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The Book of Ataniel

Year Two: The Wall

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Cast and Characters

Team roster for the Sewer Tour

Year Two Prologue

Year Two Character Quotes

Year Two Sunfighter Chronicle

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Episode Synopses

1) Strangers In A Strange Land
One year after the breakup of the Significants, Duke Faraker I calls a new team together to travel through the mysterious Wall to the Dalencian Empire. Signet and the Significants veterans Rhynwa and Max are joined by newcomers Luthien, Janther Moria, Palmer Khan, Schneider, and Khyrisse. Faraker is knocked into a coma after an assassination attempt on the Dalencian Emperor, Shilree is declared dead, and far too many Dalencian shenanigans to count. Among the many notable first appearances are: Algol Demonstar, Mask (aka Stooge), Gnartriech, Gdeon, the mad Duke Ravenhill, Princess Nikita...

2) Caught In The Web
Investigating the Dalencian conspiracy, the Web proves too tough a group of foes for our heroes. To revive Schneider and Rhynwa, the group bargains with Magnate (his first appearance) who warns them �Beware Tres�. Also, the Debut of the Ti�Ar�Na (kinda) and the Sewer Workers.

3) Glimpses Of The Future
Gdeon is abducted by an evil cult of chaos, and the Tour is aided in his recovery by Rigg, who claims to be from the future, but who some suspect is someone else. Palmer rides the Landshark. White roses begin mysteriously appearing.

4) Glimpses Of The Past
Shilree�s grave is found empty, while Kimberly pops up in Dalencia. Max gets news of Malcar�s whereabouts. Gdeon is aging rapidly, and the party inadvertently releases the chaotic puck, Robin Goodfellow, from imprisonment.

5) Glimpses From Beyond
The Sunfighter visits the Tour in a dream, giving them an important omen poem. First appearance of Astilla.

6) A Nice Little Town In The Middle Of Nowhere
En route to prevent a Dalencian/Giant war, the Tour stops in a nice little... well, you know, and must defeat the evil Huntsman. Debut of Noyarc.

7) Malcar Wars I: Spirit In The Sky
On their way north, our heroes run smack dab into Malcar�s floating fortress, the Death Scar, and fight their way through the lower levels. Debut of the Ravagers (most notably Lotus), Fiznang and Dragworth, and most importantly, Tila.

8) Malcar Wars II: Maximum Force
Many important magic items are found, and the Tour trounces the Ravagers as Max defeats Malcar in single combat, but Gdeon is killed. First appearance of everyone�s fave bitch, Edyric.

9) They Might Be Giants
Teleported to the Land of the Giants, the Tour kills Gnartriech and squashes his plans. Gdeon is miraculously found alive, Janther cements his rep as a giant-slayer, Finn Mac Finn is revealed as the Giant King, and Faraker comes out of his coma. First appearance of Spots (the lizard).

10) I Fought The Law... And The Law Won
The history of the Mithril Dagger heroes is revealed, as is their role in the Shadow Wars (and the creation of the Wall). With Javert accused of Justice Dredd�s murder, it is quickly discovered that the Cult of Karanat is to blame. Khyrisse begins to change noticeably, and Noyarc is kidnapped by the Web. First appearance of Quell, Scourge of All Demons.

11) Down In Flames
The Tour dispatches the Cult of Karanat, killing Web member Mask, really a member of the Church of Tal. With the High Primate also a cultist, the church begins to crumble. Luthien is killed and �revived� as a zombie, but Magnate claims he may know where help can be found. First appearance of Janther�s Fey pal, Syndriannia.

12) Home For The Holidays
Schneider is revealed as the force behind the white roses. Our heroes return to Nylevia to cure Luthien (which they eventually do, of course) after encountering Spiffy Garbonzo, the eviller Cult of Corrigar, other weirdos, a sinister note from �The One True Bloodscar�, and lotsa good drinks c/o Kevin and Kayla (not Kala). Almost everyone in the Tour is getting laid at this point. Except for Tila.

13) Rimbor City, Part 1: The Return of the Soulless Man (Arrival)
Stripped of possessions and NPC�s, our heroes are abducted by the Soulless Man and placed in the sinister Village. They escape with the aid of Number Six, Schneider�s wand goes through some odd moves, Palmer kills an innocent lab techie by throwing her down a flight of stairs, and the Soulless Man is revealed to be Duke St. Augustine.

14) Rimbor City, Part 2: Arena Lotta Trouble (Hammer Into Anvil)
Forced into Palmer and Luthien�s old profession of gladiator, the Tour has a fight with a Tyrannosaurus that the crowds are still talking about. Separated, the adventurers try to stir up rebellion against the Duke with two groups of dissidents, including the Significants� old foe Darius. Before we can figure out who�s who, the biggest surprise ending of the campaign leads into...

15) Rimbor City, Part 3: Signet And The Significants-Remix (Free For All)
A tremendous fight. The New Significants vs. the Sewer Tour vs. many NPC baddies. Laura Nagel said nothing could be worse than the Village, then Signet summoned Elvis. It all worked out OK in the end, I guess.

16) Rimbor City, Part 4: Duke St. Augustine (Fall Out)
The citadel of Duke St. Augustine is penetrated and the Duke killed; Janther sort of foils his scheme. Pluvious replaces Javert as Tour Liaison, Palmer is kidnapped by the Brotherhood of Gila. XP is gained at last! Debut of Rip Hunter, Time Master.

17) Tila Vs. Gila
Storming the fortress of Gila, Prime Vizier Nth and other lizards are killed, but the tour is separated and taken to the Dimension of Gila. First appearance of L�Kar the friendly Mind-Flayer.

18) Reign Of The Iron Tyrants
Max is dominated into killing Khyrisse, who is reincarnated by the Sheepherder as a Thri-kreen. One of the Iron Tyrants is defeated and a blue stone recovered, but Quell is left behind in Gila. The Tour returns to Dalencia.

19) Gang War
Financed by Palmer, Prince Renault has taken over much of Edimon, only to become embroiled in a violent gang-war with a monstrous gang led by Fiznang and Dragworth. The Tour forces the Heaven�s Devils (said monster gang) to leave town, while Palmer defeats the Egrets (the home team gang) and captures Renault. First appearance of Nina (who later became Tila�s #2 in the Hood).

20) On The Brink
A strange goof named Ghost-hand helps the Tour search for the serial killer Bloody Mary, and they invade the Web�s HQ where they (the ST) get carved up in short order. Before engaging the newly vampirized Sir Tomas, Rip Hunter brings the ST to his Time Portal, where Max prevents Sunfighter�s murder, thereby changing history. First appearance of Arcraver.

21) �I Say, It Is Starting To Sing...�
In my opinion, the alternate timeline Sewer Tour was possibly the best session ever. In a world ruled by the Web Rhynwa becomes the ST�s field commander, Palmer�s a crazed junkie, Max and Sunny are lovers, Schneider and Khyrisse are lovers, Luthien feels not so fresh, and the Janther-Sunfighter connection is revealed. Sunfighter finally reaches perfection. Debut (kinda) of Onyx.

22) Shards, Part 1: Message In A Bottle
Emperor Laran begins Tres� final scheme as the Ataniel World Summit prepares to convene. Noyarc is rescued, and Sir Tomas is killed. Onyx appears for real.

23) Shards, Part 2: Strings
Janther and Shannon (his ex) have an ugly reunion, the Blackside comes under attack from Tres, and the Ti�Ar�Na is revealed to be possessing Duke Faraker, who tragically perishes. Max is named interim Duke of Lianth. Duke Ravenhill is revealed to have been right about the shelves all along.

24) Shards, Part 3: The Gate And The Grotto
The climactic showdown occurs between the Sewer Tour and the Web. Algol Demonstar is killed, Arcraver is (fatefully) left unconscious, Lotus and Edyric escape. The members of Tres are revealed, and Lord Warp is freed from the Wall.

25) Shards, Part 4: The City On The Edge Of Forever
The Tour races against Tres to locate the Heart of the City, meeting Luxiphron and the Ataniel dragons. The Ti�Ar�Na is finally imprisoned.

26) Shards, Part 5: Mystery Acheivement
Walking a spiral path, the Tour saves the race that will become humans, and slays the terrible Shadow Dragon. Astilla is revealed to be Shilree in disguise, who turns the Heart over to Magnate. Trade is founded, and Khyrisse ascends to proto-goddesshood.

27) Nightmare Of The Walking, Living Undead
Don�t even ask. On the plus side, the Tour gains the use of Malcar�s old flying castle. Palmer makes a wish and disappears.

Summertime Blues Stories, Summer Session

1) Ain�t No Cure For The Summertime Blues
While the Trade Heroes Guild sets up shop, strange murders happen in Lianth, including the Sunfighter�s former husband. Rhynwa finds she's pregnant (way to go, Luthien), Schneider battles evil jester the Liceman, Max struggles with crop reports, things are coming from space, Javert leaves Rimbor, and strangers begin to arrive in Lianth and Trade.

2) The Binder
Magnate assembles a small team to explore a ruined temple in Oranda, in the only TSR-written adventure of the campaign. Janther is annoyed at having to fight a giant rat. First appearance of Praxis.


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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

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