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Siege of Avalon Spoilers For Confusing/Bifurcating Quests

A handful of Siege of Avalon quests just do not resolve very well. They can leave you unsure if you've really finished them at all or you've done something wrong somehow, or missed part of it. There are also a few quests with more than one ending, and you may want to know what the other alternatives were. So here are partial spoilers for those quests that may leave you wondering.

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Pell's Sorrow: Yes, there is a specific gift that will please the incredibly picky Lahren: a sapphire ring (carried by one of the Sha'ahoul in the village.) If you give him any other piece of jewelry, he will whine about it, but he'll accept it and you'll finish the quest successfully. If you give him the sapphire ring, though, he'll say it was exactly what he was looking for and you'll get an extra TP out of the deal.

Fetch The Amulet: It's not where Elarath says it is. It's possible to get a clue as to how to proceed in this red herring of a quest by showing one of the other amulets you find to Elarath (though he will then keep it, and you otherwise could have sold it or given it to Lahren)--after telling you it's the wrong amulet, he will suggest you ask Elazar for help. You can obviate the whole run-around by just talking to Elazar in the first place, which is actually a fairly sensible thing to do being as how it IS named "Elazar's Amulet."

Letter From A Traitor: This quest has more than one possible solution. The most obvious thing to do is keep pestering Sir Osla until he gives you the letter and tells you its contents, then either bring the letter directly to King Ryence or confront Sir Ither about it. (Killing Ither first scores you his equipment, but going straight to the king yields more Training Points.) However, there is actually a second solution to the quest--after Ither urges you to get the letter "by pen or sword," you can go back to Osla and simply kill him rather than talking to him a second time. If you do this, though, the identity of the traitor actually changes--the letter turns out to implicate Osla, not Ither, even if you bring it directly back to King Ryence. So it's impossible to actually get into trouble no matter how you choose to solve this quest.

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