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Siege of Avalon Walkthrough

Chapter Three

This is the Fighter's chapter, in which a Squire can turn into a Knight. The entire chapter is optional for other character classes-- but why would you want to play a six-chapter CRPG and skip one of the chapters? It would be strategically stupid to skip all the Training Points, powerful skills, and good loot available in this chapter; besides, it's fun.

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As usual in this game, it can be a puzzle figuring out how to get the chapter to start. I wandered around the back halls of Inner Keep 1 until I bumped into Sir Roth, and then found to my frustration that he wouldn't talk to me. You actually need to talk to his page, Entrowe, first. Entrowe will approach you to talk to you, but only if you enter his field of vision. Walk up and down the main, carpeted hall until he spies you. After that you can go into Sir Roth's conference room to be assigned the main quest of the chapter, Letter To The King. The other NPC's in this room--Nicophorus, Lord Padwer, Lord Tavous, and Sir Mabon--have one set of comments for you before you have accepted Sir Roth's quest and a second set afterwards. It's all just chatting except that Sir Mabon has another UPS quest for you, Status Reports.

New Things In The Keep

1) If you exit the conference room from the east or west, a new character, Sir Fagen, will approach and strike up a conversation with you. You have a meaningful conversational option while talking to him--the chapter goes slightly differently depending on how much information you divulge to him. Fagen is not a traitor, though, just a gossip; you can find him again standing around in the throne room in this and later chapters.

2) In Inner Keep 1, the following characters have new dialogue with you once you have killed the lich: Cynric, Esmond, Beircheart, and Tracy.

3) In Inner Keep 2, fighter characters can get their advancement quest from Ambassador Lucius: Collect The Amulets. Non-fighter characters cannot be knighted.

4) In the Inner Bailey, there is a new character to talk to, Captain Calvaric, and also two NPCs you met earlier, Sir Kynar and Sir Engres. They will join your party now if you like, but it's a bad idea unless your play style requires cannon fodder--the game's AI does not handle melee NPC's well, and keeping them alive is more of a pain than it's worth.

5) In Outer Keep 1, the following characters have new dialogue with you once you have killed the lich: Dillon, Belinda, Curley, Crosby, Holly, and Ansan.

6) In Outer Keep 2, Sherard the apprentice and Heather the chambermaid have new dialogue (you may need high perception for the latter.) Lord Harald will now not only talk to you, but give you a quest as well: King Tortain's Stuff.

7) In the Outer Bailey, Olon still didn't want to talk to me. I guess he forgot all about whatever it was he wanted me to do in those tunnels. The following characters have new dialogue with you once you have killed the lich: Tomik, Theo, Mikel, Halwin, and Penrith.

8) In South Gate 2, Sir Phelot is acting even stranger, but there's still nothing you can do about it. Calum and Soren have new chatting for you, and Soren will change his dialogue yet again once you have encountered the elves in the forest.

9) In South Gate 1, the following characters have new dialogue with you once you have killed the lich: Kane, Arno, Houn, Lang, and Avery.

10) You can go back out into the village, where some new wolves and voreworms have moved in. There are a few more TP to be scraped up there, but nothing of real interest.

The Forest

This is the new area in the chapter. Unfortunately the lack of movement shortcuts makes it a real pain to get around--even if you've completely cleared the entire forest, getting from Forest Area 5 back to Sir Roth's conference room takes 20 minutes of screen time, and then he just orders you to turn around and run all the way back again anyway. There's no way around that, but be sure you don't go back to Avalon before meeting Baron Hantley, or else you'll have to make the circuit two MORE times.

Note: The compass on these maps is WRONG. According to the compass, the top left-hand corner of the map ought to be due north. However, according to all the dialogue, the cardinal directions are the standard up-is-north, left-is-west, and so on. So when Holden tells you riders have come from the north, he does NOT mean to head towards the direction marked as North on your map--this will just get you lost. Head towards the center top of your screen and you will find what you are looking for.

Things of note:

1) In Forest 2 there is an NPC named Taavi. He's just for chatting, but you can go back and talk to him again after talking to Holden and again after helping Mikki.

2) In Forest 3 the empty tower and ruined house are useless; the locked building will be useful in a later training quest.

3) The fort is in Forest 5, with several NPC's in and around it. Oskari, standing by one of the entrances to the fort, is a trainer, but he won't train you until after you have "proved yourself" to him. "Proving yourself" doesn't seem to be a matter of clearing any given area, just of killing a certain number of Ahoul. Once you've proved yourself you will still have to complete a set of three Fighter Training Quests to learn his three skills. (You don't have to be a fighter to complete these quests or to acquire the skills; they're useful for anyone who ever gets into hand-to-hand combat.)

4) Holden, also in the fort in Forest 5, will move along your main Letter To The King Quest. You must talk to him again once the letter has been delivered--if you go straight back to Sir Roth, he won't talk to you and you'll have wasted your time.

5) Kalevi, standing by Holden in the fort in Forest 5, will have nothing to do with you--but a "joining the party" screen will flash briefly before your eyes, and if you have fewer than two characters in your party at the time, he will actually be added to your party anyway. This is a bug. Kalevi will talk to you after you have helped Mikki, and is supposed to offer to join you at that time. Like Wyatt, he's a good sniper and stays out of the enemy's way, so you can take him along if you like.

6) There are three other elves around the fort in Forest 5, Maki, Eikki, and Severi. They're just for chatting with; Eikki has different dialogue once you've talked to Holden, and Eikki and Severi both have different dialogue once you've helped Mikki.

7) In Forest 4 is a little cave, with an NPC inside who tells you about a nearby enclave of lizardmen. Coming up the other side leads to an island with a little dungeon on it, named "Magic Island" on the map. This dungeon was the most confusing part of the entire game for me--it is full of teleporters and doors which disappear when you step too close to them. I spend hours in this dungeon trying to figure out a way to get through those phantom doors and down the halls with teleporters, only to eventually conclude that there's no way to do this and nothing on the other side of any of them. Extremely frustrating. You should be able to access two rooms without any trouble at all, though: one contains an obelisk that attacks you, the other contains a Shadow Warrior. Once you've killed both and taken their loot, you can just leave.

8) Don't worry about the inaccessible area to the left of the Forest 4 map, by the way--it's just an empty space for the game to stash the dungeon levels.

9) In Forest 7 are the lizardmen. Most lizardmen do not carry any loot at all, but there's one lizardman near a bridge who has a very good amulet on him. Once you find the lizardmen's cave, you can head down and slaughter them all. Just in case all this ethnic cleansing was starting to make you feel a bit uncomfortable, there are a few human prisoners down here that you can rescue. (If you return to the fort later, you can even find the former prisoners hanging around in the room with Maki, where they have found refuge--you will actually get a TP for talking to each of them there!)

10) In Forest 6 is a tomb you can go into, with a bit of treasure and another Shadow Knight with his loot.

11) In Forest 9 you can rescue Mikki from attack--it isn't necessary to do this, but it's a nice thing to do, isn't it? If you have any trouble dispatching the Ahoul before they can kill her, just cast Heal on her a couple times and she'll be OK.

12) Forest 8 has a lot of Ahoul in it to fight and that's really it. Once you've finished your Letter quest, you'll have to find Baron Hentley and his men Rayburn, Newman, and Morton on this map before you can report back to Sir Roth. Then, once you've reported to Sir Roth, you'll need to return right back here again to defend them from attack. I believe Rayburn, Newman, and Morton will already be dead when you enter the battlefield, so there's nothing you can do for them--concentrate on saving the Baron, your own NPC's, and yourself.

Chapter Four

This is the Scout's chapter, in which a Scout can turn into a Ranger. The whole chapter is optional for other character classes, but like the Fighter's chapter, it would be silly to skip it--the skills you can learn are highly valuable for any character, there's some good loot and tons of experience to be earned, and between the remarkable insight you can get into the mindset of the Sha'ahoul and the merciless mayhem you can create by assassinating all of them, there's really something in this chapter for everyone.

New Things In The Keep

This chapter is easy to start compared to the others--just go talk to Entrowe, who's still standing in the same spot you left him in.

1) Mudam in Outer Keep 2 will assign you the main quest of the chapter, Sha'ahoul Spy.

2) Olon in the Outer Bailey will assign you a quest, Fetch The Wand.

3) Sir Roth in Inner Keep 1 will assign you a quest, Steal The Satchel.

4) There are two new NPC's in Inner Keep 1, Johfrit and Sir Evadon. Johfrit has a quest for you, Save Edgard. Sir Evadon is just for chatting (both before talking to Johfrit, afterwards, and after solving his quest.)

5) In South Gate 1, Elazar has some plot information for you; Phelan, Maslin, and Palbin have interesting dialogue before you talk to Elazar, and you can reassure them about it after you have spoken with him.

6) Other old NPC's with new dialogue in this chapter include Pell and Lahren in the Outer Bailey, Captain Calvaric in the Inner Bailey, Phelic the Sage in Inner Keep 2, and Nicophorus, Beircheart, Tempest, Neese, and Entrowe in Inner Keep 1.

The Village

As Mudam suggests, you really don't want to bring your NPC's with you into the village--you only have one mask, and keeping them shadowed all the time would be prohibitively annoying. I just left them standing by the gate with all my extra equipment. This chapter is all about stealth--it will be easiest to complete if your adjusted stealth is 100 or higher with Shadow on, so leave any heavy armor behind (even if you're a fighter.)

Also, any Ahoul whose highlight is yellow has been fooled by your disguise, so you can talk to them. It's interesting to hear what they have to say. You can talk to the same Ahoul over and over and hear all the possible comments, rather than having to talk to dozens of different ones--all Ahoul Scouts have the same dialogue, all Ahoul Fighters who are on guard duty have the same dialogue, and all Ahoul Fighters, Warriors, or Warlords who are not on guard duty have the same dialogue. Talking to them is not only interesting, but it makes your report to Mudam higher quality. However, once you've pumped them for all the information you're going to get, you can actually just assassinate them all--you get TP for this most of the time. There's something odd about sneaking through town cloaked in indigo blue backstabbing one guy after another with no one taking any notice of it. You can slaughter an entire training ground full of Ahoul one at a time and they won't even stop their calisthenics to try to figure out why their teammates are mysteriously dropping dead. The only ones you can't kill are the clan leaders, elite guards, Mithras, and Ovoron (though you can get a quest to Kill Ovoron later in the chapter.) Some camps will just continue regenerating Ahoul as fast as you can kill them, and you don't get TP for any of them, so once you see new Ahoul spawning in an area you might as well just leave it.

Here are the things of note in the village that DON'T involve killing something:

1) The screens that were once labelled "Village 3" and "Village 4" have been remapped as "Village 5" and "Village 6" for this chapter. Village 1, 2, 5, and 6 are much as you found them last chapter, with no one of special interest in them; however, you may notice a small tree that highlights purple near the bricked-up fort in Village 6, and a pair of up-down arrows on the fort itself indicating one might be able to enter. Neither can be activated at this time. This is a slight bug; the area will become accessible in Chapter 5, so just don't worry about it for the time being.

2) In the new Village 3 (one screen right of Village 2), you can find a human man named Old Ben hunkered down in one of the buildings. If you're a scout, you can get your promotion quest from him, Switch the Staffs. Other characters cannot be assigned this quest, and will only get some uninteresting chatting from Old Ben.

3) In the new Village 4 (the area in the top right corner), there is one Ahoul NPC of note, the Sha'ahoul Scoutmaster. Do not kill this guy! He can teach you some very important skills if you do his series of three Scout Training Quests. After you've finished all three quests you can talk to him again for some interesting backstory.

4) Make sure you scout out the nagas in Village 4 too. It doesn't seem to matter whether you kill them or not.

5) In Village 7, you need to scout out the training ground. Massacring the trainees is optional. A named NPC near the training field, named Shallon, has some interesting comments.

6) Village 9 has several named NPC's with unique comments: Breetag, Siilazin, Pretik, and Kaldden. You will actually have the opportunity to help Kaldden out later in the chapter if you talk to Darg. If you're fond of irony, it's perfectly OK to back off and shoot Siilazin in the back once you're done talking to him.

7) In Village 10, you need to scout out the battering ram. (Don't attack it until Mudam tells you to, as this sometimes triggers a bug.) You can also talk to the Ahoul Blacksmith if you like, who has some interesting conversation.

8) In Village 11 are three named NPC's with unique comments, Darg, Mard, and Fuzillas.

9) In Village 15 you can find the captive Edgard. For some reason even though he's human, he's fooled by the mask disguise. You need to cast Shadow on him if you're going to lead him to Avalon safely, and don't enter combat mode, or else he'll stupidly run over to nearby Ahoul and start banging on them with his fists instead of following you.

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