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Unlike Baldur's Gate 2, Wizards & Warriors does not come with a built in cheat console for altering the game to your liking. In particular, there is no way to immediately teleport your party to another location in the game. :/ However, it is possible to use a hex editor on your characters to change their stats, skills and guild ranks.

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Wizards & Warriors Cheat Instructions

If you're not familiar with hex editing you can just download a trainer. Even with the trainer, though, there are some character elements that it is impossible to edit--so if you want to, for example, cheat to give your 4th-level warlock the high-level spell "teleport," you will need to give her a ton of experience points and then manually level her up until you can choose that spell for her. (You can reset her level to 4 afterwards, if all you wanted was the spell.)

If you don't want to hex-edit or use a trainer, there are a few bug exploits you can take advantage of:

1) First, this game reproduces the old "everything gets duplicated in the inn" bug of early Might and Magic games. You can just give all the party's gold to one character, enter the inn, pool all the gold to a second character, drop the first character and re-add him, and voila, both characters have the gold. You can repeat this until you're all millionaires, if you like.

2) Second, if you need more hit points, the "toughen" spell, which is supposed to temporarily grant your characters extra hit points, becomes permanent if you enter and leave a town while the spell is still active.

3) Third, if you drop an object on the floor or hand it to a different character after you've triggered a plot-related response but before the questgiver finishes talking (in most cases you will have plenty of time before that happens!), it won't be taken away from you. So you can both turn in the assassin's blade for a reward and keep it as a weapon, for example; or you can use the genie lamp to get a wish, drop it on the ground before the genie finishes talking to you, and then have another character pick it up and use it for another wish.

4) And, most conveniently, you can join guilds without actually having to change your character class. Because of the annoying way guild quests are set up, you need to have each character accept the quest before completing it, or they won't all get credit for it. Sometimes that will mean one of your characters never will get credit for a quest (limiting their level in the guild), and other times, it will mean that you will have to mindlessly repeat the same quest all over again to get credit. If you cheat your characters into all the guilds from the get-go, you won't have to worry about all those aggravations. Basically, all you need to do is sign up to change your character class to a class that can use the new guild, join the guild, then quit the quest. So, for example, your fighter could sign up to be a samurai, join the wizard's guild, then abort the samurai quest. He could still take the samurai quest later, complete it, and really become a samurai if he wants to, but he won't be able to do that until the Ishad N'ha area, so if he wants to do the Valeia mage guild quests, this is a shortcut that can save you a few hours of boring replay. (The Ninja and Bard classes are two others you won't be able to achieve until after you've already passed through the Oracle Cave.)

Good luck, and enjoy the game!

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