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The Book of Ataniel

Glossary for Shake the Dust Off, Part 4

Index of Ataniel characters who appear in this chronicle, just in case you have no idea what’s going on at some point. All information as of the opening of the chronicle. Anyone who’s not listed here is either a new character or has no relevant backstory.

Ragnarok: The prophesied death of the Gods, Ragnarok actually came to pass over Memorial Day Weekend of 813, though not exactly in the way the sagas foretold it. The witch-queen Trillarillia threw her lot in with the returning forces of Shadow, and the gods of Ataniel were slain by them in a joint effort.
Ragnarokkr: Recent Norse eponym for Flicker (q.v.)
Ralchar: The original Ralchar, Shilree’s first lover, is dead. So is the second Ralchar, a doppelganger of the first who infiltrated and betrayed the Significants (and incidentally got Shilree pregnant). Third time’s the charm, as they say, and the current Ralchar, a refugee from an alternate universe where everything works out for the best, is preternaturally lucky. Like the other two, he is a lawyer/thief, but his primary talent is his ability to unconsciously alter probability fields to his advantage.
Randall Thrayn: This ex-bard and Objectivist philosopher has rebuilt Lianth in his philosophic image.
Rani: Half-breed psionicist and Rimbor City private eye, Rani has a chip on her shoulder the size of the Death Scar. Her primary psionic talent is the reading of psychometric auras. She is also a lesbian.
Rat, the: This uncannily intelligent Rat--whose rodent name is Seeker of Places--lacks the ability to speak, but is prophetic and has been able to understand and communicate via mathematics.
Rat Pack, the: A group of adventurers formed after the Second Shadow War. Their acknowledged leader is Mithril Dagger Hero Khyrisse Starshadow.
Rat Trap, the: Hotel and meeting hall in New Trade, built and maintained by Khyrisse Starshadow for the use of the Rat Pack.
Rauvin Paris: Asinus’ cousin, a psychologist and cleric who successfully infiltrated and betrayed the Remnant to the Parises.
Rehal: sleepy town on the Nylevian side of the Dyved forest.
Rekzyr: Noncorporeal Diari god of knowledge.
Relan Alliejin: The second son of Diari mafia ruler Don Alliejin, appointed ambassador to New Trade.
Remnant, the: A centuries-old curse upon the Paris family of organized crime, the Remnant is an cadre of undead made up of the animated corpses of those slain at the hands of Parises, dedicated to the destruction of their killers and their families.
Rhynwa: Longstanding PC, High Priestess of Arawn and husband of Luthien. Her wedding to Luthien was interrupted by an attack by Lotus and Edyric that left Luthien a zombie. The couple has a young son, Gordon.
Rift, the: Interdimensional canyon cutting across the Doomlands, said to consign to oblivion anything to fall into its depths and drive any living being looking into it to madness.
Riklandir: Rugged northeastern country inhabited primarily by Vikings, jotuns, and polar bears.
Rimbor City: The largest and most vibrant city on Ataniel, Rimbor is renowned for both its social scene and its decidedly antisocial scene, being a favored meeting place of thieves, criminals, and assassins.
Ringebu: Small Riklandic city, Flicker’s hometown.
Rip Hunter: Demigod of time, Rip oversees the timestreams of Ataniel from a mystomechanical craft called the Time Dome.
Robinson Paris: Jack’s father/creator, Asinus’ brother, a mathematician and scientist. He is dead now.
Roxy (Roxana de la Metrie): Schneider’s girlfriend, a petite contortionist from a noble family who had been a charm-school buddy of Tila’s.
St. Augustine: Duke Lucas St. Augustine, old friend of Ebreth Tor and oft-adversary of the heroes of Ataniel, was presumed dead after a wish banished him from the Sunfighter composite in which he was trapped. It turned out, though, that he was turned loose as a possessing spirit, and had been possessing Vas. Khyrisse bargained his soul back to Hell, where it remains.
Sajhar: Diarian merchant in New Lianth, a friend of Carson Delaney’s.
Sajhir: Tarrin’s young son.
Salagia: A huge jungle spanning east-central Ataniel.
Saliphon: Landlocked agricultural country, one of the Seven Princedoms of Fossia.
Salzar, Tobi: Gnomish schoolteacher and politician, Garal’s friend and mentor.
Samanal: The main city in the Land of the Little Folk.
Savis: A one-time girlfriend of Max’s, Savis was from a race of mud women and had a chronically low self-esteem.
Schism Tine: This fell artifact of witch magic has the power to separate evil and good energies. Generally this manifested by splitting its victims into good and evil selves, but during the Madness, Trillarillia used the Schism Tine to temporarily turn the population of Ataniel more evil and the population of Hell more good.
Schneider: Jester and former Sewer Tourist, Schneider wore a trademark red mask to hide a face scarred from a childhood of slavery; Luthien has since performed plastic surgery on him, and his face looks normal now. He nursed an unrequited love for his friend and teammate Khyrisse--who was dating another friend, Max--in silence for some time, until finally, in an alternate-universe adventure, she became stressed enough (and upset enough with Max) to sleep with him. Of course, this did not lead to a relationship as Schneider had somehow been hoping it would. During the Madness, Schneider killed a woman who he thought in a rage was Khyrisse, then went on a rampage and killed a total of fifty-six people. When he came to he had a breakdown, then set off on a quest to save fifty-six lives in atonement.
Scorpion, the: This up-and-coming crime lord is very young (twentysomething), a bit insecure, and occasionally in over his head, but he’s also more in control of Rimbor City than anyone has been since St. Augustine, and he’s not a man to fuck with.
Seeker of Places: This uncannily intelligent Rat, while lacking the ability to speak, is prophetic and has been able to understand and communicate via mathematics.
Sehanine: An elven moon goddess sometimes invoked by Valende and Vastarin.
Sennett: Khyrisse’s holographic butler, who manifests automatically in her traveling Mansion and can be summoned with a spell at other times.
Seven Princedoms (or Seven Princehoods): A bit of a misnomer, as there are currently only six Princedoms (Tharr, Peteser, Dascold, Saliphon, Oranda, and Javin--Karassi was absorbed into Dascold four hundred years ago). The Princedoms are independent states, ethnically Fossic, once united by the power of the Dalencian Empire but now returned to a state of tribalistic feuding.
Sewer Tour: The adventurer group founded by the Nylevian envoys to Dalencia; members included Maxwell Silverhammer, Rhynwa, Palmer Khan, Luthien, Janther Moria, Khyrisse, Schneider, and Tila. The Sewer Tour found the City on the Edge of Forever and were named Heroes of Trade.
Shadow: The little-understood and much-feared forces of Shadow have invaded Ataniel twice--once some five hundred years ago, and once last year. Both times they were turned back at great cost.
Shadowlands: A devastated swath of land just north of Diaria, little is known of the evil Shadowlands, for few dare to venture there. This area was destroyed in the First Shadowwar.
Shalak: The first Lich Lord of Ataniel. Shalak is imprisoned in a dimensional bubble suspended over the Doomlands Rift.
Shanghai: The largest city in Shikintu, and the province immediately surrounding it. Praxis’ Order of Redemption is here, and the psionicist is generally considered the intended successor to the current daimyo of Shanghai, Lord Haito.
Shannon Cormyr: One of the better spies on Ataniel, a small, potent redhead of fiery beauty and unpredictable temper, Shannon is originally from Brytannwch, where she was Alain MacLir’s lover and a revolutionary linchpin before she killed Alain and was banished. She is currently Eric Tremontagne’s wife, but she left him after he tried to annex Brytannwch, reunited briefly with the no-longer-dead Alain, had a child named Siobhan, and spirited Brytannwch away to the other side of the world. She lives in exile on an invisible islet where Brytannwch once was, alone and infuriatingly inexplicable, and anyone who tells you both Eric and whatever remains of Alain don’t love her still is mightily deluded.
Shaolin: One of Praxis’ disciples at the Order of Redemption, a Shikinti paladin.
Shikintu: Secluded northwestern country made up of autonomous citystates, ruled by daimyo. Cori, Amatsu, and Inez Jardin hail from here.
Shilree Vestrin: Longstanding PC, Shilree is a Diarian jack-of-all-trades with minor talents in thieving, illusion magic, archery, and politics. She was a business associate and close friend of High Tradesman Magnate, for whom she claimed the Heart of Trade. She was exiled as a teenager for reading foreign books, and her citizenship has only just been reinstated now. Shilree is a small, slight woman with metallic red hair and twelve fingers.
Shilree B: Insane alternate-future variant of Shilree, returned through time to negate her timeline by thwarting Luthien the Dead. This she did, but her eye gem kept her existing even though the rest of her timeline had been destroyed, so she hung around avenging herself on everyone involved with Anjra’s death until Flicker destroyed the eye gem and she was annihiliated.
Siann: A mysterious dream-woman first appearing to Maxwell Silverhammer, Siann has the ability to forge reality from the dreams of mortals, though her purposes in doing so are unknown. She was recently recruited by Omeria to protect Ariath’s dreams from the nightmare spells of Khyrisse Starshadow.
Sidewinders: The name taken by the three Mithril Dagger Heroes Praxis, Flicker, and Shilree on their quest to stop a Gilan portal from destroying the Doomlands. They were joined on their travels by Hsin, Shaolin, Xiang, Hou-Hsieh, Jason, Kit, and Jethro and Jennifer Toleski.
Signet the Significant: Signet the Significant was a half-elven stableboy named Ulmo Glub who made the decision to be a famous adventurer and remade himself as a loud, ambitious, incredibly insecure thief. Signet had a code of oaths he invented and swore himself to before leaving home, and he is very, very anal about obeying the letter of their laws, though he’s happy with exploiting loopholes. Recently, he has written a self-help book and become obsessive in his promotion of it.
Significants, the: Early adventuring group consisting of Signet, Rhynwa, the Sunfighter, Kerouac, and Oethnar. Later Significants included Maxwell Silverhammer, Shilree, Farstalker, and Ariath, though Ariath was really an assassin infiltrating the group to betray them.
Sigrid: Valkyrie friend of Flicker’s, the longtime girlfriend of Jason the skald.
Silverblade: Dashing crimefighter of Tobrinel, in actuality the good half of Ian Jardin (split in half by the Schism Tine). Having already been separated by the Schism Tine, Silverblade was unaffected by the Madness, and was able to marshal a resistance force, called Quattro, against the forces of evil. More recently, he was vampirized by Beliath, though he remains a good hero.
Silverlace: Mysterious courtesan who, for reasons unknown, somehow faked her own violent death and is now working undercover with Endicott within Beliath’s Dead College.
Siobhan MacLir: The daughter of Alain MacLir and his ex-lover Shannon, raised on the temporally displaced isle of Brytannwch and now twenty-one despite having been born only three years ago by the Ataniel clock.
Skitch: Eleven-year-old street kid from Trade, unofficially adopted by Khyrisse Starshadow after he became of of the few to survive that city's destruction.
Slavers’ Guild: One of the major underworld organizations of Ataniel, based in the Montas Archipelago and dealing in slaves. Ebreth Tor was once head of the Slavers’ Guild, though the guild has declined significantly in power since his death nine years ago.
Soldier Price: One of the Price Girls, the analog of Sporty Spice.
Srankaijhi: Port city in southern Diaria, largely controlled by the Diari Mafia.
Starcross Station: Alien space station ruled by Lady Margo and her people, connected to Ataniel by the Passage, a secret jealously controlled by the Paris Family. Starcross Station is once again inaccessible to Ataniel unless one happens to have a starship.
Stone of Command: Artifact once belonging to Lucifer, this stone makes mortals obey the command of the wielder. Kit had it for a while, but she lost it and its current whereabouts are unknown--as are the negative side effects its usage had upon her which caused her to abandon it.
Stump: Halfling thief and right-hand man of the Scorpion.
Sturtevant: Fundamentalist theocracy under the rulership of the Church of Tal. Unlike the Dalencian Church, the Sturtevant Church of Tal has banned magic use as witchcraft, and purges are not uncommon there.
Sunfighter: Longstanding PC, demonic hybrid cursed to destroy humanity who overcame that destiny to become one of Ataniel’s five true immortals. The current incarnation is Flicker, q.v.
Sunny: First incarnation of the Sunfighter, a damaged, visionary bard who met a tragic end. She is now dead, though her spirit lives on in Flicker. Her talents were bardic song and inadvertant prophecy. Shilree met Flicker as Sunny, and still calls him by this name.
Sway: The adventuring group led by Praxis and counting as its members Luthien, Janther (later Threnody), Max, Tila, Inez, George/Jarth, and Zzenith.
Syndriannia: The body of this simple, sweet fairy was possessed by the evil witch Trillarillia, and her spirit trapped in an artifact by Wyvern. The Mithril Dagger Heroes were unable to save her, but both body and soul were at least laid to rest last year when Trillarillia was defeated.
Tal: Incorporeal Dalencian god, worshipped by Jane Sinclair and throughout the old Dalencian Empire
Talakan: Diari villain who fought with Sway in his megalomaniacal attempts to become a Psilord, until the goddess Pysyri finally blew him away.
Talaria: Fairy-tale kingdom once part of the old Dalencian Empire, now an independent country.
Tallen the Red: One of a brotherhood of cloned assassins, Tallen’s skin is poisonous to the touch.
Tamarissa Cage: Jackson Cage’s sister, a painter. She has a young daughter, Janey.
Tarrasque: The most powerful monster on Ataniel, the Tarrasque was eventually imprisoned by Arturian.
Tarrin: Kindly, rather hapless Diarian psionicist, trained in psychology, Tarrin joined the Rat Pack after being teleported to Rumi by the power of the Rat Kings. He has since returned to his home in Diaria.
Princess Telerie: Wifty Talarian princess, famous primarily for her penchant for getting kidnapped. During the Madness, Princess Telerie nailed the Good Blue Fairy to the Trade Gate, thus adding the term "fairy-nailin’ wacko" to the lexicon. Horror at her evil deed has driven her mad, and she resides now in a mental health facility run by Princess Kristin.
Tesin: The largest city in Diaria, a southern port. Shilree hails from here.
Tessa: Warp’s old flame, a telepathic superheroine from an alternate Ansalia.
Princess Thalia: Younger sister of Telerie, this seventeen-year-old Talarian princess is as pretty and innocent as any fairy-tale princess, but also has a healthy dose of common sense her sister does not.
Tharr: Cornerstone of the Seven Princedoms of Fossia.
Thermador, Dave: Interplanar mercenary of unknown origins, Dave Thermador has shown some ability to travel between planes, but it is unknown how he does this.
Threnody: Third incarnation of the Sunfighter, a flamboyent pirate captain dedicated to fighting slaver ships. She is now dead, though her spirit lives on in Flicker. Threnody was a vibrant Caribbean elf with long red hair and a hook in place of her right hand.
Ti’Ashentes: The name used by Cynystrans and Little Folk for the province most of the rest of Ataniel calls the Land of the Little Folk (q.v.)
Tila: Longstanding PC, Tila is a master thief with a short temper and a big heart.
Time Dome: Mystomechanical craft from which Rip Hunter, demigod of time, oversees the timestreams of Ataniel.
Tjekanefir Lord Vestaya: The demon lord who became the spiritual engine of the Sunfighter composite (see Sunfighter).
Tobrinel: A highly cultured, artistically rich land, often called the "seat of culture" for all Ataniel. Tobrinel is also among the most democratic of Atanielite societies, run by elected officials and governed by principles of fairness and civil liberties.
Todd McGee: Given name of Praxis.
Trade: Once the de facto capital of all Ataniel, Trade was a manifestation of the mythical City on the Edge of Forever. Unfortunately, Shadow used it as a beacon to again approach Ataniel, and the city (or what remained of it, as it had been the focal point of the Madness) had to be destroyed to banish them. Khyrisse Starshadow was the patron goddess of this city during her brief tenure as a deity.
Trade Carriage: Magical carriage created by Khyrisse Starshadow, the Trade Carriage is the fastest currently existing vehicle on Ataniel, exceeding speeds of 120 miles per hour.
Tremontagne: The capital city of Cynystra; also the last name of its ruler, Eric Tremontagne (q.v.)
Tres: Fascist junta including the old Mithril Dagger Heroes Knighthawke, Odn, and Merwyn and the Dalencian king Laran. Tres tried to take over the world by manipulating the Sewer Tour and capturing the City on the Edge of Forever, but did not succeed.
Trillarillia Cararia: One of the three Weird Sisters of old, Trillarillia was one of the main orchestrators of the recent Memorial Day disaster, joining with Shadow to slay the gods, using the Schism Tine to turn much of Ataniel crazed and evil, and trying to crash the moon Bane into the planet. Her soul was entrapped by Luthien, stolen by Shilree, and sold to the archdevil Lilith, who destroyed it.
Ulmo Glub: Given name of Signet the Significant.
Vadril Ocean: The large saltwater sea in the heart of the old Dalencian Empire.
Valende: Elven priestess and avowed undead-slayer, sister of Vastarin. The two are Rat Pack members, sworn to the service of Khyrisse Starshadow.
Vastarin: Elven archer, mage, and playboy, brother of Valende. The two are Rat Pack members, sworn to the service of Khyrisse Starshadow.
Venom: Tila's nom de guerre as leader of her old guild, the Hood.
Vickie Dare: P.E.A.N.U.T.B.U.T.T.E.R. agent and daredevil spy assigned to the Rat Pack by Pluvious Sturoster. Vickie has had affairs with most of the prominent men of Ataniel.
V’nos: One-time Gilan representative on the Trade Council, V’nos captured and tortured Shilree not long after the Madness, then released her for reasons unknown.
Warp: Mithril Dagger Hero from the far future of an alternate Ansalia, Warp has the power to create glowing blue portals through space and time. He is officially a demigod of Ataniel, though he is mortal.
Waterloo: Perky motivational speaker who accompanied the New Mithril Dagger Heroes on their epic quest. Also Signet’s sometimes-girlfriend. Her real name is Iona.
Weasel: Rimbor City torturer in the employ of John Tucson.
Woobie: Jack’s stuffed carbon atom from when he was a young equation. (I thought this was pretty goofy, then someone gave my baby a stuffed carbon atom...!)
Wyndar: Graceful capital city of the fallen Dalencian state by the same name, located on the shores of the Northsea in what are now the Northlands.
Wyvern: Wyvern is an evil psychologist from the planet of space dragons. His conversations with us have left us all much more disturbed and less certain of ourselves, though some of us may show it more than others. He looks just like Anthony Hopkins in Silence of the Lambs.
Xiang: One of Praxis’ disciples at the Order of Redemption, a Shikinti warrior.
Yarleen: Theoretical sorceress, Zzenith’s girlfriend; Dr. Yarleen was killed by Edyric the archer recently, in retribution for Lotus’ death on Bane.
Year of Living Dangerously, the: The year 814, prophesied by C.J. to include members of the Rat Pack: 1) finding love with their greatest enemy, 2) embracing what the others stand against, 3) being transformed in the fires of heaven, 4) returning to the fold only to watch as what they came for is destroyed, 5) leaving Ataniel forever, 6) building a legacy to last a hundred years at the cost of what they hold dearest, and 7) ending the year with new life within them.
Zerthimaniacs: The Zerthimaniacs are a rather bizarre chaotic cult of a dead god of Law, led by an alien from Zaptiocalionaziokoosbiliarth named George who believes himself to be the avatar of the angel Zerthimon.
Zerthimon: Zerthimon is an angel of Morvon who manifests himself periodically in human avatars. His current avatar is actually Asinus Paris, though the Zaptiocalionaziokoosbiliarthan alien George, who got merged with a Morvonic priest named Jarth during a transporter accident, is now convinced that he is actually Zerthimon and is leading the strange Zerthimaniac sect.
Zzenith: This alien Sewer Tourist and member of Sway has the form of a gibbering mouther: an oozing blob with an array of jutting eyes and mouths. He is among the most beloved of NPC’s. Zzenith is looking for a way to overcome a curse keeping him from returning to his home planet Argos.


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