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Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon Spoilers

This is the section for commentary about the game that would probably ruin your playing of it, so please go back to the low-spoiler Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon Hints if you haven't played the game yet.

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If you have read that page already, and you still have questions remaining, then read on:

Possible Deaths in Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon
Plot Holes in Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon
Easter Eggs and Optional Actions
Plot Summary and Character Subplots
The Backseat Game Designer

Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon Death Scenarios

This is an unavoidable spoiler, but there are a limited number of possible deaths in Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon, and some of them are creative. You may not have experienced all of them, and may be curious. (-: So, here's a list:

*You can pull the emergency brake and derail the train.
*You can turn the steam pressure on before the pipes are set and explode the kitchen.
*You can cause a cave-in by moving the wrong posts in the final puzzle.
*You can steer the wrong direction on the runaway mine cart and ride it to your death. (Slightly different ending videos depending which of the wrong turns you take-- the fourth is the funniest, as the mine cart manages to survive a leap over a broken patch of track only to crash into some stacked crates of TNT and explode in a giant fireball. My younger son wanted to see that video OVER and over. :-D )

Despite receiving a warning that the ceiling may cave in on you if you stay in the mine too long in the endgame, this does not appear to be true. I hung around in there for more than ten minutes and nothing happened to Nancy.

Easter Eggs and Optional Actions

There weren't any easter eggs per se in Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon, but there are a number of actions you can take in the game which are entirely optional to the plot. To give them a try, follow this link: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon Options.

Spoilers: Plot Holes

1) Why did Jake Hurley die in that mine in the first place? Sure, the entrance was blocked by that cave-in, but he'd gone to all the trouble of creating and labeling that back-door exit via the mine cart, so he must have known how to use it to get outside!

2) Why did the engineer mysteriously drop dead immediately thereafter? Was this really just a random coincidence? If so, that's pretty lame, after the way it was played up as a creepy mystery through the rest of the game.

3) Is pulling the emergency brake on a private train even a real crime? Nancy certainly didn't seem to think so, since she didn't turn Tino in the end (usually she's a real stickler for that kind of thing.) So what was Tino trying to accomplish by convincing everyone John had pulled the brake? This subplot would have made a lot more sense if John was flirting with Lori and making Tino jealous or something.

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