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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

The Book of Ataniel


Jean-Claude Picard Van Damme Rambeau Killey. JC, a mage from Tobrinel, was experimenting with a dimensional door spell when a mishap occured. He is now spatially unstable -- the activation of any teleportation causes him to randomly teleport to somewhere else in Ataniel. Great stress may also trigger this.In true Tobrinel style, JC tries to be a gallant hero, but is somewhat nerdy.
--Who's Who V1

Jack Paris

This sweet, gawky mathematician, scion of the powerful Paris family of organized crime, is actually a sentient math equation created by Robinson Paris. As such, he tends to mess up magic cast on or around him unless his equation is specifically factored in, and his form changes unpredictably on other planes. He also doesnt bleed, does not need food, sleep, or air, can become incorporeal at will, and is vulnerable to dispel magic, which destroys his corporeal body. Recently, Jacks equation was split into two subsets, one of which was secreted in a Shikinti temple to guard a dimensional secret and the other of which traveled with the Rat Pack until he sacrificed himself to banish lwyn. The subset from the temple wound up absorbing many of the Rat Pack Jacks memories in an attempt to save his life, and he has since joined his counterparts friends. The sacrificed Jack is assumed to have been destroyed, though an amnesiac young human resembling him has (unbeknownst to anyone but the readers) surfaced in Darwood calling himself John Yearlate.
--Who's Who V2

Jack's a really sweet guy. He's probably my best friend in the world, actually. We used to ride together during the Clan Wars, and without Jack, the Clan of the Silver Crane would have fallen. He's got a peerless analytic mind, and a great compassionate heart. He even introduced me to my fiancee, right before he left Shikintu. Too bad he's so down on himself. Someday he's going to have to open up to someone about what's eating him.
--Cori Yoshida

The man is a fucking rock. He acts so awkward all the time, it's easy not to notice. But he's the rock of Takatu, and I don't know where I'd be without him.
--Ebreth Tor

Jackson Cage

Working-class bard from rural Nylevia, Jackson looks and sounds like Bruce Springsteen.
--Who's Who V2

Jacksonian, Police Inspector

Jake Grissom

Mah friend, a good man and a great fighter. His company helped me get through some of my most hellish days in Rimbor City.
--Palmer Khan

Jan Lifesgrip

Ambassador from Riklandir.
--Who's Who V2

Jane Sinclair

A priestess of Tal, she was rescued from a psycho killer by Schneider last year.
--Who's Who V2

Janey Horton

Tama Cages young daughter.
--Who's Who V2


Stoner teenage assassin from a rat-worshipping Rimbor cult, Janice now lives in the Abyss with her boyfriend Fred the pit fiend.
--Who's Who V2

Deceased Janther Moria (see also Alain MacLir)

Orator from the land of Brittanych, also known as Alain. Killed by his lover, Shannon, his body was brought back to life by the human-demon spirit of the Sunfighter. As such, he retains many of Sunfighter's memories, but his own personality. Blind since birth, he wears a faerie-given visor that allows him to "see".
--Who's Who V1

Janther Moria was the second incarnation of the Sunfighter. He was a demonic hybrid created by the fusion of the demon lord Tjekanefir, released by the untimely detonation of the first Sunfighter, with a revolutionary orator from Brytannwych named Alain MacLir (pronounced like Elaine, not Alan, in Ataniel's dialect of Gaelic). Retaining a portion of the psyche and memories of Lian Lithanden Tweedy (the young bard initially possessed by Tjekanefir), the Sunfighter was in fact snowballing out of control. The mortal psyches accumulated by the powerful demonic fusion were accelerating the aging process of each host, at an exponential rate that would eventually destroy the mortal population of Ataniel. This proved to be a plot on the part of Brionwy, Tjekanefir's mother/lover and the lesser goddess of deception. This situation would not be resolved in Janther's tenure as Sunfighter. Janther Moria was deconstructed into Alain MacLir and Tjekanefir once again by the machinations of Iolleil.
--the Chronicles of the Sunfighter

Kicks giant butt with his eyes closed. I'm proud to have known the guy.

I wish I'd had more time to know him, and had been less on the edge of craziness while I did know him. I always admired him--he seemed to understand and interact with the world around him so much better than I ever managed. Lord knows he had more patience with it. I'll miss you, Janther.

Deconstructed into a demonic force and Alain MacLir, q.v.
--Hillary Sturoster, filing clerk of Annwyn

Janus of the Five Elements

An elementalist from a long-ago day, Janus resurfaced recently when Warp came back in time at the behest of Jack Paris to help the Rat Pack, disguised as the faceless hero. More recently still, a third Janus has been sighted, also in the vicinity of the Rat Pack; his true identity is still unknown.
--Who's Who V2


Shilrees secretary, she was replaced by a Gilan doppelganger for unknown reasons.
--Who's Who V2

Jarth Averdale
See George Biblio.


1) Flickers best friend from Riklandir, a half-Tobrinese skald (prounounced zha-ZON); 2) a teenage warrior from Sturtevant, who fled that country with his gay lover (pronounced JAY-son). Jason is currently a member of the young Silver Bullets adventuring team.
--Who's Who V2

Deceased Javert

A man obsessed with upholding the law, he held positions as head of police in Neporris, in Lianth, and in Rimbor City, until, crazed by Bane, he joined the forces of Shadow, killing himself in shame soon after recovering his senses.
--Who's Who V2

Committed suicide.
--Hillary Sturoster, filing clerk of Annwyn


Javin is a theocracy in transition. The Morvonic religion of this mountainous peninsula country has been shattered by the death of the gods and the religious schism caused by the arrival of an alien from Zaptiocalionaziokoosbiliarth who believes himself to be the angel Zerthimon. Furthermore, despite the conservative, pious, patriarchal, feudal, and culturally judgmental atmosphere of the country, the capital city--which has not been noticeably estranged from the rest of the country, nor influenced its mores much--has somehow become socially progressive, vegetarian, and quite feminist under the flamboyant and popular Mayor Tila. (Click here for a map.)
--from the Reference Almanac of Ataniel, 813

Javin is the stupidest country in known existence. They worship either a law god who pays no attention to anything that goes on, a chaos god who likes to kill everyone, or a neutrality god who has only one priest at a time and apparently gives them zero instruction. And they're ALL FUNDAMENTALISTS. Zero stars.
--Threnody's travel guide

A nice place to visit, if you have, like, zero sense of humor. But I guess, since it's the home of Morvon, and I am the leader of the new Morvonics...Yay, Javin. Yay.
--George Biblio

Jay Senines


Under-the-table witch in mystophobic Sturtevant, who helped Jason and Cedric escape that country.
--Who's Who V2

Jendar Alliejin

The first son of Diari mafia ruler Don Alliejin, and his fathers right-hand man.
--Who's Who V2

Jennifer Toleski

Jethros daughter, a no-nonsense frontierwoman with a six-shooter.
--Who's Who V2

Deceased Jenny

Lady Jenny is the wife of Arawn, god of death.
--Rumor (Laura Redish)

Killed in Ragnarok.
--Hillary Sturoster, filing clerk of Annwyn

Jethro Toleski

Crusty old sheriff in the wild wild west of the Doomlands, Jethro was once rescued by the adventuring group Sway, of which Praxis was a member.
--Who's Who V2

Deceased Jhaeran

One of many Diari healers sent out over Ataniel by Emperor Anjra last year.
--Who's Who V2

Murdered by a serial killer.
--Hillary Sturoster, filing clerk of Annwyn

Jiffee Alliejin

Relans wife, the powerful Don Alliejins daughter-in-law.
--Who's Who V2

Jimmy DiLaurentis

Young thief from small-town Cynystra. He is a member of the Silver Bullets adventuring team.
--Who's Who V2

I admit, I was not expecting much from a thief. To steal another person's hard-earned belongings is dishonorable and, unless one is starving, also mean-spirited. However, Jimmy seems to be a good sort and brave as well.


Famous swordsmith, creator of Excalibur. See also Arturian.
--Rumor (HPB)

John Tucson
See the Scorpion.

John Yearlate

This amnesiac young human surfaced recently in the small town of Darwood, where he befriended Jackson Cage and became enamored of his sister Tama. His relationship to the lost Jack Paris, whom he resembles and some of whose memories he seems to have buried in his mind somewhere, is known only to the readers. He is, however, fully human (sleeping, bleeding, etc.)
--Who's Who V2

Johnette Maddyx

Trissia Maddyx's infant daughter, currently being raised in an alternate universe.
--Who's Who V2

Joker, the

Schneiders crime-fighting alter ego, inspired by a vigilante version of himself from another timeline.
--Who's Who V2


A Mithril Dagger hero, a smelly, dirty dwarf, living somewhere in the caverns below the Mithril Dagger.
--Who's Who V1

Deceased Jovaine, Sir

A knight in the Royal Order, he has a rather heightened sense of humor. He works as Analie's second-in-command in the Trade Heroes Guild.
--Who's Who V1

Killed during the Madness.
--Hillary Sturoster, filing clerk of Annwyn

Julia Ivory


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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

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