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The Book of Ataniel

Acnivar, Sir

A Dalencian knight who was possessed by the Ti'Ar'Na briefly.
--Who's Who V1

Status in Question lwyn

Evil psionicist and necromancer ousted from the Paris family 500 years ago, lwyn cursed his former family with the Remnant, an undead army of their victims' revenants. Often misspelled "Aelwyn," this arch-villain returned from Hell recently to lead the Remnant again, but was discorporated and imprisoned in subspace by Jack Paris.
--Who's Who V2

Killed in a mages' duel. Currently in stasis.
--Hillary Sturoster, filing clerk of Annwyn


A bovine waitress in the Rotting Toe bar.
--Who's Who V1


Khyrisse: "Flicker, we met your sister Ailonwy in the Abyss."
Flicker: "Uh-oh."
Khyrisse: "She had sex with the donkey."
Flicker: "She's done worse."
Skitch: "And she spanks her lieutenants!"
Flicker: "That's Ailonwy all right."
Kit: "And wears her underwear all the way up her--"
Flicker: "She's like that."
Valende: "And she challenged Jack to a topless whip fight."
Flicker: "I'm sorry."
Khyrisse: "Flicker, your sister is a SLUT!"
Flicker: "You should meet the other one."
--the Rat Pack

I have to reserve judgement on everything else, since most of what she told us was probably a lie--but I loved Ailonwy's taste in boots. Remind me to ask Flicker if she could snap kick in those things.

She's damn bitchy. But an excellent pool player!


Aithne is a young witch from ancient Celtia released from stasis by the Rat Pack. Her talents are witch magic (Aithne has only low-level spells, but her magic is free of some of the restrictions of standard magic) and an uncannily quick learning curve. Aithne has sworn fealty to Khyrisse Starshadow and obeys her commands without hesitation. Aithne is very slim, with long chestnut-brown hair, light freckles, and a delighted smile.
--Who's Who V2

Look, I know Aithne is evil. I'm not that stupid, all right? At least Aithne is lawful evil. I've had it to here with being betrayed, and a loyal evil person is JUST fine with me right now, thankyouverymuch.
--Khyrisse Starshadow

Aithne is played by Audrey Hepburn. Here are a couple of pictures.
--Bunny, casting agent of Ataniel

Deceased Alain MacLir (see also Janther Moria)

Idealistic orator and Celtic revolutionary leader who became the second Sunfighter, Janther Moria, after his girlfriend Shannon had him assassinated. Alain was blind, though he wore feystone goggles that gave him depth perception (a gift for mediating between warring factions of the Sidhe as a teenager) and particularly charismatic. He was Praxis' hero, and remains something of a local legend in Brytannwch.
--Who's Who V2

Pretty face. No brain. You say women are more discriminating than men, but you lie.

Assassinated, revived; killed by a sea serpent.
--Hillary Sturoster, filing clerk of Annwyn

Alderon Torikin

A younger cousin of Shalini Kyber's, a brash, easily distracted swashbuckler. He is a member of the young Silver Bullets adventuring team.
--Who's Who V2

Alderon was caught sailing the Bay of Diarmn by the Diari authorities on his first real command and forced by the Emperor to ferry Shilree to Diar Island, but Shilree, learning of his connection with her old friend, arranged for his safe passage back home. Rondi, as his friends knew him (he always introduced himself as Captain Torikin, despite having captained a ship exactly once), was a wiry, good-looking kid, full of bravado but also genuinely brave, with a crooked smile a lot like his idolized cousin's. He always reminded her a bit of a fox, his big eyes and his pointed chin, his sharp bronzed face with dark red curls encroaching onto it...
--from the Chronicles of the Sunfighter

Alderon can be quite annoying, but he is also a loyal and courageous comrade. I trust him with my back.


Rebellious young thief with a mysterious past. She is a member of the Silver Bullets adventuring team.
--Who's Who V2

I'm not sure about her. I don't believe that she slew that innkeeper, but I'm worried she may have unsavory connections that caused it to come about. Still, she is innocent until proven guilty. I shall watch myself carefully around her.

Deceased Algol Demon-Star

Algol Demon-Star was the leader of the criminal group known as the Web when he was approached by the wizard Odn to work for Tres. He operated as liaison between Tres and the Web until he was killed fighting the Sewer Tour. Algol Demon-Star wielded the ancient evil mace Blackskull, and wore a horned helmet which projected some sort of anchoring field around him. Demon-Star's body was destroyed in the explosion of his equipment.
--Who's Who V1

Yeah, he was evil, and he worked for Tres, and all that, but you know what he's really going to be remembered for in 2000 years, right? Walking around with a bed hanging from his neck that Palmer Khan tied there. Ha ha ha! What a doofus.
God, it's nice being the one who gets to decide what our stupid enemies are remembered for in 2000 years.

What the @#$%&*! kind of a name is "Algol Demonstar" anyway?!? No wonder he turned out evil. I long for the days when the Tour just called him "Hornyman."

Killed in combat.
--Hillary Sturoster, filing clerk of Annwyn

Alkind Swamp

The large swamp to the south of Nylevia. (Click here for a map.)
--from the Reference Almanac of Ataniel, 813

Deceased Alphred

The simple, bumbling Lord of the Jungle, Alphred used powerful animistic totems to lend himself supernatural abilities and smite his enemies. Alphred was killed by a trickster spirit while protecting Salagia from evil elementals.
--Who's Who V2

I miss Alphred. He was nice, and I don't understand why he died all of a sudden. It was almost like someone just got sick of writing him or something.

Killed by the Great Trickster.
--Hillary Sturoster, filing clerk of Annwyn

Alrek, Lord High Justice

Previously a lieutenant in the Dalencian Police, after the death of Dred, he took the position of Lord High Justice. He assisted the Sewer Tour and gave them his tacit support in their efforts to clean up the lower city, but when gang wars erupted between the Egrets and the Heaven's Devils, Alrek donned a black mask and cloak and fought crime in the lower city as the vigilante Onyx.
--Who's Who V1

Amatsu Mikaboshi

Shikinti ninja of the Order of Redemption, Amatsu Mikaboshi is trying to redeem his bloody past through right living under Praxis' guidance. He is of medium height and build and especially nondescript in appearance.
--Who's Who V2

Analie, Sir

The first woman knight in the Royal Order, Sir Analie is also one of the most competent. She was in charge of the defense of Duke Faraker during his coma, and took charge of the Knighthood during their relic quest. After the dissolution of the empire and the traitorous actions of previous head knight Sir Fatar (Knighthawke), Sir Analie took charge of the Order and offered their services to the Trade Heroes Guild.
--Who's Who V1

Andrew Lice Clay

Not only is this guy not funny, he's dumber than a box of hair.

Deceased Anjra

Shilree's lover and High Priestess of the Diari goddess Pysyri, Anjra secretly ascended the Diari throne after the last Emperor was killed in the Madness. Anjra's actions to date, while well-meaning, have included two of the dumber moves in recent history: colonizing the evil Shadowlands, and trying to coerce the retired assassin Belle into killing a serial murderer of Diari healers by implanting a psionic program in her mind that causes her to feel each victim's dying pains, just as the Emperor herself does.
--Who's Who V2


Annwyn (or Annwn--both spellings are acceptable) is the Land of the Dead. Arawn and his wife Jenny presided, until their own demise during the Ragnarok.
--Who's Who V2

It's all right, I guess. It's much better when your soul isn't shattered. Two stars. But you don't have to tell Rhynwa I said so.
--last entry in Threnody's travel guide


The largest and southernmost of four rocky islands off the southwest shore of Nylevia, Annwych is the capital center of the Church of Arawn. (Click here for a map.)
--from the Reference Almanac of Ataniel, 813


"The other side."
--Laura Redish

Deceased Anson Carlia
See Paninaro.

Deceased Arawn

Celtic god of death, Arawn was killed with the other gods during Ragnarok. Still worshipped by Rhynwa, Luthien, Chloe, and Berryn.
--Who's Who V2

Killed during Ragnarok.
--Hillary Sturoster, filing clerk of Annwyn


A powerful sorcerer, Arcraver was one of the original Ravagers. After that group disbanded, he and the psionicist Lotus joined the Web; left unconscious after a fight, Arcraver was parasitized by Malcar and spent some time as the alien archcloaker's human host. His current whereabouts are unknown.
-- Who's Who V2

Edyric said it couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy. By this I take it to mean Arcraver and Lotus boinked each other when they were Ravagers together.


Capital city of Talaria (Click here for a map.)
--from the Reference Almanac of Ataniel, 813


Founding member of the Bitches from Hell, this cute little assassin is notorious for joining the Significants and having an affair with Oethnar, while in truth really being a member of the villain group Bloodscar there to learn their secrets and betray them. Which she did. Rhynwa's archenemy, Ariath was killed by the death priestess, and returned from Hell last year, where she repeated her befriend-and-stab-in-the-back routine on Khyrisse, this time using her treacherousness to extort Ebreth into returning to Hell in Ariath's place. After that she returned to Bloodscar and seduced and assassinated the Tobrinese Duke, paving the way for her best friend Omeria's election to his position. Ariath is pretty, curvy, five feet tall, and has very long blond hair usually in a braid and hazel eyes.
--Who's Who V2

All I know is, see if I ever trust Ari again.
--Laura Redish

Perfection apparently hasn't improved HER one bit.

Dammit, Ariath, you didn't need to pull this shit!
*smacks self*
I will always listen to Rhynwa. I will always listen to Rhynwa. I will always...

Well, she backstabbed Khyrisse and sent me to Hell. But at least I got to see her in the bathtub first.
--Ebreth Tor

Escaped from Hell, but legalized her resurrection by buying her soul back from Lilith. She's clean.
--Hillary Sturoster, filing clerk of Annwyn

Played by Ari Rapkin.
--Bunny, casting agent of Ataniel

Art of the Deal, the

Actually, not a particularly engaging read, but certainly an accurate one. It tells a tale of strange history, albeit one that is no longer guaranteed of happening. Myself and Nathan Magnate are the only two beings who consider Ataniel their home who have read it. Still, while Shadow has changed some things--most profoundly, it seems--other things, global trends and the like, appear to be on a similar enough track to allow me my eventual release. I do hope that comes as good news to you all. Oh, and speaking of that erstwhile book of prophecy, I suggest that you keep an eye on that nasty dimensional gate in New Gila.
--Free advice from your friend, Wyvern


Known as the "immortal wizard", he is a powerful archmage with secret bases hidden across Ataniel. He is commonly believed to be one of the five "Deathless", men who have attained true immortality. He has been known by a variety of names throughout the ages, including the famous swordsmith Johhn. His motivations are unknown.
--Who's Who V1

"He ran away? Some guardian of the sphere he is!"
"He's an Immortal, not a god. Do you consider yourself to be a guardian of the sphere?"
"Yes. Yes, I do."
--Flicker and Newell

Well, Flicker, I know one day he will be back. After all, I owe him a favor and Arturian always collects on debts.

Deceased Arzool

A Mithril Dagger hero, killed by "a dragon black as night" in the caverns below the Dagger.
--Who's Who V1

Killed in combat.
--Hillary Sturoster, filing clerk of Annwyn

Asinus Paris

Jack's lewd, crusty old uncle, the current head of the powerful Paris family of organized crime, Asinus Paris is a lawyer cursed with the form of a donkey. Unswervingly loyal to his family and friends, Asinus accidentally fell in love with Khyrisse over the course of a mission to rescue her lover from Hell, but has managed to keep the sincerity of his emotion pretty well-hidden behind crude jokes. Asinus is given to telling lots of stories about his ludicrous-sounding exploits that are, improbably enough, true. "Yeah, then there was the time I had sex with the demon queen Ailonwy. That was right after I'd cheated Mephisto out of a soul and become an honorary pit fiend..."
--Who's Who V2

In a way, you gotta admire a lawyer who's so... open about what he is.

Assassin's Guild

A guild that appeared briefly in Edimon attacking the Blackside. It was funded by Tres for the purpose of rooting out the Blackside's leader, Walker, so that Tres could find his blue stone (hidden in his ring). The assassin's guild was disbanded when Tres was exposed.
--Who's Who V1

Deceased Astilla

Astilla was the Dalencian envoy to the land of the Giants, a cleric of Tal. She accompanied the Sewer Tour and helped them later on fight against the Web. Later, Shilree disguised herself as Astilla to join the Sewer Tour in their attempts to find the City on the Edge of Forever. Astilla is currently ambassador to the Meadowlands for Dalencia.
--Who's Who V1

In the "Wally" department, we have this story from Dalencia of a one-time ally of the Sewer Tour, Astilla the Cleric, who, hit by the Madness in the way that only some of the really good people were, slaughtered two of the surviving members of the Raimonde family. She herself was killed by Nikita Raimonde, former Trade Council member and Dalencian vice president.
--Doctor Joe Narrator

Killed during the Madness.
--Hillary Sturoster, filing clerk of Annwyn


"Our side."
--Laura Redish

(Click here for a map.)

Augustine Arms, the

This hotel sucks. Most hotels in Rimbor are either overpriced or corrupt. Usually you don't pay this much a night to be assaulted by thugs.
--Ebreth Tor


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