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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

The Book of Ataniel


Jason's horse, once belonging to his dead lover Cedric.
--Who's Who V2


Risen god believed in by the Riklanders, including Flicker.
--Who's Who V2


Bambi is one of Max's bimbos.
--Rumor (Laura)


The third and brightest moon of Ataniel, Bane came last year bearing the forces of Shadow and symbolizes for many the sphere's near escape from destruction. The tides have increased significantly since Bane's arrival.
--Who's Who V2

No! There is no Bane! Everything is OK!
--Puppet Head

Also the one remaining moon of Ansalia.
Let me tell you I was on some major pins and needles back in 1969.
--Kyria Vesper

Barry Spivot

Husband of Patty Spivot, obsessed with bringing her killer Palmer Khan to justice. Barry Spivot recently surfaced in Rimbor City as some kind of weird assassin.
--Who's Who V2

Bay of the Lost

The bay west of Riklandir. (Click here for a map.)
--from the Reference Almanac of Ataniel, 813

The Maelstrom that appeared irregularly in this bay sometimes sucked Riklandic ships into Ansalia off the coast of Iceland, and vice versa, but it was not a reliable mode of transportation.
--Kyria Vesper


Beliath is an exceedingly powerful being who can steal identities and assume them at will, including all the powers of their previous owners. He nearly always knows more about any situation than the others involved. He also has the shittiest luck of any major villain on Ataniel, and something in his plans is always backfiring on him. It is a mistake to underestimate Beliath, though, and ill karma seems to alight on those who defeat him.
--Who's Who V2

Hes one of the Slioghan... the Aspects of Immortality. Theyre envoys of the Sidhe. Hes either one of the turn-to-the-dark-side incarnations or one of the failed-redemption ones. I can never keep those guys straight. They were Maeve and Bunny, back when I was created.
--the Mistral


Genetically enhanced Diari warrior developed by the villain Talakan. Her original name was GA4; she was given the name Belle by her one friend, the chaotic space teen Kitty. Belle escaped and eventually used a wish to free herself from Talakan's control, and has been living quietly on a remote island until last year, when the Emperor of Diaria caught up with her and browbeat her into assassinating a serial killer of Diari healers.
--Who's Who V2

Belle is an extremely cranky Diari assassin. She doesn't live in Diaria, which means that she must have been so annoying they exiled her. (Hey, Shilree, get away from me with that fork!) She joined Sway briefly when Jarth hired her to knock out George, and then Kitty charmed her so she stayed around even longer. She took an oath not to attack the members of Sway, which she apparently takes pretty seriously, but she has used every loophole in the book to aggravate us indirectly and attack those of us who weren't present or weren't technically present at the time of her oath (including Max, since Evil Max was there then).

Deceased Bernhard Gannett

Killed during the Madness.
--Hillary Sturoster, filing clerk of Annwyn


Luthien's teenage apprentice, a low-level priest of Arawn. He is a member of the young Silver Bullets adventuring team.
--Who's Who V2

Berryn is Chloe's boyfriend. He's a bit of a strange bird. He certainly has some interesting spells.

Black and White Knight, the

Undead Blackblade

Second-in-command of the Tobrinese vampires, answering only to Cloak; Blackblade was slain last year by Beliath, who assumed his identity and has been keeping the vampires in line for Duke Omeria.
--Who's Who V2

Black Crows, the

The ancient thieves guild in Brytannwch, instrumental in the overthrow of Brytannwch's tyrannical oligarchy several years ago.
--Who's Who V1

Black King, the

Deceased Black Mask
See Kerouac.


The old thieves' guild of Edimon, led by the man named Walker. It was disbanded when Walker retired after an attempt on his life by one of his own men. New, smaller guilds have since vied for its position, warring on the streets of the lower city.
--Who's Who V1

Deceased Blackspur, General

The leader of Nylevian forces, said to have killed the Shadowlord.
--Who's Who V1

Killed in combat.
--Hillary Sturoster, filing clerk of Annwyn


Early villain group consisting of Omeria, Ariath, Kardia Blackfeather, Marhault, Hotspur, Orqwon, K'Mar, and Darius the gladiator, they fought the Significants. Bloodscar was disbanded after a new recruit, Trillarillia Carrarria, betrayed them in a fight with the Significants and fireballed Omeria to death; Ariath and Marhault were killed by the Significants, and the remaining five were hunted down and murdered by the One True Bloodscar. (No one really knows who, or what, Orqwon was, but the One True destroyed his Shadow armor.) Last year, the members of Bloodscar returned from Hell (sans Darius, who had not been evil, Kardia, who sacrificed himself to free the others, Orqwon, and Trill, but, oddly enough, with the One True Bloodscar, whom they've evidently forgiven) and took over Tobrinel, where Omeria is the legally elected Duke.
--Who's Who V2

Escaped from Hell Bloodscar, the "One True"

One of the old Warrior Kings of Sturtevant, Bloodscar was revived in an unholy ceremony by the angry spirit of the defeated Trillarillia Cararia. He hunted down and slaughtered the members of the old mercenary group named after him, then held Sway at bay long enough for Trill to reinstantiate in the body of the unfortunate fairy Syndy. The One True Bloodscar escaped from Hell with Bloodscar last year.
--Who's Who V2

Easily the mightiest warrior I have ever encountered. Fortunately, on more than one occasion, he has proven that one cannot stand against many, no matter who the one is.
--Inez Jardin

Killed in combat; currently at large.
--Hillary Sturoster, filing clerk of Annwyn

Deceased Bloody Mary

The finest drink known to man, and a requirement for any Significant. Read more about it in "The Significance of Significants", available in a store near you.
--Ulmo Glub

She was also a member of Tres, you feeb.
Her real name was Merwyn. She used to be a Mithril Dagger hero, but was vampirized.

Stake through the heart.
--Hillary Sturoster, filing clerk of Annwyn


"Body" is a jade bracelet Praxis wears that is sort of alive. (I think.) He created it with the aid of a Diarian woman. Body has several physically-based psionic powers, most notably the ability to shield Praxis from energy attacks.

I like working with Praxis cause he has cool adventures and stuff. He likes me much better than that weenie-head, Mind.
--"Body", a "friend" of Praxis

Deceased Brain Mechanism

Killed during the Madness.
--Hillary Sturoster, filing clerk of Annwyn

Deceased Brionwy

Team leader of the original Bitches from Hell, Brionwy is only a lesser goddess... but don't tell her so. She is also the mother and lover of the demon lord Tjekanefir and is responsible for the incarnation of the Sunfighter, who was intended to be a biogenic weapon of catastrophic proportions.
--Who's Who V1

Killed during Ragnarok.
--Hillary Sturoster, filing clerk of Annwyn

Brotherhood of Gila, the

Military/intelligence agency of the Iron Tyrant beholders of Gila and their illithid and reptilian subjects.
--Who's Who V2

Brotherhood of Tila, the

Secret name of Tila's guild, the Hood.
--Who's Who V2

Bruce Valient

Brytannwch (Also Bryttanwch, Bryttainwych)

Celtic island off the west coast of Cynystra, famed for its music, dance, and Druidic magics, the Emerald Isle disappeared off the face of Ataniel in TY 812, and its current location remains unknown. (Click here for a map.)
--from the Reference Almanac of Ataniel, 813

(Between about 51-55 degrees N, 6-10 degrees W, seventy miles or so from the coast of England.)
--Kyria Vesper

Beautiful place. Fantastic scenery, friendly people, there aren't, like, guys with jackboots and hellhounds oppressing the masses on the street corners anymore. The food's not great, but the stout is really quite good. Beautiful countryside. Four and a half stars. It's especially nice if you can see.
--Threnody's travel guide


Deceased Bucket

Died during the Madness.
--Hillary Sturoster, filing clerk of Arawn


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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

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