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Siege of Avalon Walkthrough

Welcome to my Siege of Avalon walk-through. (-: If you're new to my series of low-spoiler computer game walkthroughs, the idea is to point players towards things they might not have thought of in each game rather than giving away puzzle solutions or offering step-by-step instructions. There's not much point to playing a story-based CRPG if you've had the plot and puzzles spoiled in advance, after all.

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So these pages are as close to spoiler-free as possible. If you are looking for a more explicit walkthrough including spoilers, you can try this one. My website here focuses on exactly the things traditional walkthroughs don't: the non-critical parts of the game, little detours you can take, extra details you might miss if you only did what was strictly necessary to win the game. If you want even fewer spoilers--you're considering whether or not to buy the game, for example, and just want to know whether there's anything you're going to hate in it--please try my Siege of Avalon Review page to find all the pertinent information in one convenient spoiler-free package.

Siege of Avalon's main plot is completely linear and it's basically impossible to complete the game without finishing each step in order; still, though, there are several optional subplots and lots of details it's possible to miss in this game, and I'll try to list them all here.

Siege of Avalon Walkthrough: Chapter One
                 I. Outer Keep Level 2
                 II. Outer Keep Level 1
                 III. Outer Keep Basements
                 IV. Outer Bailey
                 V. South Gate Level 1
                 VI. South Gate Level 2
                 VII. The Ruined Village
                 VIII. South Gate Basement
Siege of Avalon Walkthrough: Chapter Two
                 I. Inner Keep Level 2
                 II. Inner Keep Level 1
                 III. Inner Bailey
                 IV. Inner Keep Basement
                 V. Caves
                 VI. Temple
                 VII. Crypt
                 VIII. Village Again
Siege of Avalon Walkthrough: Chapters 3-6
                 To be continued

Chapter 1

This chapter takes place in the outer keep area and the ruined village. You will not be permitted to pass through the double doors to the Inner Keep or up the stairs to Level 3 until later in the game, so just put that part of the map out of your mind for now. After the initial conversation with your brother (it makes no difference whether you tell him of your father's death yet or not, it never comes back up again) you will be turned loose to loot and investigate the keep (not necessarily in that order, mind.) There are no NPCs who can really join the party in this chapter, so you're on your own. You're quite likely to encounter the "death" screen in this chapter at least once as you get the hang of combat, but if you have a lucky run, do make sure that you save the game and let yourself be killed at least once so you can see it. It's subtle and very creepy.

Now head on out into the first area to explore:

Outer Keep Level 2

The whole area is automatically mapped for you. At first this can be make it tough for you to see where you've been and where you haven't, so work through the level methodically. There's nothing to fight yet, so take your time. You can take anything that isn't nailed down without anyone getting annoyed with you, but you'll quickly learn that this is very much NOT worth it for anything that isn't either tiny or expensive. Your inventory screen is WAY too small to waste carrying extra sets of clothing or ginormous staffs worth 1 GP. Definitely don't waste your time with anything "worn," "rusty," or "cracked" unless you intend to equip it (and then you might as well just drop it on the floor once you find something better.)


1) Deman will automatically approach you in the hall to give you your first quest, Report to Avarous. It's not much of a quest really.

2) Most of the NPC's on this map are just for ambience, but some of them can have quite extended conversations with you. You can have the same conversations with these NPC's over and over again, so rather than having to save, have a conversation, and reload if you want to try out multiple conversational choices, you can just reinitiate dialogue as soon as you've finished if you like. NPC's on this level who are really only for chatting with in this chapter include Evoy, Nally, Ahane, Cavan, and Inmis in the officer's hall, Heather the chambermaid in the personal quarters, Sherard the apprentice in Elarath's room, Lord Harold in his quarters, and the posted guards and roaming patrols.

3) Also in the officer's hall are two NPC's named Madden and Kent, from whom you can get a small quest, Sealed With A Kiss.

4) Winchell will give you some basic equipment appropriate to your class when you present him with your requisition letter.

5) Mudam the scoutmaster and Elarath the wizard, in addition to chatting with you, can also train you in the ways of magic and scouting. You don't need to be an apprentice or a scout to avail yourself of their training, but you do need to amass Training Points to spend on learning their techniques. Each of these men will also have plot significance later in the chapter--Mudam will move you along in the main plot once you've reported to Roth, and Elarath will give you the Fetch The Amulet quest once you've been referred to him by Olon.

6) The door to Sir Roth's room is locked and you will not be able to enter until after you have spoken with Calum. Once you do, besides Sir Roth himself and his obvious plot importance, you can also meet Sir Kyner and Sir Engres (both of whom you will have the option of accepting as party NPCs in chapter 3 if you like), Balduf, Lar, Cheney, Jean, Cardew, and Gilmore, all of whom are just for chatting with. There is also a chest in here with a couple of valuable items it's perfectly fine to loot.

7) Looking through all the chests on the level, you will discover not only a quest item and a few pieces of equipment, but several scrolls that turn out to be soldiers' diaries. They are interesting to read but have no purpose as inventory objects, so once you've read them, just leave them where they are.

8) Once you have retrieved the Chalice for Friar Massus, most of the NPC's on this level will have different remarks to make.

Outer Keep Level 1

Still no combat so look around at your leisure.

1) Brother Curley, Brother Kay, and Belinda in the temple area to the right, Holly, Ansan, and Alain in the kitchen area to the left, and the posted and patrolling guards in the middle hallway are just for chatting with.

2) In the temple area to the right side of this map, Brother Mo has a quest for you: Fetch the Herbs.

3) Brother Crosby can heal you of any wounds if you ask.

4) Friar Massus will just chat with you at this point; once you've spoken to Olon he will have a quest for you, Fetch the Chalice.

5) In the kitchen area, Alora the cook has a quest for you, What's In The Basement? Bonnie the kitchen maid and Davet the slacker knight have contributions to make to this quest; be sure to keep talking to all three of them once you've finished, until they start repeating themselves.

6) There is an odd "up-down arrow" change-levels cursor that highlights in the middle of the infirmary, but you can't activate it. It's a bug that you can see that there; just ignore it.

7) Once you have retrieved the Chalice for Friar Massus, all the NPC's on this level will have different remarks to make. (Bonnie's is especially amusing.)

Outer Keep Basements

The basement by the kitchen is the first combat area you will encounter. Leave a savegame upstairs before heading down; the monsters are easy, but you're liable to get killed a few times while you get used to the interface (remember to press space bar to switch into combat mode before trying to hit anything--otherwise you'll still seem to be attacking, but your hits will be ineffectual.) If you're having trouble with it, just put this area off till you've completed all the non-combat quests and spent the training points on some better skills.

There's also a second basement that can be accessed from the other end of Outer Keep 1. There is some basic equipment down there to be looted, if you need some, and three unhappy NPC's--Tellan, Edric, and Leof--to chat with. Most of the area is empty cells and useless storage rooms with nothing in them you could steal. Once you have retrieved the Chalice for Friar Massus, the three NPC's on this level will have different remarks to make.

Outer Bailey

This is a large area but there's not much in it:

1) The large training area where Captain Avarous is standing appears full of people, but other than Avarous and Mulduc (who will give you the opportunity to practice with the combat system a little), you cannot speak to any of them, and they will all disappear once night falls and never return (none of them are even soldiers you will encounter later in the game, as near as I can tell.) You can practice shooting at the targets or sparring with the dummies, but there's no benefit to it besides familiarizing you with the interface.

2) Penrith will approach you automatically with a plot advancement.

3) Freemen the blacksmith has a quest for you: Cold Hard Steel.

4) Olon the merchant, though he has little to say at this juncture. Once Mudam gives you permission to leave the keep, Olon will offer you two quests, Pell's Sorrow and Case The Chest, and also some useful plot information that will lead to two other quests.

5) Gall and Wilfrid are merchants who can buy and sell inventory items.

6) Mikel and Halwin by the Outer Keep gate, Octave and Offe by the Peasants gate, and Tomik and Theo by the South gate, are all just for chatting with. So are the two grooms, Treacy and Rooney, but they don't really have anything to say in the first place.

7) Pellandrian and Lahren won't speak to you until later in the game.

8) Once you have retrieved the Chalice for Friar Massus, some of the NPCs on this level--Olon and the six posted guards--will have different remarks to make.

South Gate Level 1

The fellow you've been sent to see, Calum, is on the second floor, but there are interesting people to talk to on the first floor before you head up.

1) Holt will both chat with you and reveal that he's the black marketeer in town. You can visit him like a merchant, but note that his prices are terrible--never sell an object to him, for example, because he won't even give you half its price. You may want to drop some gold on one or two of his pricy items once the cash starts rolling in--you won't have any money troubles in this game, so there's no pressing reason to be frugal.

2) The two guys Holt called attention to, named Neci and Kelemen, won't talk to you at all. As Holt suggests, they will, in fact, go away when it gets late enough at night, but but that will never happen until after you recover the chalice from the church, so don't hang around there waiting.

3) Lucan, further to the south, is another trainer who has some excellent skills to teach. You can also talk to him about the blade Freemen gives you if you like.

4) The other men on this level--Grimbold, Avery, Lang, Houn, Arno, and Kane--are just for chatting with, though they have some interesting ambient information to impart.

8) Once you have retrieved the Chalice for Friar Massus and entered the South Gate basement, all of the NPC's on this level except Holt and Lucan will have different remarks to make.

South Gate Level 2

1. Calum is here and will have some plot information for you.

2) Sir Phelot in South Gate 2 seems to be skulking by the drawbridge, hurries away from it as soon as he sees you entering, and acts very oddly when you talk to him. There is no way at all to investigate this, however--no other NPC can be informed of his erratic behavior, and even sneaking into the room with high stealth does not reveal what he's up to. Phelot will have some plot relevance later in the game, but what he's doing in this room and why he comes hurrying over every time you come near is never revealed.

3) Elazar the wizard has some plot information.

4) Soren, Palben, Phelan, and Maslin are just for chatting with.

5) The bloody-looking cabinets in the main sleeping area don't contain anything. The first time I saw one I was sure it contained a severed head or something. Their strange macabre appearance must be just a poorly drawn shadow at the base of the cabinet.

6) Once you have retrieved the Chalice for Friar Massus, Soren, Palben, Phelan, and Maslin will have some different remarks to make.

The Ruined Village

Once you have met with Roth, it suddenly becomes dark and much harder to see anything. This is very annoying, as you have two extended running-back-and-forth quests to complete in the dark Outer Bailey and four screens worth of village outside the keep to explore. Siege of Avalon is a game in desperate need of a Light spell--there's nothing fun about squinting at your screen trying to figure out what you're looking at. The village is actually a visually interesting place--you can tell what many of the ruined buildings used to be before the place was sacked--but you'll get a chance to look around it later during the daylight hours. For now, your job is to A) run around all four quadrants and kill every living being you see, and B) collect all the quest items that everyone in town has asked for. A) can be a little on the tough side. Save frequently, since it's easy to run too far and find yourself on the same screen with multiple Sha'ahoul, which is deadly at this point. Don't worry about dragging all their armor and weaponry back to the keep to sell--you'd have to run all the way back to the Outer Bailey every time you killed three or four guys, and the 15 gold crowns you'd get out of it will turn out to be meaningless. Only keep items you're planning on equipping, ones that are tiny (like a ring or an armband), and ones that have magical properties. If you find the going getting tougher, though, it IS worth running back to the keep to spend your training points on new skills from Lucan, Mudam, and Elarath. (You can also spend training points to increase skills from your stat page, but the skills taught by trainers are far better bargains.)

Besides enemies to kill, basements to explore, and chests to loot, there are four things of note in the village:

1) There's one building whose basement is blocked off by a huge rock which you cannot move. You will only be able to access this basement at the end of the chapter, after reporting to Roth again.

2) As well as the quest items you were looking for, you should come across four different Sha'ahoul scrolls in the course of your explorations. You need to take them to a linguist to be translated. Make sure you find all four, they are very interesting.

3) The big walled-up fortress in the Village 4 map area cannot be entered at this time, nor can anything be done with it.

4) And then there's the church, which occupies its own 'dungeon' map. Basically you just need to kill all the Sha'ahoul enemies, open one secret door, find one quest item, and figure out what the Sha'ahoul were really doing there.

South Gate Basement

This is a frustrating area--most of it is empty, useless, and a waste of time exploring. The dogs in the pointless kennels don't even attack you when you open the doors. Once you've killed the bad guys and discovered the plot, just hightail it back to Sir Roth.

Chapter One Endgame

Once you have rescued Corvus, you can bring him to the infirmary for a few extra training points. The chapter is technically over now, but I had no idea what I was supposed to do next-- Sir Roth tells you to go to your quarters and rest, but going to your quarters has no effect. In fact, it is talking to Roth again that will cause the next morning to begin. Boy, the sun just rises and sets on that guy, doesn't it? Note that he's not in the same meeting room he was in last time--you'll have to go through the double doors to the north of Outer Keep Level 1, which will automatically bring you to his room.

I should also mention that examining the ogre's loincloth triggered an unexpectedly funny response. :-)

Chapter 2

This chapter takes place entirely within the Inner Keep (with one foray back out into the ruined village.) There is not any need to go back into the Outer Keep at all during Chapter 2--there are no new items or quests there and none of the Outer Keep NPCs have any new reactions except for Olon, who just tells you to go away anyway (he says "come back in the morning" even after morning has broken.) If you didn't go back to talk to everyone in Chapter 1 after recovering the Chalice and visiting the South Gate basement, you may want to do that now, because the difference in their responses is interesting. But they will not have any reactions to anything that happens during Chapter 2, so you may as well just focus on the Inner Keep for the rest of the chapter.

Inner Keep Level 2

Like the Outer Keep, the entire area is mapped for you in advance. This includes secret doors and hidden rooms. It's fun to look for them on your own, but when you feel like you're done with a level, look at the map to see whether there are any rooms on the map you haven't visited--I believe there's one on this level and two on Level 1.

Things of note:

1) When you meet with Roth, if your charm is high, he will give you information about the courier as well as your quest. If your perception is high, you will also make an observation about the courier. Neither is important, but in light of later events, they are interesting.

2) Sir Caerleon is a trainer with some excellent skills to teach.

3) Phelic the sage has some plot information for you, and his unnamed apprentice can join you as a party NPC. I find him one of the more useful companions because he can sit in the back casting "Heal" on your PC repeatedly. If you do take the apprentice as a companion, then in a later chapter he will be given a name of his own and gain some special powers.

4) There's a second NPC on this level who can join your party--Sir Dinadon, located in the tavern to the southwest. Unfortunately, since NPC AI is so poor, melee fighters like Dinadon are a real pain in the ass to keep alive through any half-difficult combat, so it's better to leave him where you found him.

5) Sir Ither has a quest for you: Letter From A Traitor.

6) Sir Osla, King Ryence, and King Ryence's guards won't speak to you except in the course of the Letter From A Traitor quest, but Queen Nanesi will flirt with you a little if your charm is high, and will flatter you some more once you've solved the quest (choosing slightly different flattery depending whether you present yourself modestly or arrogantly.) Nothing ever comes of this flirtation, however.

7) There are two doors and one chest on this level that are locked. If you notice this and return to Sir Roth he'll give you a key that will open all three. The chest contains treasure, and one of the doors just contains a knight, Sir Owain, whose dialogue is identical to that of two other knights on this level (no idea why this room should have been locked.) The other door, however, leads to King Isdernus' chambers, where you can find Brother Larry. (I'd been wondering where he was! :-D ) Brother Larry has a quest for you, Who Poisoned The King? The other people in this room--Lady Chadwick, Sir Nartus, Sir Launfal, Sir Alain, Sir Kynar, and Sir Laodegan--will have different comments to make before you've talked to Larry, after you've talked to Larry, and after you've solved the mystery. Fester the alchemist will have some new remarks once the mystery is solved as well.

8) The other NPC's on this level--Morrison the guard, Chloe, Jerritt, Sir Beneyce and Sir Hoal, Tessel, Paulin the scribe, Estrella, Sir Tortain, Ambassador Lucius, Zoe, Allison, Sir Saffire, Sir Accalon, Sarasina, Lady Fenshire, Mara the cleaning woman, Zinestra, and Guards Rias, Tark, and Dalin--are just for chatting with.

Inner Keep Level 1

There are two secret doors on this level, each leading to a room with some loot stashed in it. If you can't find the rooms yourself, just look on the map.

Things of note:

1) Wyatt the scout will join your party if you ask. He's worth taking along as he's good with a bow.

2) You can actually twist Vasek the gambler's arm to get him to join your party too, if Wyatt's already in it. It's hardly worth all that trouble, since Vasek is a melee fighter and the NPC AI can't handle melee fighters worth a damn, but if you're a mage and Sir Dinadon's already dead I guess you could make Vasek stand in front of you for a few combats. Or you could just rob him of his coif and shield (both of which are pretty good) and let him go again.

3) Cynric the braggart is a trainer with some more very good skills to teach. He won't train you at all if you're too rude to him, so restrain yourself.

4) Esmond the Lucky has a quest for you, Return Tracy's Ring. Tracy, also on this level, is part of the same quest. Go back and forth between the two until they stop saying anything new.

5) Neese the dandy has a more interesting conversation tree than many characters. If you make the right conversational choices, he'll start being less of a snobbish jerk and trying harder to be a good soldier. You'll actually get a few Training Points for this. You can come back and visit him in each new chapter to see how he's progressing.

6) Maris will have an interesting extra interaction with you if your perception is high (at least 16.)

7) Tempest the armorer seems like he might have a quest with you, but he actually doesn't. Other characters who are just for chatting include West, Felenia, Nicophorus, Wylie, Beircheart, Page Maleb, and the five sages Gronk, Percy, Iolar, Fentar, and Opias. Some of them, like Wylie and Beircheart, have extended and rather interesting stories.

8) The library has many books on its shelves, if you click on them. However, none are important--they're just atmospheric, and most of them are actually quite dull. Marcus the librarian is only helpful when you're on quests that involve finding certain books.

9) Wacian has a quest for you as you head down into the basement: Changing of the Guard. He's as annoying as humanly possible about it both before and after, and you actually have the option of whining to Sir Roth about that, then talking to Wacian again before drawing your own character conclusions.

Inner Bailey

Looks a lot nicer than the Outer Bailey, doesn't it?

Things of note:

1) The only NPC on this map with a quest for you is Tristan. If your perception is high enough when you speak to him, he will entrust you with a quest: Tristan's Friend.

2) There's a hidden chest on this map--but annoyingly, it's not hidden by being in a secret location or anything, it's hidden by the way wall graphics are drawn in this game. :P It's in one of the little rooms near Tristan.

3) There are nine merchants on this map, Ferren, Milford, Sephus, Argi, Bartley, Bliant, Rayous, George, and Quinn. One of them has some relevance to one of the quests in this chapter; the others just give you their spiels and then buy and sell stuff.

4) You cannot engage the five gardeners (Uless, Hawin, Delfor, Minias, and Jenks) in conversation, but if you step on the flowers in their vicinities, each of them will yell a different angry remark at you. :-)

5) Other NPC's on this map--Chad, Madeleine, Callie, Davis, Jora, Gentza, Adaela, Orwyn, and Burgess--are just for chatting with.

Inner Keep Basement

On one end of the basement is the entrance to the Caves you are supposed to search for the Earthstone. Unfortunately, this is also the end you're deposited into when you choose "Inner Keep Basement" from the main map (a real waste, since you can also choose "Caves" directly from the map.) At the other end is the wizard Felious' lab, and it's a real pain to get over there every time. C'est la vie. Don't neglect to scout around here for treasure, by the way, as there are a few good pieces.

Things of note:

1) Felious himself is an interesting character and has a quest for you, Lydia's Fate. His servant, Bones, is a trainer with several powerful magical skills and new spells to teach.

2) The two guards by the entrance to the caves are just for chatting. They have identical dialogue.


There are two maps worth of caves. They are twisty and turny and due to the graphical interface, it's impossible to see anything placed too close to a wall unless you stand on top of it with "X-ray" mode on. There are several chests of treasure tucked into those inscrutable little alcoves. I personally found this very annoying, as it's a limitation of the game's own interface that makes the chests hard to see, not a property of the caves that would actually affect the characters in-game. Once you get the hang of it, though, you can search the area thoroughly by hugging the wall as you run. It's not worth expending much effort on, though. Gold is of little consequence in this game, so the only chest that is really worth looking for is one hidden near the left side of Cave 2.

These are dungeon areas, so primarily what you need to do is kill enemies before they kill you. As in the last chapter, don't worry about looting unless you see something you want to use, something magic, or something tiny (like a ring.) There are a few NPCs in Cave 1. The guards Elwick and Mustafa have one set of dialogue, and the guards Val and Kilmer (not kidding) have a second. Weldon, by the west gate, offers some plot information and a quest-that-isn't-quite-exactly-a-quest, Courier? What Courier? If you turn around and march back to Sir Roth you will be officially given the quest to find the courier, but there's actually no need to do this--you can complete the quest as soon as Weldon tells you he's missing, without having to run all the way back through the caves, and still get the same reward from Sir Roth later (though you'll skip the journal entry about Sir Roth assigning the quest if you do it that way.)

There are four other things to find in these Caves: the Knight from the last expedition (in Cave 1), the entrances to the Crypt and the Temple (in Cave 2,) and an exit that leads back out to the Village (also in Cave 2.) The exit to the village is heavily guarded, so proceed with caution.


This area seems to be completely optional. You can chat with all the Lurkers on this level--the one nearest to the exit is coherent enough to give you a quest, Free The Lurkers, and a few of the others have extended conversations with you. You will not be able to solve the Lurker quest until Chapter Five, so don't worry about it yet (though you can ask Phelic about it for some extra insight.)

In the central room there is a lich floating around, but he is not hostile, nor does he seem to notice or care if you kill the other undead in his area or loot his chests. Odd behavior for a lich. He's invincible, though, so don't force-attack him.


It is dreadfully hard to see in this area. Seriously, I think I gave myself eyestrain. There is no Light spell in this game; all you can do is turn your monitor's brightness up all the way and hope for the best. Use the "map" function frequently, and wave your cursor around the darkness broadly to see if anything highlights. Luckily your party NPCs are not hobbled by bad visual effects, and Wyatt shot down nearly every enemy in this dungeon before I realized it was there.

As soon as you enter you will meet the one NPC in this area, Lydia. She has a quest for you, Free Lydia, and will tell you where to find Waynar once you complete it. (This is NOT an optional quest--even though you may have already stumbled across the location Waynar ought to be being held, he won't be there until Lydia tells you so, and even though you have probably already seen the lich in the Temple, you won't be able to inform Felious about it until Waynar tells you there's a lich there.)

There are three levels to this crypt. Save before entering the last room and confronting the corpse. For one thing, it's a fairly tough fight, but for another, approaching the lich stone (an action any self-respecting adventurer would take) causes an invincible lich to materialize and kill everyone. So once you've beaten the corpse, back out of the room and don't go back there until you've learned the secret to defeating a lich.

Village Again

You come up in Village 4. Waynar is being held by some Sha'ahoul guys, but they won't appear on the map until you've completed Lydia's quest for her. There are also some other Sha'ahoul around here for you to kill, and as you head back to town you'll find that some dire wolves have moved in on Village 1. All you really need is Waynar.

Chapter Two Endgame

Finish all your quests except for the Lurker one (which you can't solve till a later chapter,) talk to Roth and Felious, then kill the lich and take the Earthstone to Roth. (Don't bother going back to the Temple area--though Waynar said something about the Earthstone being in the central room of the temple, in fact the Lich is holding it. Makes you wonder how the Sha'ahoul managed to get the Earthstone at all in the evil alternate ending that happens if your character is killed--it was probably safer in an invincible lich's pocket than it is in Elarath's room but... whatever, pat yourself on the back and let's go on to Chapter Three!

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