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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

The Book of Ataniel

Deceased MacAllister

Died during the Madness.
--Hillary Sturoster, filing clerk of Arawn

MacConor, Lord High Marshall

MacConor was in charge of hunting in the lands of Dalencia. He is now only responsible for the environs of Edimon.
--Who's Who V1

Mad Doctor Swank, the

Who's THIS bozo?!?!?
--Dr. Thaddeus Bodog Swank


A master dealer in items and information, Magnate is one of the Deathless immortals of the sphere, and has an extradimensional shop whose entrance appears and disappears at poorly understood intervals. He was once High Tradesman of the interdimensional City on the Edge of Forever, as his agent Shilree claimed the Heart of the City in his name. Magnate has also been known by the name of Nathan in times past.
--Who's Who V2


Shilrees brother, a merchant, who betrayed her during the Madness and was killed when Trade was destroyed.
--Who's Who V2


Previously a Dalencian province, this small country asserted its independence for the first time following the Madness. Malachi is primarily known for its distinctive silver filigree and its pre-Talian gestalt religion, considered paganistic by the Dalencians. (Click here for a map.)
--from the Reference Almanac of Ataniel, 813

Please, please: we're Malachi, not Malachites. This has been a public service announcement.
--Kyria Vesper


An evil wizard from alien parts, father of Maxwell Silverhammer. He was defeated by the Sewer Tour, who discovered that he was a sort of vampiric arch-cloaker who used a human host to give him greater mobility. He is currently in control of Queen Cailin of Dalencia, though only Hronmir Silent-Voice and the members of Bloodscar know it.
--Who's Who V2

The evil magician guy whom I thwarted, which was how I got my title, Benefactor of Alsinon. Read more about it in "The Significance of Significants", available in a store near you.
--Ulmo Glub

Oh, man, I have the mother of all hickeys from that bastard.

Mansion, the

Khyrisses magic portable house.
--Who's Who V2

Deceased Marcus Blackbone

Serial killer of Diari healers, assassinated by Belle.
--Who's Who V2


A northern country, neighbor and traditional ally of Dalencia. (Click here for a map.)
--from the Reference Almanac of Ataniel, 813


A cleric of Grendel, dedicated to keeping the universe in active balance. She accompanied Signet and the Significants for a time, even bringing Kerouac back to life once.
--Who's Who V1

Escaped from Hell Marhault

Tall Gaunt Guy, a member of Bloodscar who once came back as a revenant to kill Kerouac.
--Who's Who V2

Killed in combat. Currently on the lam from Hell.
--Hillary Sturoster, filing clerk of Annwyn


A madam from the old city of Trade, one of its few survivors. Inducted into the Bitches From Hell for having the sheer moxie to try taking on Tila in her underwear.
--Who's Who V2


Marty Hu

Preeminent comic relief artist of Ataniel, Marty Hu is the scarediest, most clueless paladin on Ataniel. He has an evil sorceress sister, Gabriella.
--Who's Who, V2

Aaaah, the kid's all right. Not much upstairs. He's scared of his own shadow. But his heart's in the right place.
--Ebreth Tor

*groan* *thumps head onto desk*
You know, I'd have a much easier time liking him if he'd get it through his head that the only reason I attacked him in the first place was because he broke into Ebreth's room...

Voiced by Keanu Reaves. Here's a clip.
--Bunny, casting agent of Ataniel

Undead Marzoom

The second Lich Lord. The only human Lich Lord, Marzoom attacked Northern Diaria from his fortress in the Vadril Ocean in the year 3,632 CQ. Shikintu came to Diaria's aid, but both were defeated. Diaria pulled back its northern border, and Marzoom was eventually imprisoned.
--Rumor (HPB)

Deceased Mask
See Celimnice.

Deceased Mattais Icewind

Icewind was the mightiest of the Riklandic warrior mages. I never met him and regret it. He was killed during the Madness.

Yup. Killed during the Madness.
--Hillary Sturoster, filing clerk of Annwyn

Maurice LePoyer

Maxwell Silverhammer

Maxwell Silverhammer was a friendly, moral half-elven fighter-mage in search of his father, a mysterious man in a flying castle who had apparently taken his mother by force. This proved to be the alien cloaker Malcar. Max was one of the true heroes of Ataniel.
--from the Chronicles of the Sunfighter

Max is one of those rare people that I would actually call a hero. He possesses a genuine altruistic nature and an astounding ability to be fascinated and intrigued by new things, almost like a child. I honestly think that Max will never be old, even if he reaches 100 years of age, his love of life is that strong. He is one of the few things that made adventuring worthwhile (especially when things got really rough). I am very proud to have him as a friend.

Max is the sweetest, kindest man I've ever known. I don't know how he does it, but none of the ugliness of the world touches him for long. I hope that never changes.
I wish you happiness always, Max; if anyone deserves it, you do.

I sacrifice my hit points to the Gnip-Gnop ring in an effort to save his life, yet I'm the only female character he hasn't slept with. Go figure.

There are some people who just kinda DO good things. Then there are people who are really deep down good people. Max is both. Ever had someone who treated you like a real friend even though you, y'know, didn't deserve it?

I have a--long-standing weakness for sideburns.
--Kyria Vesper, 1976, reluctantly embracing disco culture

Meadowlands, the

The harsh, northern mountains and tundras inhabited by the Giants. (Click here for a map.)
--from the Reference Almanac of Ataniel, 813

Okay, I admit it: this is my fault. I donated a lot of money towards the placement of that stadium.
--Kyria Vesper

To the far north of Dalencia, west of Riklandir, lie the Meadowlands, the home of the giant races. Ruled by a hereditary monarch for generations, the giant society is very self-contained, though recently they have opened relations with other lands. The origin of the giants is probably merely a legend, claiming that they are descended from titans who came down from the top of Mt. Mindlin (the highest mountain in Ataniel (excepting the Plateau, whose summit cannot be seen from the earth)).
--Charles Colombus, "A Working Guide to Ataniel Geography"


Skitchs cat, she is preternaturally attractive after eating the smashed pieces of the Oyster Totem.
--Who's Who V2

Played by Kay's cat Spunky.
--Bunny, casting agent of Ataniel


Half-trollish debutante come to the city to seek her fortune. She is a member of the young Silver Bullets adventuring team.
--Who's Who V2

She is certainly like no other person I've met before. Her monstrous appearance and great strength are well enough, especially as she seems to be a good and right person. Her strange fixation on propriety and feminine attitudes might be tolerable too. But the two of them together... well, she may take some getting used to.



This was Rhynwa's teddy bear when she was a little girl. Some really nasty nuns took him away from her, but Schneider got her a new one.

A very nice teddy bear. My only friend through my early years. I could talk to him when no one else was around. I loved him. Gordon, my child, got a teddy bear named Mervin just like Melvin. Brown and fuzzy, with black glass eyes and a sewn-in nose. He had a red tongue that stuck out, but it was ripped off by one of the other orphans. I got him back for that. (He was found unconscious with his tongue missing the next day. They called me precocious...) Aaaahhh, Melvin.

Deceased Memphis Lear

Killed in combat.
--Hillary Sturoster, filing clerk of Annwyn


Once a high-ranking archdevil in Hells hierarchy, Mephisto was exiled by First Intendant Lilith in punishment for losing Lucifers Stone of Command to the young thief Kit.
--Who's Who V2

Deceased Mercy

Yeah, I killed her. What can I say, nobody backstabs me and lives very long.

Alas, her name was not something her enemy knew the meaning of. She was an honorable woman, and I will avenge her death.
--Charles Of-No-Matter

Look, Charles, I didn't know that at the time. After all, she and the rest of you in the so called "Trade Assassin's Guild" were trying to KILL us at the time. Just think what would have happened if you succeeded. I am sure you would have had a nice, short life as Shadow-warrior bait.

Died during the Madness.
--Hillary Sturoster, filing clerk of Arawn

Deceased Merwyn

A Mithril Dagger hero, Merwyn was a sorceress and owner of the Mithril Dagger bar. After the Shadowwars, she was somehow turned into a vampire mage, her predatory nature driving her to work with ex-comrades Knighthawke and Odn in their bid for world domination. She satiates her hunger by killing people and burning their bodies to prevent their rebirth or evidence of her real actions. By leaving behind a severed hand with a "M" carved in the palm, she has convinced authorities that she is "Bloody Mary", a simple serial killer. Her current whereabouts are unknown, though Warp and her granddaughter, Kimberly, are in search of her.
--Who's Who V1

Record missing. Blame my predecessor.
--Hillary Sturoster, filing clerk of Annwyn

Deceased Milamber

A hybrid gladiator/mage and Mithril Dagger hero, Milamber gave his life in battle with Lord Forix.
--Who's Who V1

Killed in combat.
--Hillary Sturoster, filing clerk of Annwyn

Mime, the

Mina Paris

Young sorceress of the Paris family, the identical cousin of the dead Lita.
--Who's Who V2


A magic item which causes and amplifies feelings of guilt. lwyn tried to use it to make his Remnant more effective, but Kynvelyn stole it. Its current location is unknown.
--Who's Who V2


"Mind" (rough translation of the Mandarin word) is a jade earring, created by Praxis with the help of a Diarian woman, and it's sort of alive, or so I'm told. Mind also has several perception-based psionic powers that it uses to aid Praxis, such as the ability to know its location and sense danger.
--Hou-Hsieh, Shikintu sorceress

I like Praxis because he is very smart. He likes me much more than that big doofus, Body.
--"Mind", a "friend" of Praxis

Mindnet, the

Praxis' psionic network, connecting him telepathically with most of his friends and allies.
--Who's Who V2

Mindlin, Mt.

The highest mountain in Ataniel after the great Plateau, sacred to the giants of the Meadowlands. (Click here for a map.)
--from the Reference Almanac of Ataniel, 813

Mindsword, the

Knighthawke's ancestral sword.
--Who's Who V2


A giant under the command of Mondaleth.
--Who's Who V1

Mistral, the

Demonic sidhe-construct created by one of the Weird Sisters millennia ago to assist in their conquest of the world, the Mistral was recently reactivated by Aithne the Ratpack and is serving her.
--Who's Who V2

Mithril Dagger, the

A tavern presently in Lianth, the gathering point for heroes. It was once located in Dalencia, but was moved by Warp when he created the phasewall, hoping that the inspirational qualities of the inn would help Nylevia survive the Shadowwars.
--Who's Who V1

Mithril Dagger Beacon, the

From time immemorial, the Mithril Dagger Beacon has summoned heroes together at the times of Ataniel's greatest need. The Beacon should have outlived the world itself. What is going to happen the next time that the world needs heroes?
--Bill Endicott

Mithril Dagger Heroes, the

There have been two generations of Mithril Dagger Heroes. The Heroes of the first Shadowwars included Warp, Knighthawke, Odn, Merwyn, Milamber, Torin, Snowraven, Arzool, Kailus, Jork, and Kardia Blackfeather (not the same man as the priest of Lucifer of the same name). The original Mithril Dagger Heroes were subject to some unknown sort of longevity, and five of them (Warp, Warp, Knighthawke, Odn, Jork, and Torin) are still alive today, with a sixth (Merwyn) having been but recently released from a vampiric existence. The Heroes of the second Shadowwars included Maxwell Silverhammer, Khyrisse of Trade, Signet the Significant, Luthien Mageson, Praxis, Quell Raimonde, Shilree, Tila, Zzenith, Nora Ino, Eren Ragnarokkr Messala, Waterloo, and Siobhan MacLir.
--Who's Who V2


Karels wife, Khyrisses sister-in-law.
--Who's Who V2

Deceased Mondaleth

A giant captain who wanted to shatter relations between the land of the giants and Dalencia. To this end, he hired Gnartriech to assassinate a member of the royal court. He was finally killed by Janther Moria.
--Who's Who V1

My good buddy Janthro made short work of this putz-with-an-overactive-endocrine-gland. I tell you, this fella was using WAY too strong a sunblock.

Killed in combat.
--Hillary Sturoster, filing clerk of Annwyn

Montas Archipelago, the

The tropical islands of the far east, forming less of a society than a patchwork quilt of societies. The remoteness and lack of any government on the Archipelago has made it a haven for smugglers, pirates, and other shady characters. (Click here for a map.)
--from the Reference Almanac of Ataniel, 813

Oh, five stars, definitely.
--Threnody's travel guide

Montasi Creole

Dalen-based patois spoken in the Montas Archipelago. A remarkable language in that the variants spoken on different islands and among different groups are disparate enough to often seem mutually unintelligible to outsiders; a remote flotilla tribe's Creole may have extensive borrowing from their tribal language, while a Satay islander's Creole may have nothing at all in the way of final consonants. The islanders themselves, however, navigate their linguistic straits with surprising grace--the Creole is considered, on the Archipelago itself, to be less a language than a compromise, a hodgepodge of "my language, your language, and that other guy's language" served up on a simplified syntax for the convenience of all involved.
--from the Reference Almanac of Ataniel, 813

Deceased Monas
See Lucifer.



A magical ring of obnoxiousness that appears and disappears as it wishes to cause dissent.
--Who's Who V1

Deceased Morvon

Like, the God whom I'm the avatar of, you know, when I descended from the sky as Zerthimon and stuff. A really cool guy when you get to know him, though at first he seems like he has a big stick up his butt. You know those Gods of law. But, hey, I've been getting him to loosen up. You should see him drunk. He's like another God. Anyway, those old Morvon guys in Javin think he's the same old "Follow my rules or be destroyed" kind of guy, and they're all annoyed that I want to show his other side, but that's because they really do have a stick up their butts. Really. I think it's an inititation rite, or something.
--George Biblio

"We repudiate any of the false churches of Morvon that now exist, especially the so-called Zerthimaniacs, in the harshest terms, as they do not follow either the letter or the spirit of Morvonic law. We sincerely doubt they are even lawful, just crazed hedonists out for a thrill. Anyone seen taking part in their activities will be excommunicated."
--The Church of Morvon, Official Press Release

(Jarth is unavailable for comment, being currently in the desert and also out of his mind.)
--Jarth Averdale

Killed during Ragnarok.
--Hillary Sturoster, filing clerk of Annwyn


Deceased Mysto Titan

Killed during the Madness.
--Hillary Sturoster, filing clerk of Annwyn


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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

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