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The Book of Ataniel

Characters of the Original Storyboard of Ataniel

Below is a list of all the characters that appeared on the original storyboard.
They're arranged in the following categories:

PC ("Player Character"):
Claimed by one person, who has final say on how that character is used.
SPC ("Semi-Player Character"):
The weirdies, those with special conditions for using them.
NPC ("Non-Player Character"):
Also known as "story bait", belong to no one, everyone may use them.

Mithril Dagger Divider

Author/Player: Laura Redish
Conditions for Use: Jeff pioneered this character, a young, brash, and easily distracted cousin of Shalini's, but Laura's got some plans for him now, so please don't use him for a while. If he ever joins a plot, I may downgrade him to SPC.
Author/Player: Jeff Hersh
Conditions for Use: The simple, bumbling, and mighty Lord of the Jungle has died and become a Great Spirit of Salagia, so don't use him for anything more than telling people to trust the Force or some such.
Amatsu Mikaboshi
Author/Player: Jonah Cohen
Conditions for Use: Amatsu is a member of the Order of Redemption, a group of Shikintu adventurers headed by Praxis. He was sent to help the Rat Pack, ultimately with the goal of helping them squash Chu-I-Po and the Black Serpent Clan. He will loyally help the group, offering to assist with any task (he's rather multi-talented) no matter how dangerous. He will accept orders from Khyrisse or Cori unflinchingly.
Leave most major actions/dialogue to me, certainly until you get to see more of Amatsu's feel. For now, some guidelines: he's mainly a thief, but has skills as a fighter, mage and is a wild talent psionic, too. He is very reserved and polite. He has either the sex drive of a stone, or the self control of a stone (or both?) and isn't very good looking anyway. He seems to be intent on atoning for the past (oughta fit in well here!) and was once known as "The Rainmaker" (Not, thankfully, cause he was a lawyer!) Stay tuned.
Asinus Paris
Author/Player: Douglass Barre
Conditions for Use: Jack's crass, crusty uncle, brother of Lora Paris and the late Robinson Paris, is a donkey with the heart of a lawyer. Tips for portrayal: Unswervingly loyal to his family, very crude to women, smokes cigars, hopelessly in love with Khyrisse, tells lots of stories about his ludicrous-sounding exploits that are, improbably enough, true. "Yeah, then there was the time I had sex with the demon queen Ailonwy. That was right after I'd cheated Mephisto out of a soul and become an honorary pit fiend..."
Derek the (No Longer) Deranged
Author/Player: Kristin L.K. Andersen
Conditions for Use: May be used for minor conversation and actions, if care is taken to keep him in character. Tips for Portrayal: Khyrisse got her emotional nature, her intelligence, and her (occasional) charm from this man... but the downside of her personality (as well as her practicality and energy) she clearly got elsewhere. Derek has no temper to speak of, is uninterested in violence (if willing to commit it when necessary), and isn't paranoid in the least. He DOES have atrocious taste in color and a prankish bent, though.
Ebreth Tor
Author/Player: Laura Redish
Conditions for Use: Ebreth Tor is the large, lithe, well-spoken black pirate who was once the master slaver of the Montas Archipelago. People are again welcome to move him or use him for dialogue. Tips for Portrayal: Ebreth is still struggling to salvage his personality from his extremely disorienting recent life; he is by nature an outgoing, rather charming man, but he's a lot more tentative these days, and slower to smile. He has lost his hang-up about fighting or accessing his guildmaster days, but he is prone to periodic panic attacks over which he has little control, a situation that embarrasses him profoundly. Feel free to either have him suffer one or not under any kind of stress, exactly as needed for your dramatic purposes. Ebreth is very athletic and is capable of extraordinary feats of agility, particularly when acting instinctively. His voice sounds a lot like Lando Calrissian's. He is very dark-skinned, his head is shaven, and his eyes are incongruously blue.
Author/Player: Laura Redish
Conditions for Use: This lovely young time-traveler was, tragically, slain by the newly instantiated Luthien the Dead (she would presumably have been destroyed when the alternate timeline in which she existed was eliminated anyway). As her existence is in no way assured in Ataniel's true future, please avoid referring to her there.
Eric Tremontagne
Author/Player: Douglass Barre/Kristin L.K. Andersen
Conditions for Use: Though this haughty politician's politician has turned in a few cameos, he is quite proscribed, so leave him alone unless you have permission from Doug. Laura, of course, can write all the Eric dialogue she wants to, though. It says so in the Compact.
Author/Player: Laura Redish
Conditions for Use: Y'all know Flicker. Feel free to move him, speak for him, imperil him, or whatever. Just don't blow him up. Tim is right in the middle of a good book. Tips for portrayal: Flicker is a quiet, competent sort, and he doesn't miss much, though he often stores things away for later. His facial expressions are fairly subtle, and he rarely loses his temper or panics. It's a lot easier to forget he's there than any of his predecessors. Flicker is a Riklandic elf, five and a half feet tall, compact, and agile, blond and fair-skinned; it has come into play exactly once, in the Trade Council Building, but he is also a thief. Flicker's eyes are strangely and perfectly reflective. He does not sleep, does not require food or water, is immune to alcohol, most drugs, and many mental manipulations, and has some other idiosyncrasies related to his nature, so if you're not familiar with the Sunfighter, please leave actions affecting him open-ended or consult Laura (or Doug, if she's not available).
Garal Tinderhook
Author/Player: Eric Gasior
Conditions for Use: Garal is your not quite ordinary halfling who just happens to be able to travel to other planes. I'm not sure what he can do yet, but he can't cast magic, he can barely fight, and he has terrible luck with women. Move him around, be careful when speaking for him, but don't make any decisions for him. His outlook is remarkably uncynical for someone who has lost almost everyone he has ever cared about.
Hronmir Silent-Voice
Author/Player: Douglass Barre
Conditions for Use: Doug's character for "Skeins of Fate". Dialogue is okay, and he's magically bound to follow any actions Norn orders him to do (so feel free to do so). Other than that, leave him to Doug.
Jack Paris
Author/Player: Douglass Barre
Conditions for Use: Doug's first real Ataniel character, he's much more than he seems. He's kind of a Charlie Brown, kind of a math geek, and kind of... something else. Dialogue is fine, but leave his actions to Doug.
Khyrisse Starshadow
Author/Player: Kristin L.K. Andersen
Conditions for Use: May be used for conversation and actions, if care is taken to keep her in character-- but writing a post from her POV is strictly forbidden until a) further notice, or b) you get permission from Kris. Tips for Portrayal: the paranoid, passionate, occasionally mischievous, Eric-hating semi-psychotic we all know and some of us love, with a few new twists-- she's trying hard to control her temper/nerves of late (and failing miserably), she is hopelessly involved in a relationship with Ebreth (although what kind remains to be seen), and she seems to be a bit obsessed over Trade and her former goddesshood. Right now, she's taking a break from being in charge of a bunch of maladjusted, hormone-driven adventurers known as the Rat Pack (leaving Jack holding the bag, poor man). She'd really rather have been a milkmaid.
(Warning: If she gets involved in combat, be aware that Khyrisse is layered with protective magics of many sorts. Things may go off if she's damaged, other things may completely prevent damage. It's rumored that she can't be killed perma-dead, which is probably true and it's none of your business how. *grin* She also keeps a mind blank spell up at all times, so she can't be scried or influenced by any means, and keep your psionic little meathooks off!)
(NOTE: Khyrisse seems completely unable to use the word "hell" or any of its derivatives anymore; excepting the rare use of it as a proper noun in serious conversation, and even that she avoids. At best, she's going to get out "Go to--" and stall. *shrug* The weird ways in which we scar...)
Kit Branagh
Author/Player: Douglass Barre
Conditions for Use: The Greatest Thief on Ataniel is secretly--all right, it was a terrible secret. We all knew about this almost as soon as she was introduced. She's a girl. She has other secrets, but since they're actually secrets, only Doug knows what they are yet. Tips For Portrayal: Kit is curious, brave, and wary. She actually does seem to be a pretty good thief. She is currently in possession of the Stone of Command, so mortals have to obey any direct command from her. She likes the word "booger" a lot.
Author/Player: Laura Redish
Conditions for Use: Kitty doesn't actually belong on this storyboard. Her one appearance was really a bit of homage on my part to the storyboard she (and I) were a part of in high school. She won't be back. It looks like Luthien has enough bimbos to keep him company at the moment anyway.
Author/Player: Douglass Barre
Conditions for Use: Though this incredibly hubristic hero has featured in some of Doug's posts, he is still proscribed, so don't use him without permission from Doug.
Marty Hu
Author/Player: Douglass Barre
Conditions for Use: Marty Hu, scarediest paladin on Ataniel, thinks everyone is out to get him. He thinks birds will get their feet tangled in his hair. He thinks magical healing gives you cancer. He thinks Ebreth is a Zen master, and he thinks his pet rock is an egg. He also thinks Signet the Significant is way cool. In other words, he rivals Kerouac in intelligence. But he's got a good heart.
Author/Player: Laura Redish
Conditions for Use: Otter is a hard-bodied, laconic sailor with a single brown braid and a calm, nonplussed attitude. She is very difficult to get a strong emotional response out of; she speaks minimally, and prefers to let her actions do the talking most of the time. Otter is a bit too practical to be fearless per se, but she doesn't panic, and she doesn't shy away from violence, and she doesn't react with dismay to pain. She is not paranoid--she just doesn't trust most people much. The difference is that Otter isn't anxious enough or introspective enough to spend any time being suspicious. Otter is also, unlike apparently every other woman who's ever interacted with the Rat Pack, quite plain.
Author/Player: Jonah Cohen
Conditions for Use: You all know Praxis. He does all kinds of psionic stuff. He has two sentient, occasionally bickering psi items. He is very busy (as will be seen in my hopefully posted soon story, "The Older We Get.") He is however, mindlinked to most NMDH characters, and can teleport, so feel free to use him for brief appearances (in the flesh or no.) Bear in mind that the type of stuff the Rat Pack was involved in will doubtlessly give him a splitting headache just thinking about it.
the Rat
Author/Player: Jeff Hersh
Conditions for Use: My first new Ataniel PC in a while and it is a rodent. There are many strange things going on with this rodent, most of them I do not have a clue about.
Author/Player: Jonah Cohen
Conditions for Use: Schneider continues his quest for a wee bit of mass murder committed while under the influence of Bane. (See plotline: Counting to 56.)
For practical purposes, consider Schneid a dual-class thief/bard. He never laughs anymore (as of this writing) and seldom smiles, and while his sense of humor (and, mercifully, his wardrobe) are way toned down, he occasionally offers up a glib or sardonic zinger. His face, BTW, is now normal (thanks, Luthien!) but he still sometimes wears the mask.
Schneider believes he hears the members of the Sewer Tour talking to him. He's way obsessive about helping people, especially if he can save somebody's life, and seems to have a bit of a fear of psionics. White roses still mysteriously appear in Ataniel, sometimes.
Consult me before any major usage.
Author/Player: Douglass Barre/Laura Redish
Conditions for Use: Though this fiery spy-turned-potato-farmer has turned in a few cameos, she is quite proscribed, so leave her alone. ("Ach, and ye'd damn well BETTER be leavin' me alone too, or is it thinkin' you are I need Doug to kick your dumpy arse?")
Shilree Mark B
Author/Player: Jeff Hersh
Conditions for Use: This is Shilree from Luthien the Dead's time line. She is a lot like the Shilree we all know and love except for a few things. She is a lot harder, a lot more mysterious about her past and, oh yes, she is nuts.
Author/Player: Kristin L.K. Andersen
Conditions for Use: May be used for minor conversation and actions, if care is taken to keep her in character-- but writing a post from her POV is strictly forbidden until a) further notice, or b) you get permission from Kris. Tips for Portrayal: is always flirtacious, but always high-class; is gorgeous no matter what she does; is apparently some kind of bard, and uses bardic magics; has a habit of knowing things she ought not to, apparently by intuition. Please note that she is a courtesan, and not a whore. She WILL sleep with evil or otherwise scummy people, but only if she thinks it's absolutely necessary; and she has many talents and interests that do not (necessarily) involve sex. WARNING: Has major secret, is not what she appears to be. Do not touch on her background, the circumstances of her "death", or why she's in the Dead College, except for the following-- she knew most of the rich or powerful men in Northern Ataniel before her "death", which is why the Dead College picked her up; and while she seems to have some responsibilities there, the Dead College does not quite trust her, nor is she quite loyal to them. Final say goes to Kris.
Author/Player: Douglass Barre
Conditions for Use: This original Mithril Dagger Hero is proscribed on Ataniel. If you'd like to mess with him, head on over to the Enigma Storyboard!
Author/Player: Evan Haag
Conditions for Use: Berryn is Luthien's new apprentice, a young priest of Arawn. He is currently the thrall of the mad Valkyrie Norna, though he should be released from his servitude to her upon her death (which she has foreseen). You can use Berryn in conversation, and you are more than welcome to add to his collection of surreal dreams and daydreams. Just think 'Dali'. Evan has plans for him, though, so don't try to do anything with his background.
Caimen Paris
Author/Player: Douglass Barre
Conditions for Use: This uncle of Jack's is pretty much the de facto head of the Paris house at this point. He seems to be in every way equal to that formidable task. He does not, however, control his temper nearly as well as his wife.
the Collector
Author/Player: Jeff Hersh
Conditions for Use: This undead horror is proscribed. Why? Because he's DEAD DEAD DEAD! Ha ha haha!
Ian Jardin
Author/Player: Jonah Cohen
Conditions for Use: Ian Jardin (Inez' brother, bro-in-law to Praxis) was an adventurer who had the misfortune to actually touch the Schism Tine about 7 years ago. This split him into 2 people.
The evil Ian joined the army of The One True Bloodscar, was captured by Sway and executed in Sturtevant. I think he was one of the damned revived at the Dead College.
Good Ian (closer to the orginal version) became the vigilante Silverblade, protector of Tobrinel, a role he still maintains today. Though he guards the people from all evil, he is especially concerned with battling vampires.
Recently, during Omeria's takeover of Tobrinel, he was captured by Bloodscar and turned into a vampire by Beliath. Even this failed to turn him evil-- all his evil was already sucked out by the Schism Tine (this IS the same artifact used by Trill + co; the Madness failed to affect Silverblade-- this guy is really flarkin Good!) He escaped and cut off Beliath's arm, and has vowed to kill the villain, whom he only knows as the vampire BlackBlade.
He remains quite well known and popular in Tobrinel, in both identities. His sometime allies in Quatro assist him in maintaining Ian Jardin's identity as a normal human. He hates being undead and is looking for a way to reverse this curse. He has all the normal powers/weaknesses of a vampire save that he cannot be turned. He is also a superb, swashbuckling fighter. His silvery katana is a potent magical weapon-- amongst other things, it prevents undead from regenerating the damage it causes (so Beliath will probably be looking for a prosthetic... maybe he should ask Dr. Swank...)
Silverblade's open for use, but bear in mind that he seldom leaves Tobrinel, Doug controls the Omeria shenanigens going on there, and if things get really hairy, Ian's family might come to his aid (so check w. Jonah on that.)
Ian Jardin (the Evil)
Author/Player: Kristin L.K. Andersen
Conditions for Use: Ian Jardin (Inez' brother, brother-in-law to Praxis) was an adventurer who had the misfortune to actually touch the Schism Tine about 7 years ago. This split him into 2 people.
The evil Ian joined the army of the One True Bloodscar, was captured by Sway and slated for execution in Sturtevant. Needless to say, somebody goofed.
As of now, he is a member of the Dead College, an ally of Beliath's, and seems to know something about Silverlace's past. He's busy in the Dead College plotline, for the moment at least. Check with Kris or Doug before using him, please!
Lora Paris
Author/Player: Douglass Barre
Conditions for Use: Jack's aunt, apparently something of a mother-figure to him in his youth, is a warm woman, an impeccable hostess, and an extremely practical individual. Think "gracious".
Author/Player: Laura Redish
Conditions for Use: Lilith's second-in-command in Hell, Mephisto was unceremoniously booted out after losing Lucifer's Stone of Command to Kit, whom he is currently accompanying in the form of a cat named Fidget, hoping to convince her to return the artifact to him. Mephisto is as evil as the next archdevil, but he is stupefyingly unmelodramatic. In his diabolic form, he always wore sandals. He says things like "No can do, senorita", never "I know what I must do" or "Soon, all shall be mine!" He also kinda likes Kit, so though he'll miss with her mind, he probably isn't going to do anything horrible and traumatic to her. Other than that, go ahead and use him at will.
Non-Crucified Heroes
Author/Player: Douglass Barre
Conditions for Use: Though this unlikely group of heroes, joined together by their improbable and improbably anonymous rescue at the hands of Signet the Significant, has begun to figure into the Storyboard, they are still proscribed, so leave them alone unless you've talked to Doug.
Author/Player: Laura Redish and Doug Barre
Conditions for Use: Norna of the Skeins, the Fallen Valkyrie, is on a quest to restore the Valkyrie, who will apparently be deposed three days from the beginning of the storyboard and destroyed at some indeterminate point further on, a fate she believes not to be a true future. She believes Flicker will play a part in averting said future. Norna can read the skeins of fate, but due to alternate futures and chaos theory, she can only read them forwards. She can find people's true deaths and seems willing to divulge that information to achieve her goal. Hronmir and Flicker are currently her prisoners. Norna is trying to find a past event that will lead to the future she hopes to avert so that she can learn what to do to avert it. The future she wants to eliminate has something to do with Luthien the Lich Lord. Norna is violent, ominous, and very deeply committed. She is also a basically honorable woman. She is sworn not to attack Khyrisse or Luthien. She also thinks her own true death will be in about three weeks. Anything I've missed, Doug? You can use her, but Doug and I have final say. I suggest not trying to mentally contact her.
Author/Player: Kristin L.K. Andersen/Evan Haag
Conditions for Use: May be used for conversation and actions, if care is taken to keep him in character. Tips for portrayal: calm, non-lethal if not exactly pacifistic, semi-altruistic, political; has a keen interest in and knowledge of current affairs, particularly but not restricted to Rimbor's. Do any weird things you like within these boundaries (a good guideline to go by is Batman, Evan informs me), but DO NOT reveal his identity, either in confirmation or denial, nor why he's such a buttinski, anyway. We ain't tellin yet.
Okay, well, he's not a robot, an illithid, a doppelganger, Endicott, the King of the Kings, the Collector, or Spiffy Garbonzo... and he's not trying to conquer the world or muck about with rats and Lich Lords. *grin*
Author/Player: Kristin L.K. Andersen
Conditions for Use: May be used for conversation and actions, if care is taken to keep him in character. Tips for portrayal: fairly unflappable, protective of Khyrisse, graffiti artist extraordinaire, trusts about five people on the entire face of Ataniel, and DON'T MUSS THE CLOTHES! Currently there's speculation going on that Skitch is Khyrisse's actual genetic son. We ain't saying (yet), and none of you lot get to. *grin* Final say goes to Kris, as Skitch has a few secrets.
Author/Player: Evan Haag/Kristin L.K. Andersen
Conditions for Use: May be used for conversation and actions, if care is taken to keep her in character. Tips for portrayal: flirtacious but very formal; is devoted to Jack, but is also trying to remain celibate; is very serious about anything to do with religion or the undead; kicks some serious ass in combat and don't you forget it. Final say goes to Evan, but Kris may be consulted if Evan is not available.
Author/Player: Evan Haag/Kristin L.K. Andersen
Conditions for Use: May be used for conversation and actions, if care is taken to keep him in character. Tips for portrayal: flirtacious and often formal; is trying to remain celibate (and will probably not succeed in doing so for very long!); is passionately fond of anything to do with flying, sex, and archery; and no, he's not going anywhere, he's staying right here and guarding the arrogant talricce... *sigh* Or he would have if Kit hadn't decided to run away. Final say goes to Evan, but Kris may be consulted if Evan is not available.

Information/Tips for Portrayal: One of Brionwy's daughters, Ailonwy is a demon dominatrix with attitude. She's got hip boots with five-inch heel spikes. She's got a copper bra. She's got a palace full of mortal sex slaves, twelve and a half planes of the Abyss, a bullwhip made of nightmare leather, and one damn fine rear end. She knows how to use all these things. She is not, however, even half as crafty as her mother was.
"Barry Spivot"
Information/Tips for Portrayal: Is this really Barry Spivot? What the heck is he up to? Last any of us knew, he was the embittered but geeky widower of Patty Spivot (the poor unfortunate lab techie Palmer pushed down the stairs). Now he's running around Rimbor City putting glyphs on doorways and backstabbing arch-mages.
Information/Tips for Portrayal: Beliath *was* the head of the Dead College, but nothing just ever seems to go his way... Beliath is butt-powerful and can destroy people and tear their identities from them for his personal use in a matter of seconds. He just also has the crappiest luck of any archvillain on Ataniel. Currently he has control over the vampires of Tobrinel, although one of his arms got lost somewhere along the way.
Chu-I Po
Information/Tips for Portrayal: Chu-I Po is a penagglion, an Oriental vampire demon with no body, just a head and a dangling spinal cord. He is in charge of the Black Serpent clan, and has recently destroyed the Silver Crane clan with his army of ronin and tengu. His motives are unknown.
Information/Tips for Portrayal: Endicott is free game for anyone wanting to use him in the Dead College plotline. He's pretending to be Iellan Tach, and he's still nonviolent, committed to the truth, and homosexual. Sorry, Silverlace.
Information/Tips for Portrayal: This demon horse has achieved his wish to be a pit fiend and is currently serving under the demon lord Ansakir (brother of the unlamented Draize) with his girl friend Janice. Fred still thinks fondly of the Rat Pack for helping him take vengeance on the King of Kiiiiiiiings.
Information/Tips for Portrayal: Beliath's second in command, Greymalkin has ascended from his lowly position as part of the Lianth Thieves Guild to a position of great yet-to-be-revealed power as a lieutenant in the Dead College. He's cultured, educated, and serves his own agenda. How many of you remembered him from year one?
Harry Novoa
Information/Tips for Portrayal: Everybody hates Harry Novoa. He's a Rimbor City cop, which means that all criminals hate him. He's an honest cop, which means that all cops hate him. He's internal affairs, which means that he hates himself. He's short, acne-scarred, has slick black hair and wears an oily longcoat. He's patriarchal, patronizing and thinks he's always right. Still, there's nobody you'd rather want watching your back in Rimbor City.
Information/Tips for Portrayal: Ixhriy is the former familiar of Eric, Khyrisse's ex-husband. He's a 2 foot tall, red-scaled, predominantly reptilian little critter with large bat-like wings and a prehensile tail. He has claws on both hands and feet, but is scarily dextrous and quick and rarely damages anything he doesn't intend to. His tail ends in a stinger, which can deliver an extremely deadly toxin. His eyes are pale blue with a slitted pupil, and glow in the dark.
As far as portraying him goes, Ixhriy speaks Dalen with atrocious grammar, always in the third person, and makes up a name for everyone rather than using their real one. He can teleport at will, is intimately aware of any magical energies in his vicinity, and can see through illusions of all kinds. A long time ago, Ixhriy was the victim of a cursed wild magic item created by Derek the Deranged, and has been madly in love/lust with Khyrisse ever since.
Information/Tips for Portrayal: This drugged-out teenage assassin is currently living in the Abyss with her pit fiend boy friend, Fred.
Luthien the Dead
Information/Tips for Portrayal: This fourth of the Lich Lords returned through time, in disembodied form, to lie in wait for a Luthien to possess. After the Skeiners obligingly provided him with Nice Luthien from the Happy Ataniel, he lured that poor soul away from Annwych via the necromantic sigil on his hand and instantiated into him. He is currently gathering power, though, unbeknownst to him, an artifact acquired by the immortal thief Kitreyla has been planted on his undead person, and lies in wait. Luthien the Dead always says horribly melodramatic things to everyone. They must teach you that in lich school.
Information/Tips for Portrayal: Lilith is the Intendant of Hell during Lord Monas Lucifer's absence. She is, like, lawful evil to the max. Lilith wants her twelve missing souls back but is not willing to expend any serious resources on them, having other problems of her own. Other than this, do with her as you will.
Information/Tips for Portrayal: Everyone's least fave berserker's back, but is a wee bit different than you may remember him. He still likes violence, likes sex, likes drinking (in that order) and still dislikes impolite people. However, in his Ataniel, he never became a she, never killed Sunny, and indeed, likes all of the Significants. (They probably bickered as much as our group, but Kerouac was too oblivious to notice, or has forgotten those parts.) Moreover, he's dumber than hair. He's not just a dim bulb, he's a burned-out bulb that's been trampled by a herd of stampeding zebras. The chair you're sitting in is smarter. Currently, Kerouac is part of the Ask Dr. Swank advice show.
Information/Tips for Portrayal: This treacherous Luciferian priest of many identities is currently in Hell, so he's pretty much off-limits.
Information/Tips for Portrayal: This cheerful, optimistic lawyer/thief/sailor/jack-of-all-trades from the Happy Ataniel thinks Shilree is cute and believes that things will turn out for the best. In other words, I fear he's not long for the world. Use him at will.


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