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Return to Krondor Quest Spoilers

Several of Return to Krondor's quests have multiple solutions, or at least multiple paths you can take to solve them. In case you don't feel like replaying each of them the way I did, here are the alternatives:

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Sweatshop: The easiest way to solve this quest is to first pick a fight with the bodyguard (by shoving him) and then go in and kill the other miscreants. (You can achieve a similar effect by entering the sweatshop and talking to the children repeatedly until the guards in there get angry and attack you.) If you do either of these things, though, you'll miss out on the extremely interesting interaction between Yusef and Jazhara. There's a different ending to this quest depending on what tack she decides to take with Yusef, and all three are well-written. Impetuously rejecting his offer results in the most difficult fight tactically, as well it should; pretending to go along with him results in an entertaining argument with James, and agreeing to his scheme results in a different argument and a disturbing discovery in the alley.

Sullen Michael: There are several ways to complete this quest as well. You can ignore it completely, of course, and just pursue Bear (who was the obvious true culprit here.) If you interrogate the scribe well enough the first time you talk to him, you can solve the matter then and there, without having to visit Sullen Michael at all. If you do go to question Sullen Michael, you can kill him and his band, but then the scribe will have vanished by the time you return. If you believe Sullen Michael, on the other hand, and return to the scribe with what you've learned, you will get the highest experience payload of the bunch.

Murder: There is only one way to solve this quest, but the dialogue goes differently depending on whether you find Jorath's Nighthawk document before or after opening the secret door at Morraine's. Also, it is possible to bring Jorath to justice yourself (something I didn't realize the first time I played!) You can visit him after discovering his involvement but before discovering proof (in which case there's an exchange of words and he teleports out; you can also find proof of his embezzlement in his desk at that time.) You can visit him again after discovering proof, resulting in a new conversation and a combat.

Wayfarer's Inn: If you stop and sleep outside the inn like James inexplicably wants to do, you will miss out on the chance to talk to anybody inside. All the characters are interesting to talk to, but finding Alan is the more interesting challenge. There are two men in the room who will respond if you address them as Alan. If you address the right one, he'll respond to the password the Prince gave you and tell you quite a bit of ultimately useless information. If you address the wrong one, he'll try to fake his way through the conversation, and you can either kill him and go talk to the real Alan, or else tell him where you're going (at which point the real Alan will leave the bar.) If you do tell him where you're going, you'll meet him later with the group of bandits that tries to waylay you on the way to Haldon Head, and he and James will have an amusing exchange. If you kill him, the ensuing reaction from the innkeeper is entertaining.

The fire is inevitable, but there are two ways to encounter it: sleep in the inn, in which case you get a fight in the burning building and James gets to rescue Maria, or try to leave the inn (or sleep outside it), in which case you will get a fight outside the burning building.

Small Town Evil: Aside from the different conversations you can have (which I mentioned in the main Return to Krondor Walkthrough,) this quest is notable for having two slightly different endings depending on whether you killed any of the possessed townspeople or not. If you killed any of them, the ending to this quest is bittersweet. If you managed to not kill any of them, the townspeople are grateful and even apologize to the witch (little though she appreciates it.)

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