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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

The Book of Ataniel

DISCLAIMER: These chronicles are not guaranteed to be either complete or 100% historically accurate. That's because A) gaps in my memory or in the logic of the plot have been filled in over time by me, like limestone in a cave, and B) a 100% historically accurate representation of our game would include a lot of dice, Combos, jokes that aren't funny anymore, and other non-memorable stuff, so be grateful for small favors!

Also, these are my chronicles, so though not everything is written from the Sunfighter's perspective per se, he is definitely the central character, and this is his story. Don't take that personally. Believe me, you don't want me crawling around in your character's brain.

Additionally, due to tensions in the Japano-American trade relationship, I have omitted Sailor Moon (tm) and instead given Tiall a chance to kill us all. (:

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by Laura Nagel, 1997

"What are you doing? Are you writing a *saga*?"
"I, ah, I'm practicing my Dalen."
"Eren Messala, you son of a *bitch*!"
--Jason Tourmand, Norse skald, with Flicker

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Background: New Mithril Dagger Heroes

Twelve adventurers appear to be gathered in a Brytannwch pub, pints of Guinness lining the bar behind them. They are leaning into each other with the fingers of their right arms extended out at the same angle: a tall, impressive bald man in a trenchcoat and curving sunglasses; a friendly-looking elven man with an infectious grin and a silver chakra on his head, who manages to be reasonably attractive despite dorky seventies sideburns; a slender, death-pale man in black with a fingerless glove on his extended hand and red eyes glowing from the depths of his dark helmet; a compact blond elf with skis strapped to his back and strange eyes; a lean, hard little woman with a stylish hairdo and a very expensive green silk dress; a pretty elven woman with light brown hair, wearing a dress that doesn't quite fit; a waspish Diari woman in a short-skirted plum power suit, sporting a professional reddish-silver bob, a pistol holster, and great legs; a short, slightly schlumpy-looking half-elf with an especially eager look; a gelatinous purplish mass of eyes and mouths, jutting a toothy smile out on an oozing pseudopod; an elegant female warrior with long dark hair and a shimmering, watery forearm thrust forward; a boisterous Celtic woman with messy red hair and a smudge of blood on her nose; and a perky masked blond in a bathing suit, sitting provocatively on some kind of energy ball. Their mouths are open and they are almost definitely singing an ABBA song.

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This is the, well, the Mithril Dagger Heroes spending a rare relaxing moment on the newly extraplanar island of Brytannwch during their quest to banish the forces of Shadow, avert the evil moon Bane from its collision course with Ataniel, and free the people of the sphere from the evil influence of the Weird Sister Trillarillia Carraria. Sway members PRAXIS, MAXWELL SILVERHAMMER, LUTHIEN, the SUNFIGHTER (in the person of Eren Flicker Messala, a Norse warrior rogue), and TILA, former Sewer Tourist and lesser goddess KHYRISSE, former Significants SHILREE and SIGNET, and immigrant alien hero and member of Sway ZZENITH were gathered in the Mithril Dagger to perform these missions, improbably enough, by the evil psychiatrist Wyvern. They were later joined by NORA INO, a ranger with elemental powers and a water weird familiar, SIOBHAN, a thrill-seeking adventurer from Brytannwch, and WATERLOO, an inspirational speaker and ex-girlfriend of Signet's. QUELL, SCOURGE OF ALL EVIL, originally summoned to the Mithril Dagger with the others, remained behind to protect Shannon, the guardian of the portal to Brytannwch, and ultimately found himself trapped yet again on a strange dimension, although a much more pleasant one than the last.

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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

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