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The Book of Ataniel

Glossary for Shake the Dust Off, Part 3

Index of Ataniel characters who appear in this chronicle, just in case you have no idea what’s going on at some point. All information as of the opening of the chronicle. Anyone who’s not listed here is either a new character or has no relevant backstory.

Laelissa: 1) Khyrisse’s Mother, who disappeared thirty years ago. 2) The real name of Khyrisse and Ebreth’s alternate-future daughter ‘Ember’.
Land of the Little Folk: Also known as ‘Ti’Ashentes’, this idyllic land, the ancestral home of Ataniel's gnomes and halfling, was annexed as a Cynystran province in the third century B.E., for the most part with the agreement of its people. Though there has traditionally been very little conflict between the little folk and other Cynystrans, discontent appears to be on the rise in the Land of the Little Folk since the Madness, as some resent the Cynystran government's decision to concentrate protective measures in Cynystra proper and leave the province undefended.
Lian: Lian Lithanden Tweedy was the young, mixed-race Nylevian bard who would become the first Sunfighter (see Sunny).
Lianth: The capital city of Nylevia, home of the Mithril Dagger Inn.
Lilith: Lucifer’s old second-in-command, she has assumed control of Hell in his absence. She is still looking for her lost souls (including most of Bloodscar), and can’t count worth a damn.
Liratyn: The ancient capital of the high elves, Liratyn was abandoned shortly before the Madness as those who lived there fled the realm.
Lita Paris: Jack’s cousin and best friend, daughter of Lora Paris, Lita ran off with the pirate lord Ebreth Tor ten years ago and killed herself after he gambled her away to Diarian slave traders. Mina, the daughter of Lora’s twin sister, is a dead ringer for Lita.
Little Folk: Collectively, halflings and gnomes (who actually belong to the same race, and can interbreed); they call themselves ashentes.
L’kar: Illithid revolutionary leader from planet Gila.
Lora Paris: Asinus’ sister, Caimen’s widow, and matriarch of the family Paris, Lora Paris is currently serving as an administrator in New Trade.
Lorrini: Tarrin’s eleven-year-old daughter.
Lotus: Dead lover of Edyric (q.v.), killed fighting Shadow on Bane.
Lucas: Duke Lucas St. Augustine, old friend of Ebreth Tor and oft-adversary of the heroes of Ataniel, was presumed dead after a wish banished him from the Sunfighter composite in which he was trapped. It turned out, though, that he was turned loose as a possessing spirit, and had been possessing Vas. Khyrisse bargained his soul back to Hell, where it remains.
Lucifer: Sometimes going by the name ‘Monas,’ Lucifer was of course the supreme leader of Hell, until his death last year in the Ragnarok.
Luthien: Longstanding PC, husband of Rhynwa and premier necromancer of Ataniel.
Luthien the Dead: Alternate-universe lich-lord analog of Luthien. Luthien the Dead--from the same dystopic future as Ember and Shilree B--recently hijacked Rip Hunter’s Time Sphere and came back through time to attempt to create a paradox to bring himself into being. At this he failed, and his timeline was destroyed by Ember, Shilree B, Norna of the Skeins, and the Sunfighter, among others; Rip Hunter, however, remains missing.
Madness: The four days during Shadow’s assault last year when the Schism Tine turned much of Ataniel evil, and much of Hell good.
Magnate: A master dealer in items and information, Magnate is one of the Deathless immortals of the sphere, and has an extradimensional shop whose entrance appears and disappears at poorly understood intervals. He was once High Tradesman of the interdimensional City on the Edge of Forever, as his agent Shilree claimed the Heart of the City in his name. Magnate has also been known by the name of Nathan in times past.
Mahoney: Ex-gladiator, a well-known underworld hitman in the employ of the Scorpion.
Malachi: Previously a Dalencian province, this small country asserted its independence for the first time following the Madness. Malachi is primarily known for its distinctive silver filigree and its pre-Talian gestalt religion, considered paganistic by the Dalencians.
Malaras: Shilree’s brother, a merchant, who betrayed her during the Madness and was killed when Trade was destroyed.
Malcar: An evil wizard from alien parts, father of Maxwell Silverhammer. He was defeated by the Sewer Tour, who discovered that he was a sort of vampiric arch-cloaker who used a human host to give him greater mobility. He is currently in control of Queen Cailin of Dalencia, though only Hronmir Silent-Voice and the members of Bloodscar know it.
Mansion, the: Khyrisse’s magic portable house.
Marcus Blackbone: Serial killer of Diari healers.
Margonal: A northern country, neighbor and traditional ally of Dalencia.
Marhault: ‘Tall Gaunt Guy’, a member of Bloodscar who once came back as a revenant to kill Kerouac.
Marie: A madam from the old city of Trade, one of its few survivors.
Marty Hu: Preeminent comic relief artist of Ataniel, Marty Hu is the scarediest, most clueless paladin on Ataniel. He has an evil sorceress sister, Gabriella.
Marzoom: The second Lich Lord of Ataniel.
Matsie: Vickie’s nickname for Amatsu.
Maxwell Silverhammer: Longstanding PC, friendly, moral fighter-mage and all-around good guy.
Meadowlands: The harsh, northern mountains and tundras inhabited by the giants.
Melissa: Skitch’s cat, she is preternaturally attractive after eating the smashed pieces of the Oyster Totem. Melissa is a fluffy grey-and-white physically modelled on Kay’s cat Spunky.
Mephisto: Once a high-ranking archdevil in Hell’s hierarchy, Mephisto was exiled by First Intendant Lilith in punishment for losing Lucifer’s Stone of Command to the young thief Kit.
Merry: Nickname for Omeria.
Mina Paris: Young sorceress of the Paris family, the identical cousin of the dead Lita.
Mindnet, the: Praxis' psionic network, connecting him telepathically with most of his friends and allies.
Mistral, the: Demonic sidhe-construct created by one of the Weird Sisters millennia ago to assist in their conquest of the world, the Mistral was recently reactivated by Aithne the Ratpack and is serving her.
Mithril Dagger: A tavern presently in Lianth, the gathering point for heroes. It was once located in Dalencia, but was moved by Warp when he created the phasewall, hoping that the inspirational qualities of the inn would help Nylevia survive the Shadowwars.
Mithril Dagger Heroes: There have been two generations of Mithril Dagger Heroes. The Heroes of the first Shadowwars included Warp, Knighthawke, Odn, Merwyn, Milamber, Torin, Snowraven, Arzool, Kailus, Jork, and Kardia Blackfeather (not the same man as the priest of Lucifer of the same name). The original Mithril Dagger Heroes were subject to some unknown sort of longevity, and five of them (Warp, Knighthawke, Odn, Jork, and Torin) are still alive today, with a sixth (Merwyn) having been but recently released from a vampiric existence. The Heroes of the second Shadowwars included Maxwell Silverhammer, Khyrisse of Trade, Signet the Significant, Luthien Mageson, Praxis, Quell Raimonde, Shilree, Tila, Zzenith, Nora Ino, Eren Ragnarokkr Messala, Waterloo, and Siobhan MacLir.
Miyrr: Karel’s wife, Khyrisse’s sister-in-law.
Montas Archipelago: The tropical islands of the far east, forming less of a society than a patchwork quilt of societies. The remoteness and lack of any government on the Archipelago has made it a haven for smugglers, pirates, and other shady characters.
Montasi Creole: Dalen-based patois spoken in the Montas Archipelago. A remarkable language in that the variants spoken on different islands and among different groups are disparate enough to often seem mutually unintelligible to outsiders; a remote flotilla tribe's Creole may have extensive borrowing from their tribal language, while a Satay islander's Creole may have nothing at all in the way of final consonants. The islanders themselves, however, navigate their linguistic straits with surprising grace--the Creole is considered, on the Archipelago itself, to be less a language than a compromise, a hodgepodge of "my language, your language, and that other guy's language" served up on a simplified syntax for the convenience of all involved.
Morvon: Dead Javinese god of law and mountains, worshipped by Jarth/George and Zerthimon.
Nasty: 1) One of Glasya (Big Nice Devil)’s two sisters, a succubus enamored of Asinus Paris. 2) One of the Price Girls, the analog of Scary Spice.
Necropolis: Undead realm beneath Annwych, recently opened by the mad priestess Corinna and eventually resealed by Rhynwa and Luthien.
Net, the: See Mindnet.
New Gila: The largest of the Dark Islands off the western coast of the Doomlands, now inhabited by immigrants from the world of Gila.
New Lianth: The Nylevian city of Lianth under the new guidance of the Objectivist philosopher Randall Thrayn.
New Mithril Dagger Heroes: The Heroes of the second Shadowwars, including Maxwell Silverhammer, Khyrisse of Trade, Signet the Significant, Luthien Mageson, Praxis, Quell Raimonde, Shilree, Tila, Zzenith, Nora Ino, Eren Ragnarokkr Messala, Waterloo, and Siobhan MacLir.
New Trade: Small city founded by Khyrisse Starshadow in the Northlands, by the Fairy’s Pass.
Princess Nikita Raimonde: Princess Nikita, the second daughter of the former Dalencian emperor, is primarily famous for her possession of the Ass of Power. She is also married to Sir Tomas, the coolest knight in Dalencia.
Nina: Tila’s old apprentice and one of the few members of her guild to survive the Madness. Tila brought the young thief with her to Javin, and she is currently serving as her ambassador to New Trade.
Norn/Norna: Variously known as Norna of the Skeins or the Fallen Valkyrie, Norna was a Valkyrie who broke ranks with her sisters under unknown circumstances and joined a mercenary group called the Ravagers. Defeated by the Sewer Tour on one occasion, she swore an oath not to harm any of them again, which she honorably upheld. Absent from the Valkyrie at the time of Ragnarok, Norna lost much of her sanity, but still managed, with the help of some time-travelers and an inordinately patient Flicker and Luthien, to avert the destruction of the Valkyrie. She then, in classic Wagnerian fashion, died.
Northern Diaria: Anjra's idiosyncratic way of referring to the evil Shadowlands, which had been Diarian land until they were destroyed in the Shadowwars.
Northlands: A misnomer, for this partially settled wilderness lies in the center of the continent. At one time, though, this was as far north as Nylevians could voyage, due to the Wall erected by Lord Warp, and it has been known as the Northlands ever since.
Northsea: The huge freshwater lake at the heart of the Northlands.
Novoa: The only honest cop in Rimbor City.
Nox: A sleazy, hedonistic elf from Liratyn in the employ of John Tucson. Nox is apparently rather attracted to Vas, to the latter’s embarrassment.
Nylevia: This large southern country is primarily a loosely feudal network of small to large towns, each presided over by an hereditary lord or elected mayor. Traditionally Nylevian towns have owed their allegiance to the Duke of Lianth; there is no one filling that position at present, though, and most Nylevian townships are cautiously proceeding on their own. The bravery of Nylevian mercenaries and heroes is famed across Ataniel.
Nynia Paris: Marginally sane chaos-worshipping Paris cousin.
Octavian: This mysterious vigilante appeared in Rimbor City after the Madness, fighting crime with an efficiency and a debonair grimness reminiscent of Batman or the Shadow.
Odn: This original Mithril Dagger Hero and member of the fascist junta Tres resurfaced recently in a bid for lichdom. However, the "Odn" who was killed by the Rat Pack was, in fact, a clone Odn had created for beta-testing purposes, and Odn himself lives on.
Omeria Gothspadin: Leader of Bloodscar, powerful sorceress, and newly elected Duke of Tobrinel.
Onyx: Dalencian vigilante hero.
Oranda: One of the Seven Princedoms, a mysterious country of beekeepers and monks whose name means "Invisible Empire."
Order of Redemption: Religious order founded by Praxis in Shanghai. Amatsu is a member.
Orlen Belleri: Diarian psibard with telepathic and telekinetic powers and a strict ethos about using them.
Oshi Yoshida: Cori’s great-grandmother, a samurai of renown.
Other: Jack Paris’ way of referring to his own subset (see Jack).
Otter: A plain, hard-armed woman with a long brown braid, this laconic sailor is in fact a water nymph.
Oyster Totem: One of Alphred the Jungle Lord’s shamanistic totems, this artifact was a powerful aphrodisiac, best known for being accidentally triggered in Khyrisse’s Mansion and causing most of the Rat Pack to sleep with each other--including Khyrisse, whose oyster-induced tryst may have impregnated her.
Palmer Khan: Old PC from the Sewer Tour area, Palmer was a Gladiator of Very Little Brain who tended to behave in mind-bogglingly foolhardy ways that had probably played well at the arena. His most lasting error was pushing an unarmed lab assistant named Patty Spivot down a flight of stairs for no particular reason. He was devastated to find this had killed her
Paninaro: Dead halfling god of parties and alcohol, worshipped by Schneider.
Paris family: Powerful organized crime family based in the Montas Archipelago.
Paris Island: The hidden resort and home base of the Paris family of organized crime, located in the Montas Archipelago.
Passage, the: A dimensional shortcut between Ataniel and Starcross Station controlled by the Paris family, the Passage was collapsed by Jack Paris to imprison Ælwyn.
Pencleus: A friend of Schneider’s, son of the god Paninaro and hero of the Little Folk.
Peteser: One of the Seven Princedoms of Fossia, the eastern country of Peteser--much abused by pirates--still boasts the most cosmopolitan city in the Princedoms in its capital (also named Peteser).
Pieret: Man of many identities, including Pieret Minarye, Khyrisse’s uncle; Kardia Blackfeather, priest of Lucifer and member of Bloodscar; Pieret Laird-Clowes, professional anarchist; and Karihito Mamasu, Shikinti hero. Pieret was killed by the Beast shortly after releasing Bloodscar from Hell and trying to strand Cori in the Lower Planes.
Pluvious Sturoster: The head of an intelligence agency named P.E.A.N.U.T.B.U.T.T.E.R., Pluvious was an oft-ally of Sway and the Sewer Tour, known for his MacGyver-like ability to fashion effective tools and weapons out of everyday items at hand. During the Madness, Pluvious was a member of the resistance group Quattro.
Polly Reinhoffer: A bounty hunter with a cadre of trained blink dogs.
Port-au-Sang: The largest city in the Montas Archipelago, also one of the poorest and most dangerous. Ebreth Tor hails from here.
Praxis: Psionicist and member of Sway. Praxis has moved to Shikintu with his wife Inez and founded a monastic order there called the Order of Redemption. He has two sentient, oft-squabbling psionic artifacts called Mind and Body which grant him various powers.
Price Girls: Comic relief squadron often working with Vickie Dare, the Price Girls--Fancy, Chipper, Nasty, Soldier, and Cinnamon--are Atanielite analogs of the Spice Girls.
Pysyri: Diari goddess of psionics, Pysyri sort-of-survived the Madness by fragmenting into psychic shards which lodged in the collective Diari consciousness.
Quattro: The resistance group formed by Ian Jardin, Pluvious, Endicott, and Noyarc during the Madness to oppose Shadow and the Trade Assassins’ Guild.
Quint Alverado: Assassin known as ‘the most dangerous man on Ataniel’, Alverado was saved from crucifixion by Signet the Significant and is trying to reform, although he backslid to kill Asinus and wound up killing Caimen instead.


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