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The Book of Ataniel

Glossary for Shake the Dust Off, part 2

Index of Ataniel characters who appear in this chronicle, just in case you have no idea what�s going on at some point. All information as of the opening of the chronicle. Anyone who�s not listed here is either a new character or has no relevant backstory.

Ebreth Tor: Once the notorious Master Slaver of the Montas Archipelago, Ebreth Tor was one of twelve souls escaped from Hell during the chaos of the Madness, when the positive energies from the Schism Tine briefly turned the damned souls there good, and one of two who were in Limbo when the Tine was destroyed and suffered scrambling of their personalities. Ebreth is trying now to start over. He retains the memories and abilities of the former pirate lord and underworld guildmaster, but little emotional connection to them. Ebreth is tall and very dark with a shaved head and incongruous blue eyes.
Edimon: The capital city of Dalencia.
Edyric: The best archer on Ataniel, Edyric is a butch mercenary villain and longtime adversary of the Sewer Tour�s. Her lover Lotus was killed during the fight on Bane--where the pair took a stand against Shadow--and Edyric blames the New Mithril Dagger Heroes for not saving her life.
�Ember�: This beautiful, mysterious time traveler proved to be Khyrisse and Ebreth�s daughter from the alternate future of Luthien the Dead, come to Ataniel to prevent her future from ever occurring. This she did, by sabotaging the Lich Lord with an artifact the alternate-future Kit prepared for her. It is unknown whether her sacrifice means she will now never be born or not.
Endicott, Bill: Martial artist and investigative reporter. Endicott has a shady past as an assassin, but has come out of it a man of rigid discipline and ethics.
Eren Messala: Given name of Flicker (q.v.)
Eric Tremontagne: Lord of Cynystra, master illusionist and politician�s politician, married to Khyrisse until he got around to divorcing her five years ago, still married to (although separated from) Shannon. He married Khyrisse when she was fifteen with the intention of turning her into a goddess who would then obey him, but she fled and then the gods were all killed anyway. Shannon was a better match for him, but he tried to take over her native Brytannwch and she left him in dramatic fashion, getting pregnant by an old flame and displacing the entire country out of his grasp.
Fancy Price: One of the Price Girls, the analog of Posh Spice.
Duke Faraker: Once a Significant (under the alias Farstalker), the young Faraker was a swashbuckling ranger fond of the ladies and one-time lover of Rhynwa�s. He reluctantly accepted rulership of Lianth when his identity was revealed, and was assassinated but a year later during the collapse of the Dalencian Empire. Schneider worked for him at the Lianthi palace and considered him both his boss and a friend, and since the Madness has been hearing Faraker�s voice (as well as others of his friends, enemies, and cohorts) manifesting some of his thoughts and fears.
Fizznang: A juvenile delinquent umber hulk, friend of Dragworth�s.
Flicker: Longstanding PC, Flicker is the fourth incarnation of the Sunfighter, a demonic hybrid cursed to destroy humanity who overcame that destiny to become one of Ataniel�s five true immortals. His past incarnations have been Sunny/Lian, Janther/Alain, and Threnody/Shalini. (The future ones will be Timrin and the immortal Kyria Vesper.) The Sunfighter has powerful emotional bonds to his previous mortal hosts, pieces of whose souls remain in the composite. The name of the demon is Tjekanefir Lord Vestaya, and this demon is a fully participating half of the symbiotic Sunfighter, not a conquered or conquering being. The Sunfighter does not require food or drink, does not sleep, is immune to many poisons and most forms of mind control, and immolates upon death. Flicker himself is a Riklandic ski scout, a Norse elf of compact build and unexceptional size, with long blond hair. He is also, though it has come into play exactly once (in the Trade Council Building), a thief. His major talent is actually that he retains the substantial knowledge base and array of talents from his previous hosts. He is also generally considered one of the stablest of Atanielites, mentally speaking. "Flicker" is actually his Norse eponym; his full name is Eren Messala, and lately Riklanders have taken to calling him Ragnarokkr for his role in the recent Ragnarok.
Frank: Zaptiocalionaziokoosbiliarthan geneticist, a friend of George�s who crashlanded on Ataniel with him.
Fred: "Mr. Fred" was the name the demon Kalxanti took while helping the Rat Pack in the guise of a horse. Fred has since achieved his dream of being awarded a commission to pit fiend, and he currently lives in the Abyss with his stoner girlfriend Janice.
Gabriella: Marty Hu�s evil sorceress sister, Gabriella was Jack�s girlfriend until she betrayed his old adventuring team and murdered his friend Crandall.
Garal Tinderhook: Halfling planeblazer from the Ti�Ashentes province of Cynystra (known as the "Land of the Little Folk" to most of Ataniel). Garal has the ability to pass through the weak points between planes, and has spent most of his life as a courier and guide for extraplanar powers.
Gdeon: The son of Shilree and the Ralchar-doppelganger, he was given into the custody of Rhynwa and Maxwell Silverhammer and travelled for several months with the Sewer Tour. He showed strange powers and an accelerated rate of growth, due to the fact that he was actually the incarnation of the dragon avatar. Upon learning his true nature, he left Ataniel to learn to understand his position in the world.
King Gehenna: King of the giants, Gehenna also enjoys adventuring and traveled with the Significants for a time in his human guise, Finn MacFinn.
Gem of Dimensions: After the Gem of Souls was deactivated by Lilith, it was turned into the Gem of Dimensions somehow by Luthien the Dead, who used its necromantic energy to power the undead Shilree B. The pulging jewel from the Dead�s timeline remains in the still-existing Shilree B�s eyesocket.
Gem of Souls: The soul-trapping artifact that was once used to contain the Ti�Ar�Na, later Trillarillia. After Lilith removed and destroyed Trill�s soul, the gem�s soul-stealing powers were ruined. It has since gotten imbued with some kind of necromantic energies and is known as the Gem of Dimensions.
George Biblio: See Jarth Averdale.
George Mahoney: Ex-gladiator, a well-known underworld hitman in the employ of the Scorpion.
Geryon the Hunter: A general in the armies of Hell.
Gift: The Diarian term for psionics.
Gila: A distant planet populated by beholders, illithids, and all manner of reptilian creatures.
Godmaker ring: Ancient artifacts with the power to elevate mortals to godhood, the Godmaker rings imbued their wearers with divine power a bit at a time through healing magics triggered by damage to the wearer, up to and including full resurrection. They were also very stylized; the one worn by Khyrisse (which ultimately, after a good half-dozen deaths and a lot of collateral damage, did render her fully divine) turned her skin to alabaster and her color scheme to white, burgundy, and black.
Gordon: Gordon Farstalker ap Luthien, seven-year-old son of Luthien and Rhynwa.
Grace Averdale: Chief of Police in New Trade. Her husband, Cal, is a glassworker. Grace is a distant cousin of Jarth�s, with a broad Javinese face, dark curly hair, and an easy gait.
Grendel: Noncorporeal divine spirit of focused aggression, often invoked by Khyrisse, worshipped by Kingfisher.
Haneli: Departed elven goddess of love, sometimes invoked by Valende.
Haroshi "Hari" Indo: Cori�s husband, slain by the penagglion Chu-I Po.
Heart of Trade: The artifact that was the source of the otherworldly City on the Edge of Forever, which the Heart�s owner, Magnate, manifested as Trade.
Helena�s: An inn at an interplanar crosspoint used frequently by Garal.
Highway Nine: Cynystran road through the Dyved forest and into Ti�Ashentes, the Land of the Little Folk. I�m going to go out on a limb and guess it extends into Western Nylevia and passes near Darwood, too. (-:
Hotspur: dwarf member of Bloodscar.
Hou-Hsieh Haito: One of Praxis� disciples at the Order of Redemption, a Shikinti sorceress and the daughter of the daimyo of Shanghai.
Hsin Shuyang: One of Praxis� disciples at the Order of Redemption, an older Shikinti priest.
Ian Jardin: Inez� twin brother, Ian Jardin was one of the earliest victims of the Schism Tine, which split him into two: a good Ian, the chivalrous national hero Silverblade of Tobrinel, and an evil Ian, lieutenant of the One True Bloodscar. Evil Ian was killed by Inez and Sway. Good Ian helped the Mithril Dagger Heroes during the Madness as a member of the secret team Quattro; he was recently vampirized, but his ultra-good spirit is unbroken by this, and he remains in Tobrinel fighting the forces of evil.
Iellan Tach: Iellan Tach was a priest of the Nylevian god of culture, Ielus. The leader of a right-wing reactionary censorship group known as the Demon Brigade, Tach aspired to bringing all of Ataniel to a new golden age of (as he defined it) culture, no matter the means. He was the sworn enemy of rock star Trissia Maddyx until he was ultimately slain by the Sewer Tour during one of his many attacks on her.
Ieshala: Salagian shaman, entrepeneurial envoy to New Trade, and paramour of Vas�. Ieshala is a short, swift bushwoman with dark skin, wooly hair, and very much jewelry.
Inez Jardin: Praxis� wife, once a member of Sway. A half-Tobrinese, half-Shikinti warrior, her main talents are swordsmanship and archery, but she also has the ability to polymorph into a Chinese dragon for short periods of time.
Irla: Diarian city in the heart of East Diaria. Foreigners are forbidden under pain of death from entering this holy city.
Iron Tyrants: The beholder overlords of Gila.
Ixhriy: Eric Tremontagne�s old familiar, an imp with an obsessive crush on Khyrisse.
Jack Paris: This sweet, gawky mathematician, scion of the powerful Paris family of organized crime, is actually a sentient math equation created by Robinson Paris. As such, he tends to mess up magic cast on or around him unless his equation is specifically factored in, and his form changes unpredictably on other planes. He also doesn�t bleed, does not need food, sleep, or air, can become incorporeal at will, and is vulnerable to dispel magic, which destroys his corporeal body. Recently, Jack�s equation was split into two subsets, one of which was secreted in a Shikinti temple to guard a dimensional secret and the other of which traveled with the Rat Pack until he sacrificed himself to banish �lwyn. The subset from the temple wound up absorbing many of the Rat Pack Jack�s memories in an attempt to save his life, and he has since joined his counterpart�s friends. The sacrificed Jack is assumed to have been destroyed, though an amnesiac young human resembling him has (unbeknownst to anyone but the readers) surfaced in Darwood calling himself John Yearlate.
Jackson Cage: Working-class bard from rural Nylevia, Jackson looks and sounds like Bruce Springsteen.
Jan Lifesgrip: Ambassador from Riklandir.
Jane Sinclair: A priestess of Tal, she was rescued from a psycho killer by Schneider last year.
Janey Horton: Tama Cage�s young daughter.
Janice: Stoner teenage assassin from a rat-worshipping Rimbor cult, Janice now lives in the Abyss with her boyfriend Fred the pit fiend.
Janus of the Five Elements: An elementalist from a long-ago day, Janus resurfaced recently when Warp came back in time at the behest of Jack Paris to help the Rat Pack, disguised as the faceless hero.
Janther Moria: Second incarnation of the Sunfighter and Alain MacLir, a Celtic revolutionary leader and idealistic orator (as well as Praxis� hero). He is dead, though his spirit lives on in the Sunfighter. Janther was a Sewer Tourist and member of Sway. He was blind, though he wore feystone goggles that gave him depth perception (a gift for mediating between warring factions of the Sidhe as a teenageer), and he was particularly charismatic.
Jari: Shilree�s secretary, she was replaced by a Gilan doppelganger for unknown reasons.
Jarth Averdale: See George Biblio.
Jason: 1) Flicker�s best friend from Riklandir, a half-Tobrinese skald (prounounced zha-ZON); 2) a first-level teenage boy who debuts in this chronicle (pronounced JAY-son)
Javert: A man obsessed with upholding the law, he held positions as head of police in Neporris, in Lianth, and in Rimbor City, until, crazed by Bane, he joined the forces of Shadow, killing himself in shame soon after recovering his senses.
Javin: Javin is a theocracy in transition. The Morvonic religion of this mountainous peninsula country has been shattered by the death of the gods and the religious schism caused by the arrival of an alien from Zaptiocalionaziokoosbiliarth who believes himself to be the angel Zerthimon. Furthermore, despite the conservative, pious, patriarchal, feudal, and culturally judgmental atmosphere of the country, the capital city--which has not been noticeably estranged from the rest of the country, nor influenced its mores much--has somehow become socially progressive, vegetarian, and quite feminist under the flamboyant and popular Mayor Tila.
Jeanie: Under-the-table witch in mystophobic Sturtevant, who helped Jason and Cedric escape that country.
Jendar Alliejin: The first son of Diari mafia ruler Don Alliejin, and his father�s right-hand man.
Jennifer Toleski: Jethro�s daughter, a no-nonsense frontierwoman with a six-shooter.
Jethro Toleski: Crusty old sheriff in the wild wild west of the Doomlands, Jethro was once rescued by the adventuring group Sway, of which Praxis was a member.
Jhaeran: One of many Diari healers sent out over Ataniel by Emperor Anjra last year.
Jiffee Alliejin: Relan�s wife, the powerful Don Alliejin�s daughter-in-law.
John "the Scorpion" Tucson: This up-and-coming crime lord is very young (twentysomething), a bit insecure, and occasionally in over his head, but he�s also more in control of Rimbor City than anyone has been since St. Augustine, and he�s not a man to fuck with.
John Yearlate: This amnesiac young human surfaced recently in the small town of Darwood, where he befriended Jackson Cage and became enamored of his sister Tama. His relationship to the lost Jack Paris, whom he resembles and some of whose memories he seems to have buried in his mind somewhere, is known only to the readers. He is, however, fully human (sleeping, bleeding, etc.)
Joker, the: Schneider�s crime-fighting alter ego, inspired by a vigilante version of himself from another timeline.
Kardia Blackfeather: priest of Lucifer and member of Bloodscar.
Karel: Khyrisse�s brother, he still lives in Cynystra.
Kayla: Not to be confused with Kala, Kayla is the waitress at the Mithril Dagger Inn. She is about the best damn waitress this side of a Tom Robbins novel, and pretty unflappable in the face of danger. She and her brother Kevin make up the full time staff of the inn, though the owner, Kimberly, occasionally comes by.
Keri Cloverleaf: Garal�s lifelong friend, a politically gifted halfling with a strong social conscience.
Kerouac: One of the original Significants, the elven berserker Kerouac went insane upon being reincarnated as a woman and slew the Sunfighter. He became the elemental avatar of the Cult of Air, but was turned to stone in a battle between the elemental cults and the New Significants. His statue was later decapitated by the One True Bloodscar, and his head eventually consumed as a spell component.
Kevin: Everybody's favorite bartender, he works in the Mithril Dagger and can mix any drink you've ever heard of, and many you haven't.
Kharek Mountains: The mountain range between Cynystra and the scrub desert known as the Doomlands.
Khyrisse Starshadow: Longstanding PC with a past dominated by an unhappy marriage to Lord Eric Tremontagne, who stuck his 15-year-old bride with a cursed wedding ring that gave her several bizarre properties including regeneration even from the dead. Khyrisse discovered the curse years later and ran away from her husband, who continued to terrorize her off and on for most of a decade until the curse finally came to fruition and annointed her a god, at which point Eric took her crazy old father hostage and threatened to kill him unless she gave him three boons. This never happened, for Khyrisse was returned to mortal form during the Madness. Her relationship with her abusive ex-husband is still poor, and she is troubled by the near-total destruction of the city of Trade, where she was once goddess. Khyrisse is a petite blond elven woman, a former Sewer Tourist whose talent is sorcery. Her father Derek recovered his sanity during the Madness; her mother Laelissa has been missing for thirty years.
Kieran Talbot: A charming, rakish ghost bard who used to travel with the adventuring group Sway.
Kingfisher: Warrior and devotee of Grendel, the spirit of focused aggression. She has branded her own face in a symbol of her religious dedication.
Kit: The self-styled Greatest Thief on Ataniel, this twelve-year-old girl (though she usually poses as a boy) actually is an unusally accomplished thief for her age. As a young child, she made a wish for a life of everlasting adventure, and since then she has been a magnet for strange occurrences and powerful artifacts. Her origins remain unknown, though her true name is apparently "Kitreyla d�Gracien."
Kitty: Chaos-force teenager from an alternate universe. Summoned to Ataniel during Iolleil�s attempts to infuse the world with more chaos, Kitty adventured briefly with Sway before her friends from her universe were able to find her and bring her home.
K�Mar: Ninja from Kyoko-Ra, member of Bloodscar.
Knighthawke: One of the original Mithril Dagger Heroes, this heroic but hubristic warrior worked with a fascist junta to oppose the Sewer Tour and capture the City on the Edge of Forever; failing that, he served on the Trade Council, eventually enabling Sway to save the city from Wyvern the space dragon. His evil twin, Darkhawke, apparently rises from the dead to wreak havoc periodically, most recently replacing Knighthawke on the Trade Council and throwing his lot in with Shadow. Darkhawke was slain again and Knighthawke returned to Ataniel, somewhat humbled by the whole experience. He has since been lending his guidance to the newly formed Uncrucified Heroes. Knighthawke wields an ancient sword, handed down from his ancestors, the Mindsword.
Princess Kristin: Once upon a time, this uber-good psionicist was stranded in Hell by an evil witch. She lived in her own little valley there for millennia before being returned to Ataniel by the Rat Pack, and is now a social worker in Talaria.
Kynvelyn: This ineffably charming/highly irritating thief roams Ataniel bickering with his sidekick Fleegle, cleric of some obscure god of luck.
Kyoko-Ra: An isolated and mountainous island off the northwestern coast of Ataniel, Kyoko-Ra has never been conquered (though its naval battles with its neighbor and rival, Shikintu, fill many history books.) Ancient Chinese writing and culture derive somewhat from Kyoko-Ra, as explorers and exiles from that country passed through an underland tunnel to Ansalia in a long-ago era.
Kyv: Alternate name for Gdeon (q.v.), the name given to him by his mother, Shilree.


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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

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