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The Book of Ataniel

Year One: The Demon War

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Cast and Characters

Team roster for Signet and the Significants

Year One Character Quotes

Year One Sunfighter Chronicle

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Episode Synopses

1) The Bathhouse Massacre
A quintet of adventurers -- Rhynwa, Signet, Kerouac, Sunfighter, and Oethnar -- meet in the Mithril Dagger, and for no discernable reason decide to do something about the demonic Cult of Draize and its evil allies, Bloodscar. They are briefly joined by Terail, who is killed. They fight giant frogs in a public bath, freeing some hostages and being awarded the title Defenders of Lianth. Introduction to Spiffy Garbanzo, Ysiuris (a.k.a. Flail Man), Hotspur, and Marhault (a.k.a. Tall Gaunt Guy)

2) Going Underground
In a performance never to be repeated, Oethnar KOs a butler with his staff. Doing a job for Signets Thieves Guild, the group recovers a magic sword, which is then restolen. An amnesiac babe named Ariath joins the group.

3) Nylevias Not For Burning
Recovering the fire-sword was a basic dungeon crawl, but was one of the most fun of the early adventures, notable for being Margrethes debut, Kerouac solving a riddle, Signets ill-advised attempt to open a portcullis, Bernie and Urt, and our first Special Items.

4) Down Amongst The Human Waste
After some dicking around, the now-named Significants invade the underground HQ of the Cult of Draize, but are put to sleep in Ysiuris bedroom. Really. I believe Flintfoot debuts here.

5) Escape
The male and female halves of the team separately escape and reunite and muck about the sewers (talk about foreshadowing!), including the arrival at the Shrine of the Holy Magic Item. Orqwon the shadow-knight debuts.

6) Betrayal
The complete membership of Bloodscar appears. Omeria and Kardia Blackfeather debut, and with Ariaths help they kick our heroes asses. Rhynwa becomes a giant otter.

7) The Showdown
Joining a tribe of goblins, including Prince Cincinatti, the Significants rout Bloodscar and the Cult of Draize. Hotspur, Marhault, and Ysiuris (the main no-goodnik of the early sessions) are whacked.

8) On The Road
Ariath assassinates the Duke of Lianth, and the Significants set out to find his heir, Faraker, rumored to be in Neporris. A surprisingly tough fight with an aurumvorax.

9) Death Rides A Pale Horse, Part 1: The Forest
After saving a dying deer, probably Bambis dad, the Significants are taken to the land of the dead (Annwn) where they meet Rhynwas god, Arawn, and his wife, Jenny. Shilree also makes her first appearance this session, joining the group.

10) Death Rides A Pale Horse, Part 2: The Tower
Individual adventures in the land of the dead include Oethnar losing his soul.

11) Death Rides A Pale Horse, Part 3: The Death Dome
Rhynwa defeats Hagvar, Arawns evil incarnation, and the death-god sends us home.

12) The Purple Hawks
A lame bunch of dweebs abduct the Significants to see if they have honor, but is was almost worth it to learn Signets real name, and for the Question Game. Rhynwa professes her philosophy, Kerouac describes disembowelment methods, and Sunfighter quotes Dylan. Most significantly (hah!), a ranger named Farstalker joins the team. The only non-Doug DMs session care of Ed.

13) Helter Skelter
Our heroes explore a weirdly teleporting castle in the mountains, and Flintfoot is killed. Sunfighter finds a penguin. First appearance of Arturian.

14) Would The Real Saviour of Neporris, Please Stand Up?
Finally arriving in Neporris, a slight debate ensues on who the real savior is. A paladin temporarily joins the group, Monus returns Oethnars soul, and an old pal of Shilree pops in. Debut of Kynvelyn (about whom Sunny writes a poem), Fleegle, the Brotherhood of Gila, and Ralchar.

15) Berserker Mortis
Kerouac and Marhault finally have at it, both are killed. Rhynwa starts to lose her mind. Signet loses a hand.

16) Jeopardy
Transported to another dimension, S&TS struggle through Brionwys traps n tricks, to play a game of Jeopardy. Debut of Finn Mac Finn and Maxwell Silverhammer, who was to become the longest running character in the Ataniel Campaign. Farstalker is revealed as Faraker.

17) Who Killed Christian DArqueville?
After a brief run-in, the group returns to Neporris to solve the murder of their old ally, Christian. First appearances of Javert, Pluvious Sturoster, Ubert, and Trillarillia Carraria.

18) (Wont You Let Me Take You On A) Sea Cruise
Heading to Annwych to cure Rhynwa, the group boards...the Love Boat. Appropriate, as Kerouac does his Nathan Lane impression, Oethnar and Rhynwa have sex, Max picks up Bambi and Candi, the Murphy Brown crew attacks, and, in the single most horrifying moment in the entire campaign, Douglass Barre appears.

19) Mind Game
The clerics of Arawn send the Significants on a psychic journey through Rhynwas mind, learning her painful past and recovering the first of the Septum Potentis. Plus a teddy bear!

20) Take Me Down To Rimbor City
In the sleaziest place on Ataniel, our crew ends the reign of Duke St. Augustine, and are given the Staff of the Walker. The Duke makes his first appearance.

21) Breakdown
Invading the keep of the Brotherhood of Gila, disaster strikes. Kerouac is killed and reincarnated as a woman, so (s)he starts to lose it. Farakers curse is revealed as a deceit, and Ralchar is exposed as a doppleganger (and messily killed). As strife begins to tear the heroes apart, Oethnar issues his famous dictum on the forests lack of psychodrama. Debut of the Sheepherder, QKor, and Vizier Nth.

22) City With A Demons Heart
Shilree and Kerouac angrily leave the group to pursue Bloodscar solo. The Significants return to find Lianth under the control of the demon-bound. First appearance of Darius, K'Mar, Paninaro, and Kimberly. They battle Bloodscar to a standstill. Trillarillia kills Omeria.

23) Septum Potentis
In the final battle, the Septum Potentis are united to banish the demoness Kala (not Kayla). Ariath and Trill are killed. The city is saved.

24) All Else Shall Fade To Insignificance
After a preposterous battle with Spiffy Garbonzo and the Mad Dr. Swank, Kerouac, now loony as a three dollar bill, commits murder most foul and kills the Sunfighter. The group now heads its separate ways.

Summer Session

1) Elementary, My Dear Signet
Signet, Javert, and a few others who later formed the New Significants, avenge Sunnys death. Their first battles with the Black King happened around this time, also.


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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

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