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The Book of Ataniel

Glossary for Shake the Dust Off Of Your Wings

Index of Ataniel characters who appear in this chronicle, just in case you have no idea what�s going on at some point. All information as of the opening of the chronicle. Anyone who�s not listed here is either a new character or has no relevant backstory.

�lwyn: Evil psionicist and necromancer ousted from the Paris family 500 years ago, �lwyn cursed his former family with the Remnant, an undead army of their victims� revenants. He returned from Hell recently to lead the Remnant again, but was discorporated and imprisoned in subspace by Jack Paris at the expense of the mathematician�s own life.
Ailonwy: Flicker�s younger sister, demon queen and pool shark extraordinaire. She was recently bested at pool by Jack, who was impersonating her at the time, and did not take her defeat graciously.
Aithne: Aithne debuts in this Chronicle, a young witch from ancient matriarchal Celtia released from stasis by the Rat Pack. Her talents are witch magic (Aithne has only low-level spells, but can use them as often as she wishes, and her magic is free of some of the restrictions of standard magic) and an uncannily quick learning curve. She looks like Audrey Hepburn, only with light freckles.
Alain MacLir: Idealistic orator and Celtic revolutionary leader who became the second Sunfighter, Janther Moria, after his girlfriend Shannon, had him assassinated. Alain was blind, though he wore feystone goggles that gave him depth perception (a gift for mediating between warring factions of the Sidhe as a teenager) and particularly charismatic. He was Praxis� hero, and remains something of a local legend in Brytannwch.
Alderon: A younger cousin of Shalini Kyber�s, a brash, easily distracted third-level pirate.
Alphred: The simple, bumbling Lord of the Jungle, Alphred used powerful animistic totems to lend himself supernatural abilities and smite his enemies. He was killed by a trickster spirit while protecting Salagia from evil elementals.
Alrek: Lord High Justice of Dalencia, secret identity of the vigilante Onyx.
Alverado: See Quint Alverado.
Amatsu Mikaboshi: Shikinti ninja of the Order of Redemption, trying to redeem his bloody past through right living under Praxis� guidance. He is of medium height and build and especially nondescript in appearance.
Anjra: Shilree�s lover and High Priestess of the Diari goddess Pysyri, Anjra secretly ascended the Diari throne after the last Emperor was killed in the Madness. Anjra�s actions to date, while well-meaning, have included two of the dumber moves in recent history: colonizing the evil Shadowlands, and trying to coerce the retired assassin Belle into killing a serial murderer of Diari healers by implanting a psionic program in her mind that causes her to feel each victim�s dying pains, just as the Emperor herself does.
Annwych: The largest and southernmost of four rocky islands off the southwest shore of Nylevia, Annwych is the capital center of the Church of Arawn.
Ansalia: The land we the readers currently occupy; Earth.
Arawn: Celtic god of death, Arawn was killed with the other gods during Ragnarok. Still worshipped by Rhynwa, Luthien, Chloe, and Berryn.
Ariadell: Capital city of Talaria.
Ariath: This cute little assassin is notorious for joining the Significants and having an affair with Oethnar, while in truth really being a member of the villain group Bloodscar there to learn their secrets and betray them. Which she did. Rhynwa�s archenemy, she was killed by the death priestess, and returned from Hell last year, where she repeated her befriend-and-stab-in-the-back routine on Khyrisse, this time using her treacherousness to extort Ebreth into returning to Hell in Ariath�s place. After that she returned to Bloodscar and seduced and assassinated the Tobrinese Duke, paving the way for her best friend Omeria�s election to his position. She looks like Ari Rapkin: pretty, curvy, five feet tall, very long blond hair usually in a braid, hazel eyes.
Arturian: A powerful archmage with secret bases hidden across Ataniel, Arturian is one of the five Deathless, men who have attained true immortality. His motivations are unknown.
Asinus Paris: Jack�s lewd, crusty old uncle, the current head of the powerful Paris family of organized crime, is a lawyer cursed with the form of a donkey. Unswervingly loyal to his family and friends, Asinus accidentally fell in love with Khyrisse over the course of a mission to rescue her lover from Hell, but has managed to keep the sincerity of his emotion pretty well-hidden behind crude jokes. Asinus is given to telling lots of stories about his ludicrous-sounding exploits that are, improbably enough, true. "Yeah, then there was the time I had sex with the demon queen Ailonwy. That was right after I'd cheated Mephisto out of a soul and become an honorary pit fiend..."
Ataniel: The name of the continent and world this chronicle and its predecessors takes place in, a lost world that was once, a very long time ago, part of our own planet Earth (Ansalia).
Augustine Arms: A corrupt Rimbor City hotel. Last time Khyrisse was in Rimbor City, some mooks tried to rape her in the hotel room.
Bait: Jason�s horse, once belonging to his dead lover Cedric.
Balder: Risen god believed in by the Riklanders, including Flicker.
Bane: The third and brightest moon of Ataniel (and the one remaining moon of our world, Ansalia), Bane came last year bearing the forces of Shadow and symbolizes for many the sphere�s near escape from destruction. The tides have increased significantly since Bane�s arrival.
Beliath: An exceedingly powerful being who can steal identities and assume them at will, including all the powers of their previous owners. He nearly always knows more about any situation than the others involved. He also has the shittiest luck of any major villain on Ataniel, and something in his plans is always backfiring on him. It is a mistake to underestimate him, though, and ill karma seems to alight on those who defeat him.
Belle: Genetically enhanced Diari assassin developed by the villain Talakan. Her original name was GA4; she was given the name Belle by her one friend, the chaotic space teen Kitty. Belle escaped and eventually used a wish to free herself from Talakan�s control, and has been living quietly on a remote island until last year, when the Emperor of Diaria caught up with her and browbeat her into assassinating a serial killer of Diari healers.
Berryn: Luthien�s teenage apprentice, a low-level priest of Arawn.
Blackblade: Second-in-command of the Tobrinese vampires, answering only to Cloak; Blackblade was slain last year by Beliath, who assumed his identity and has been keeping the vampires in line for Duke Omeria.
Bloodscar: Early villain group consisting of Omeria, Ariath, Marhault, Kardia Blackfeather, Hotspur, Orqwon, K�Mar, and Darius the gladiator, they fought the Significants. Bloodscar was disbanded after a new recruit, Trillarillia Cararia, betrayed them in a fight with the Significants and fireballed Omeria to death; Ariath and Marhault were killed by the Significants, and the remaining five were hunted down and murdered by the One True Bloodscar. (No one really knows who, or what, Orqwon was, but the One True destroyed his Shadow armor.) Last year, the members of Bloodscar returned from Hell (sans Darius, who had not been evil, Kardia, who sacrificed himself to free the others, Orqwon, and Trill, but, oddly enough, with the One True Bloodscar, whom they�ve evidently forgiven) and took over Tobrinel, where Omeria is the legally elected Duke.
Bloodscar, the One True: One of the old Warrior Kings of Sturtevant, Bloodscar was revived in an unholy ceremony by the angry spirit of the defeated Trillarillia Cararia. He hunted down and slaughtered the members of the old mercenary group named after him, then held Sway at bay long enough for Trill to reinstantiate in the body of the unfortunate fairy Syndy. The One True Bloodscar escaped from Hell with Bloodscar last year.
Boat, the: Ebreth�s sailboat, named and given to him by Asinus Paris.
Brionwy: Demon goddess of deception, Brionwy is responsible for the incarnation of the Sunfighter, intended as a biogenic weapon of devastating proportions. The demon Tjekanefir, whom she used for this purpose, was her lieutenant, son, and lover, but turned against her after his incarnation. Like the other gods of Ataniel, Brionwy was killed during Ragnarok.
Brotherhood of Gila: Military/intelligence agency of the Iron Tyrant beholders of Gila and their illithid and reptilian subjects.
Brytannwch: Celtic island off the west coast of Cynystra, famed for its music, dance, and Druidic magics, Brytannwch disappeared off the face of Ataniel in TY 812, displaced to Ansalia (where it remains to this day).
C.J.: C.J. is a young woman who assists Rip Hunter in his travels throughout time. Little is known of her origin, save that she knew Warp from sometime far in the future.
Queen Cailin Raimonde: Third child of Emperor Laran, Cailin is the fourth Raimonde to rule Dalencia since Emperor Laran�s disgrace--Kevil, the eldest, abdicated for some kind of quest to redeem his father, and hasn�t been heard from since; Tenneron, next eldest, was killed by Astilla in the Madness; the old Empress Elena, never quite the same after her husband�s attempt to assassinate her, tried to take over for her son after the Madness, but couldn�t handle it and disappeared one night; and now Cailin, a young sorceress, has ascended the throne. Unfortunately, she has had no better luck than the rest of her family, being possessed within a year by Malcar.
Caimen Paris: Lita�s father, Jack and Mina�s uncle, this powerful pirate lord was killed by Quint Alverado trying to avenge the assassination of his brother-in-law Asinus.
Callie: Young anomalocaris girl accompanying Otter on her journey through the Labyrinth. (For a picture, click here or here.) Callie is about three feet long.
Camaro Pearl: Punk storm giant mercenary, John Tucson�s ex-wife. Camaro uses shape-changing magic to remain human-sized. She has a spiky purple mohawk and multiple body piercings.
Cantrip Cottage: Khyrisse�s childhood home in Dyved.
Carson Delaney: Small-time con man trying to make an honest living running a games store in Lianth.
Cedric: Jason�s dead lover, a Sturtevant armsman.
Celtia: Ancient human civilization to the southwest of Ataniel. Under the command of the Weird Sisters, Celtia conquered most of Ataniel between 3200 and 2900 B.E., then collapsed.
Chipper Price: One of the Price Girls, the analog of Baby Spice.
Chloe Paris: Young priestess of Arawn, cousin and childhood friend of Nynia Paris, Chloe is serving as ambassador to New Trade.
Chu-I Po: Evil penagglion and Third Rider of the Remnant, Chu-I Po was responsible for the destruction of the Silver Crane clan to which Cori belonged. He was slain by Valende and the Rat Pack.
Cinnamon Price: One of the Price Girls, the analog of Ginger Spice.
City on the Edge of Forever: A mythical city resting between the dimensions (not to be confused with the Cynosure). Tres and the Sewer Tour found it in the control of the departed Ataniel dragons. Defeating the Shadowdragon, the Sewer Tour then found the Heart of the City; Shilree (in disguise as 'Rigg') claimed the Heart and the city in the name of Magnate, who used the city to form Trade.
Claw of Margonal: Evil artifact also known as the Claw of Andovin, a beaconing device to the land of Space Dragons. Luthien�s father rather stupidly tried to summon space dragons with it; Wyvern came through, killed him, and disposed of the artifact by giving it to Sway to throw into the artifact-destroying Rift. Flicker returned from an alternate dimension with a second Claw of Margonal, for which he plans the same fate.
Cloak: Vampire lord of Tobrinel.
Cordelia: Ex-girlfriend of Schneider�s, unceremoniously dumped by him.
Corellon: Departed elven sun god, worshipped by Valende.
Cori Yashida: Samurai warrior from the land of Shikintu, the last of the Silver Crane clan. Cori was an old friend of Jack Paris� who sought his and the Rat Pack�s help in avenging the death of her husband and clan at the hands of the penagglion Chu-I Po. Finding herself unable to go on without her husband, Cori chose to remain with him in the land of the dead; she was briefly forced to serve the Remnant as an undead warrior. but Jack rescued her from their ranks and Valende laid her back to rest.
Corinna: Deluded priestess of Arawn who opened the Necropolis in an attempt to bring still more death to the world; she disappeared before Rhynwa could give her the ass-whupping of her life, and has not been heard of since.
Coyri: Tarrin�s sheltered wife.
Crandall: This consummate con man and old friend of Jack�s soured on the mathematician after Jack�s girlfriend Gabriella killed him, and he came back from the dead as a revenant to flark up Jack�s lovelife. This he did, by maneuvering Rani and the fragile Val together in Jack�s absence. After the defeat of the Remnant, Crandall remained in undead state; he wandered off somewhere and has not been heard from since. Crandall has the ability to lie plausibly to anyone about anything.
Curtis Lowe: Troubled man whose psionic powers, awakened during the Madness, caused him to believe female neighbors were Trillarillia, so he hunted them down and killed them. He was thrown into a coma by Princess Kristin, where he remains.
Cynosure: The famed city of legend, Cynosure (not to be confused with the City on the Edge of Forever) appears every one hundred and seventy-seven years near a small village at the southernmost end of Cynystra. Its last appearance was in the year 662, almost one hundred and fifty years ago. It is next expected to appear in the year 839. Cynosure is a pan-dimensional city that contains within it areas of most every dimension in the omniverse.
Cynystra: Cynystra is a mixed culture, and has been since its earliest origins of trade caravans traveling south from Shikintu and mixing with the native Celts of that region. Located to the far southwest of the continent, this Cynystra enjoys the best-protected natural borders of any country on Ataniel, controlling all the land south of the high Kharek Mountains and west of the Dyved wilderness. Cynystra is ruled by a benevolent dictator and is a powerful military nation with authoritarian internal politics. While there might be some question about civil freedom, the economy is strong and it cannot be denied that the government uses its authority and revenue for the defense and welfare of its people
Dalen: The most widely spoken language on Ataniel. Pronounced "duh-LENN" or "DAY-len", depending on the dialect.
Dalencia: Once the heart of the mighty Dalencian Empire, Dalencia is now a simple state, its badly tarnished monarchy under the tentative command of Queen Cailin Raimonde (third child of the treacherous King Laran and the missing Queen Elena). Dalencia is a relatively cosmopolitan country, as would be expected from a region that was for many years the seat of the largest empire ever to span Ataniel. The craftsmanship of the Dalencian artisans' guilds is unparalleled.
Dalencian Empire: The empire that included Dalencia, Tobrinel, Sturtevant, The Seven Princedoms, Talaria and Riklandir. It was disbanded when Emperor Laran was proven to be planning a fascist world dictatorship at the First Dalencian Summit.
Dark Islands: The islands off the west coast of Ataniel, the largest of which now houses the monster nation of New Gila.
Darwood: Small Nylevian town where Jackson Cage lives.
Dascold: Once one of the Seven Princedoms of the Dalencian Empire, Dascold has largely dissolved into anarchy since the Madness. The old capital city, Dascold, is now a small citystate surrounded by warring tribes.
Deathless: The five prophesied true immortals of Ataniel, usually identified as the Sorcerer (Arturian), the Spirit (Tiall), the Seller (Magnate), the Simpleton or Shepherd (the Sheepherder), and the Sixth (Kyria Vesper).
Deepsea: The ocean surrounding the continent of Ataniel.
Derek the Deranged: Khyrisse�s Father, he was once an insane wild mage--and the crazed commander of the Cynystran Wild Pack--but regained his sanity during the Madness when his magic was taken from him. He still lives in Cynystra, near his son Karel�s family. Derek has completely unruly, Einsteinian grey hair.
Dexy LaRue: Legendary gambler of an era long past, Dexy saved Ataniel from powerful beings bent on its conquest by cheating at cards with them, at great personal cost to himself. Now the Cheated are returning, and Dexy has awakened to find a true gambler to best them again.
Diaria: One of the oldest civilizations on Ataniel and by far the largest nation, Diaria is the highly xenophobic, magic-poor but technology-rich land of the Diarians, a human subspecies with metallic hair, a propensity to psionics, a shorter lifespan, six fingers on each hand, and, horribly, a hexadecimal system. Outsiders, called kiljhac, are considered an inferior race in Diaria, and the eastern province continues to look with suspicion on the western province, which has more dealings with foreigners--even going so far as to build a wall along the provincial border at one point and abandon them to Cynystran conquest at another.
Dyaromn: Capital of Western Diaria.
Don Alliejin: The head of the powerful Diari Mafia, stationed in the Eastern port of Srankaijhi.
Doomlands: The generic name for the great expanse of salt flats and redrock desert between Shikintu and Cynystra, inhabited primarily by nomadic and seminomadic tribes of monsters. In the center of this wasteland lies the immense Doomlands Rift, said to consign to oblivion anything to fall into its depths and drive any living being looking into it to madness.
Doomfissure (or Doomrift): Interdimensional canyon cutting across the Doomlands, said to consign to oblivion anything to fall into its depths and drive any living being looking into it to madness.
Dragworth: A juvenile delinquent rakshasa, friend of Fizznang�s.
Dransaerin: The third Lich Lord of Ataniel. Dransaerin is imprisoned in Limbo.
Dyved: The second-largest continuous woodland on Ataniel, this temperate rainforest is home to the only predominantly elven society left on the continent, as well as a number of sentient woodland species. Dyved was particularly little-affected by the Madness, because the Treants turned the elves of Dyved into trees before any true fairy-nailing could commence.


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