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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

The Book of Ataniel

More Quotes from Ataniel (Year One)

"Oh, she's only a *lesser* goddess..."
--Rhynwa dissing Brionwy

"Yea, werily!"
--Oethnar of the Forest

"At least *I* have breasts."
"I'm sixteen years old! I'm a priestess of death! What do I need breasts for?"
--Ariath and Rhynwa

"I give her a feel."
"I'm really offended."
--Kerouac and an illusory image of Ariath

"I am Signet the Significant, Demon Slayer..."
"I'm sorry, Signet, you forgot to phrase that in the form of a question."
--Signet, failing at Jeopardy

"What kind of lame-ass assassins *are* you guys?"
--Kerouac, to Frank and Charlie Ofnomatter

"Wood alcohol. I'm a wood elf."
--Kerouac, at a bar

"You have a beauty mark on your--"
--Gordon, identifying Sunny

"Hey, Javair-head. Of police."
--Rhynwa dissing Javert

"That guy Signet? Is he as much of a dweeb as most of the other Red-Purple Hawks?"
--Pluvius Sturoster

"Well, after a daring resc--I mean escape..."

"She isn't gonna hurt me."
--Ralchar, on Signet's weird attempt to protect him from Shilree

"In the forest, we have no psychodramas. We have large snakes. We kill them, and make belts out of them."
--Oethnar, weighing in on a screaming match between Signet and the Sunfighter

"Well, see, in here I'm not really an omnipotent goddess who gets to shack down with Death; I'm only a mental picture."
--image of Lady Jenny in Rhynwa's brain

"I have an announcement to make. I am not really an elf. Yea werily, I am a tree. I have come to the human lands to
observe you and your kind, but now I am going back to the forest because, after observing you, I have decided that
all humans are completely insane."
--Ed running Oethnar in the final session; or, "What happens when you break up with your girlfriend
   and leave your PC in somebody else's hands"

--From the Sunfighter's notes (thanks, Laura!)

Book of Ataniel

Signet and the Significants
Team roster for Year One

The Demon War
Episode summaries for Year One

Days of Light and Darkness
Sunfighter chronicle for Year One


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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

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