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Unlike Baldur's Gate 2, Return to Krondor does not come with a built in cheat console for altering the game to your liking. There is no way to "teleport" to another location or a different place in the plot, and hacking your characters' stats and inventories is one of those laborious hex-editing processes that probably is not worth it (it's easier to just play this game straight and beat it than it is to hex edit it, and unfortunately, it probably takes less time, too.)

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If you're finding combats annoying, though, there is one cheat code left over from beta-testing that you may want to use. Just use Notepad or any other program to open the file RTKRONDOR.INI and change Console=0 to Console=1. Hit ALT-C in the game to open the console, then type PYROMANIA, enter, and close the console with ALT-C again. This gives all your characters all the spells in the game and sets casting cost to zero, so everyone in the party can cast Firestorm at whatever's bothering them and wipe them all out in the first round. (By Chapter 9 Jazhara and Kendaric will be able to do this without cheating, but this way you won't even have to worry about resting or spellcasting potions.)

Good luck, and enjoy the game!

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