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The Book of Ataniel

Sway: The Regions Beyond

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Cast and Characters

Team roster for Sway

Year Three Character Quotes

Year Three Sunfighter Chronicle

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Episode Synopses

1) The Soul Cages
The newly formed branch of the Trade Heroes� Guild investigates a problem in their new inoperational flying fortress, and is ambushed by the Mad Dr. Swank. Taking a psychic journey back in time, they learn the origin of Malcar and free the tormented souls that powered the Death Scar. People don�t remember Signet. Max starts getting stupid. First appearances of Endicott, Davis, and Will Ender (among others).

2) Nature Of The Beast
A weirdo avatar joins the team in time for a monstrously powerful psycho to attempt to kill Shilree, and the Demon Brigade attacks a concert by Death�s Tender Finger. First appearances of Jarth, Zerthimon/George, Trissia Madyx, Bloodscar, Graceland, and Iellan Tach.

3) The Evil Eight
Schneider (of the Sewer Tour) is abducted by Cynystra. It proves difficult for the soon-to-be-Sway to find a way to Fey to help Syndriannia. After a meeting with Trissia�s dad, they battle the Cynystran strike force, the Wild Pack, led by Khyrisse�s dad, Derek the Deranged. When trying to rescue the spoiled brat princess, they encounter the �Evil Eight�, some joe-schmoe jilted heroes. References to a �man in a purple hood� start to circulate. Internal debate (ahem) leads Tila to leave the party. Debut of Talakan & JC, plus Derek, the Kid, and the rest of the Wild Pack.

4) A Midsummer Dream�s Nightmare
In the land of the faeries, Jarth slights the King Under The Mountain, which leads to the group getting its name. They rescue an ancient quasi-Diarian guy, but are unable to prevent the takeover of Fey by Robin Goodfellow (released by the Sewer Tour in �Glimpses of the Past�). Syndy decides to stay with her mortal pals. First appearance of Glackniari.

5) The Claw
Praxis tries to convince Tila to return to the party, but they are distracted by a guy who dies with a powerful artifact while muttering the fateful word �Wyvern.� Assassins prey upon Spectral member, Luthien, who then proposes to Rhynwa. Magnate is quite concerned about the Claw. Jethro Toleski makes his first appearance.

6) Wyvern
After invading a master thief�s bedroom and skirmishing with the Demon Brigade, the group explores the catacombs of Lianth, formerly occupied by a deranged Diarian, and encounters the Dr. Lecter of Ataniel -- Wyvern.

7) Desert Storm
The group travels to the Doomlands, hoping to destroy the Claw. Syndy becomes ill and leaves for parts unknown. Mysterious monsters and downed spacecraft are discovered. The Claw is disposed of, but Sway is attacked by Malcar, now in Arcraver�s body, with the former Death Scar in tow. Debut of Zzenith.

8) Malcar Wars III: D.O.A.
Malcar escapes, an old pal of Tila�s shows up and dorky monsters are trashed. The castle flies again courtesy of a Diarian artifact, the truth about George comes out, and Knighthawke replaces Shilree as head of the Trade Heroes� Guild. First appearance of Roxy.

9) Behind The Green Door
After short consideration, Sway quits the THG. Tila leads them on a quest to �Duke St. Augustine�s vault�, but winds up sending them to Hell. The party escapes with the unsavory help of Ariath and Brionwy, who seems to have an interest in Janther. Shilree informs everyone of Diaria�s plans for the Tarrasque.

10) Tarquar Vi Diar
The campaign�s biggest monster mash pits the Sway against the (fake) Tarasque and the Diari Psi Brigade, with the Wild Pack thrown in to make things even loopier. Arturian breaks up the fight and captures the real Tarasque. A Diarian intelligence report lists Luthien as �Sway�s most dangerous member�. Arturian reveals Brionwy�s curse of the Sunfighter. First appearance of Persephone.

11) Til Death Do Us Part
The wedding vows of Luthien and Rhynwa are broken up by the Web, and Luthien is turned into a wight. But at least it wasn�t as depressing as the priest�s wedding sermon. It is revealed that Wyvern, using Luthien�s long-lost sister, has been behind the attacks on Spectral. Debut of Belle.

Interlude #1) Collision Course
In not exactly whole group events.... Palmer Khan has been teleported to Overlook, Sturtevant, where he successfully defends the city against Bloodscar�s demons, until the arrival of Blood�s new officer, Ian Jardin, who leads a successful siege. Palmer escapes, only to run into Javert, who is still pursuing him for the murder of the lab tech. In Trade, Ian�s sister Inez tries to get the THG to help, but is rebuffed. Endicott refers her to some friends (who else?). Debut of Inez and Ian Jardin.

12) The Demon King
Max�s brain returns, Trissia�s demon is gone, and the group travels to Sturtevant to battle Bloodscar, and a reunion with Syndy (now a part of Javert�s team). They learn the history of Bloodscar and his evil wizard ally Rillat, who gets flushed down the cosmic toilet. Debut of Speardancer.

13) The One, True Bloodscar
Sure, Bloodscar was killed, Ian Jardin was captured, and the demonic menace to Ataniel was thwarted, but Trillarillia Carraria reveals herself as the force behind Bloodscar, and possesses Syndy. Before fleeing, she curses the whole group.

14) Mourning, Glory
Returning heroes, but quite dejected, Sway finally defeats the Demon Brigade. Roxy and Trissia leave the group. Then, in an attempt to lift Brionwy�s curse, Janther is killed. Seven and Johnette (Trissia�s daugher) also make their first appearances.

15) T Ar Siul Age (Carry On For Me)
Most of Ataniel shows up for Janther�s funeral. The vampire Merwyn is trying to kill Knighthawke, Praxis is in a coma, and a weirdo teenager shows up. Jarth and George switch bodies, and George begins some changes in the church of Morvon. First appearance of Kitty.

16) Chess Piece Face
A mysterious painting takes Sway in to the extremely bizarre world of the Black King. They find the Mad Dr. Swank and clones of themselves. Belle joins the party.

17) That Was Now, This Is Then
After defeating themselves, Sway ultimately checkmates the Black King and gets some wishes. Signet is rescued (sigh) and the New Significants� memories return. Luthien is also returned to life in time for the birth of his son, Gordon Farstalker. He�s never been so happy.

18) Holding Out For A Hero
Morvon�s boss priest is murdered. Travelling to Tobrinel to seek Bloody Mary, Sway meets Inez�s folks and the heroic Silverblade. Everyone wears goofy costumes, including George�s debut as Brazeel Bat. Teaming up with Silverblade, our heroes locate Merwyn, a band of supervillains, with Warp and Kimberly. Before much carnage ensues, cosmic buttinski Rip Hunter takes the somewhat protesting party to 20 years in the future, a world where Lianth is ruled by the evil Duke, Maxwell Silverhammer (!).

19) Time, See What�s Become Of Me
Lianth�s possible future sucks. Luthien has murdered Rhynwa and Zzenith is a cursed hermit. Endicott leads a resistance team (including Gordon and Johnette), and Max has turned the city over to the Brotherhood of Gila. Defeating the Dark Duke, the rebels free stinky dwarf Jork to help, and head home. Debut of the new Sunfighter - Threnody.

Interlude #2) The Darkening Of The Light
Threnody briefly tells of her adventures in alternate futures while trying to make it home, and her struggles against Wyvern.

20) Who Killed Tolial Seeford
There�s some strange goings-on in the Church of Morvon, and the new thieves� guild and the �man in the purple hood� seem behind it.

Interlude #3) Under The Hood
A strangely psionic Hood leader, Venom, forces Tila and Praxis to slug it out. Tila has the last laugh as she reveals herself to be the real Venom.

21) Zero Sum Game
Travelling to Javin, in the midst of religious war, the Sway discovers the identity of the man in the purple hood - the one Priestess of Vox left, who has manipulated them for months, including Janther�s death. By this point, everyone in the group is getting laid except Luthien and Zzenith. After rescuing a friendly ghost, the castle is stolen by Kynvelyn just before being nuked by Malcar. The team-up no one ever expected begins as Edyric joins the party. Debut of Kieron Talbot, ghost of a Texas ladies� man.

22) Fear And Loathing In Diaria, Part 1: Travelers And Thieves
To rescue Lotus, find George�s buddy Frank, and stop Talakan�s plans, Sway infiltrates the really dumb country of Diaria. Tila steals people�s wallets, Edyric kills lots of them.

23) Fear And Loathing In Diaria, Part 2: Deathtrap
Having located the possible base of the Psi Brigade, Doug uses every trap he can think of, and the party fights more Diarian dudes. A huge artifact that no one can use is recovered.

24) Fear And Loathing In Diaria, Part 3: Quest�s End
On Magnate�s advice, Sway heads to a remote island where Threnody thwarts Brionwy�s curse. Praxis� quest to save Ataniel from psionic doom succeeds, as Talakan dies and the artifact is reclaimed by Psyri, but, psi-blackout occurs. A Slaad fails to curse us. The real Max returns from space, revealing his evil illithid doppleganger, whom Thren then ices. Quell also returns. Debut of Max�s earth-babe Savis.

Interlude #4) The Regions Beyond
Max tells a bit of his abduction by the Gila guys and his adventures in the regions beyond.

25) Fear And Loathing In Diaria, Part 4: Strange Reunions
Storming a Diarian facility, the Psi Brigade is squashed (even though Malcar escapes...again). Frank is �rescued�, Diaria�s secret weapon is stolen by one of Tila�s agents and Praxis uses Roxy�s gun. Lotus is rescued, too. We meet some Jamaican psionicist, and Trade is just gone, man.

26) Wyvern�s World
Wyvern has slaughtered Luxiphron, moved Trade, defeated Magnate, and captured the Heart of the City on the Edge of Forever. Forced to fight their buddies, including the revived Janther, Sway emerges victorious with the help of Knighthawke and Khyrisse. Good triumphs over evil, yea verily.

Debriefing) When The Sway�s Over
Cynystra defeats Diaria, Schneider returns, Praxis and Inez become engaged, Trissia goes on the wagon, and the largest party in campaign history takes place.


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