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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

The Book of Ataniel

Signet and the Significants


Scott Borst
as Maxwell Silverhammer, half-elven fighter/mage

Jonah Cohen
as Kerouac (a.k.a. Black Mask), elven berserker

Tom Edwards
as Oethnar, mage with a heart of ...oak

Ed Einhorn
as Signet the Significant (a.k.a. Ulmo Glub), thief

Alyssa Gardner
as Rhynwa, priestess of Arawn

Evan Haag
as Faraker (a.k.a. Duke Faraker I, a.k.a. Farstalker), swashbuckling ranger

Jeff Hersh
as Shilree, Diarian illusionist/thief

Laura Nagel
as the Sunfighter (a.k.a. Sunny), the ever-cheerful bard

Ari Rapkin
as Ariath, cute 1st-level mage/treacherous assassin

And guest-starring

Dan Coble
as Finn MacFinn, hard-drinking giant king

Janet Pritchard
as Margrethe, worshipper of Grendel

Joshua Coleman
as Cristian DArqueville, gentleman knight

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The Demon War
Episode summaries for Year One

Because We're STUPID!
Quotes from Year One

Days of Light and Darkness
Sunfighter chronicle for Year One

'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

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