforts via a psychic mind link that connected all its members but EVIL MAX, who was still an illithid impostor and didn't want Praxis to realize this. He therefore fell back on Max's old hatred of psionics and forbade Praxis to use any on him at all. THRENODY, the third incarnation of the Sunfighter, had fused with a Caribbean pirate captain and returned to warn the group after Wyvern abducted the new hybrid to an alternate future in which he ruled Ataniel so as to dispose of the threat to him and his empire. Threnody was a loud, physical, good-natured and eminently sane woman who was able to enjoy the humor in almost every situation; she was a swashbuckler given to grandiose flourishes in both word and deed, but she took herself with a hefty grain of salt and never missed an opportunity to laugh at herself. Despite the angst of Sway's climactic last few months, Threnody was the first Sunfighter to genuinely enjoy her situation. She was also the one to break Brionwy's curse. LUTHIEN, noted in Diari intelligence as the "most dangerous member of Sway", finally finished his long and strange journey from bitter, violent, suicidal isolation with the birth of his son, Gordon Farstalker. TRISSIA and ENDICOTT continued to accompany Sway on many of their missions; ZZENITH had become indispensable. TILA, also known as "Venom" in the thieves' guild she now headed, remained her irrepressible self. INEZ, the most laid-back member of Sway with the possible exception of Zzenith, took up with Praxis not long after joining the group. GEORGE and JARTH were going through an exceptionally difficult time during this period: Jarth, alternately despondent and messianic, hired a genetically engineered Diari assassin named Belle to knock out George whenever it was his turn with the body. Then Trillarillia's curse caused their physical manifestations to reverse, so that George manifested as a Javinese priest and Jarth as a giant blue hermaphrodite; that just about did it for Jarth's sanity, and he committed suicide by submitting to a test that instantly destroyed any non-avatars-of-Morvon. Meanwhile George, who survived the test (not having been the conscious party at the time), began to think *he* was the avatar of Morvon. None of their teammates could understand why either of them would want to be avatars of Morvon in the first place.

KIERAN TALBOT, an amorous ghost with a weird Welsh accent, joined Sway after a failed attempt to put his spirit at rest by burying his bones. He had a long affair with Tila, among other escapades. EDYRIC, a longtime enemy of Sway's, teamed up with them to rescue her lover Lotus from Diaria, though she spoiled any potential camaraderie by taking Trissia's baby Jonni hostage. MAX returned from the evil illithid dimension, provoking a tense confrontation with Evil Max, who was killed. Max brought with him his new girlfriend SAVIS, who was a mud woman with self-esteem problems but who played with hair during combat as well as anyone. Edyric left the group again as soon as Lotus was rescued.

This time period saw the resolution of the party's two greatest remaining conflicts: the attempt of the evil space dragon Wyvern to gain control of the sphere and the attempt of the demon goddess Brionwy to destroy it. Brionwy's plan was foiled by Threnody's use of a larval brain eater to change her psychic energy patterns, as instructed by future Sunfighter Timrin Dalliar; Wyvern's was foiled by a colossal assault and, ultimately, a ruse of Knighthawke's.

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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

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