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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

The Book of Ataniel

More Quotes from Ataniel (Year Three)

"It's like energy and entropy."
"Or yin and yang."
"Or milk and cookies?"
--Luthien, Praxis, and Syndy

"I don't want to cast Glitterdust."
"Well, I don't want to cast Deadface."
--Luthien and Syndy, comparing spellbooks

"I am the Mountain King. Your mortal god holds no sway here."
"What! You false, heathen--"
"Jarth! 'Sway' is the Sidhe word for a... big party! He means Morvon doesn't throw any parties down here!"
--The Mountain King, Jarth, and Luthien desperately trying to save Jarth's butt (and inadvertantly naming the party)

"5000 years ago, we weren't a bunch of jerks!"
--George, suggesting a tourist slogan for Diaria

"Devils live in Hell. Demons live in innocent civilians."
--Janther correcting Trissia's usage in Hell

"George, George. Still keeping your real identity hidden from your unsuspecting host."
"Wyvern, Wyvern. Still condescendingly psychoanalyzing--eep!"
--Wyvern and George

"I killed him, Max."
"Blah blah blah"
--Luthien getting Max drunk after Janther's death

"Janther was pretty cool. We're really sorry we couldn't have been the ones to kill him."
--Lotus, eulogizing

"It's all right. I figure, I don't have to do my homework if I'm in another dimension."
--Kitty, on being lost

"Hi, Morvon. Law is supreme, right. Yeah, rocks. Look, can I have some spells?"
--George, stuck in Jarth's body

"This guy seriously overestimates his power if he thinks he can turn me and George into productive members of society!"
--Kitty on the Black King

"Oh, I just did that so that Praxis would try to figure out what it meant."
--Tila, on the Hood

"Well, it's not like I wouldn't rather sleep with a sea slug."
-- Threnody, on Wyvern's plans for her

"Oh my God! Look behind you! It's Rip Hunter!"
(crash, splinter, tinkle)
--Threnody taking a dive through a window into a passing hovercraft

"A man walked down the street and was assaulted--peanut!"

"Ride the wild Zerthimon!"

"Threnody... T-H-R-E-N-O-D-Y... Tuatha de Danaan, Praxis, aren't you glad to see me at all?"
--Threnody (re)joining the team

"You don't--eat souls and stuff, do you?"
"Well, I'm on a strict diet."
--Threnody reassuring Inez

"Ow. I'm going to. Ow. Fall unconscious now. Ow!"
--Fleegle, as Luthien repeatedly banged his head into a rock

"So what's it like to drown?"
--Luthien interviewing Threnody for his death book

"I'm not about to trust the ugly babe with the hide-in-shadows-and-backstab-attack."
--Edyric, queen of tact

"Fuck you, kid, go home."
--Threnody, to a 2HD demon that breathed fire on us

"Air Luthiens. Just Do It. OR WE KILL YOU."

--Jonah, playing Tila during a session Kay couldn't attend

"Oh my God. Why doesn't somebody else carry all this gunpowder."
--Threnody, who immolates, reflecting on her load of stolen Diari explosives

--Luthien, sick of the Barrier

"I did it. I killed him."
"I'm sure you were worth it, lass."
--Kieran trying to console Threnody on the death of Illithid Max

"Okay, Quell, hold on a minute and let me explain here--"
--Quell and Luthien, regarding Threnody

"I blindfight with my head!"
--Tila, head encased in stone

"Your final doom is upon you... mortals!"
"Yeah yeah. That's what your Psi Brigade said too."
--Talakan and Threnody

"No... No, he's not a demon lord."
"How do you know?"
"He doesn't dress cool enough."
--Threnody and Tila speculating about Knighthawke's longevity and personality

"Sometimes there's victory enough in keeping grace in the face of it."
--Threnody Sunfighter

"Morvon's not so bad, really. He just needs to loosen up a little. That's what he has an avatar like me for."
--George, converting after Jarth's death

"Yeah, but you know, the thing with the Sunfighter is even older and deeper than the thing with Khyrisse."
--Doug rooting for Threnody in the Max Endgames

--From the Sunfighter's notes (thanks, Laura!)

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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

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