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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

The Book of Ataniel

The Lore of the Septum Potentis

Hearken now to the last lore of the great wizards
Ancients who wrung power from the very stone
The focus, the center, their final legacy
And the terminal sins for which they e'er atone
Caria, the fifth of the seven, great learned sage
Left world behind and stepped from his flesh
Through the Gate at the Bottom of the Sea
Seeking the answers in great Kalith's breasts
Thus six of the seven, upon earth remained
And sensed the effects of Order's balance upset
Sought to restore humanity's dominion
Before fragile glove was by Chaos beset
And so from the race of man, seven were chosen
Seven aspects of man, in relics embodied
To stem tide of chaos, the balance regain
Before the nature of reality rotted
One was the swordsman's blade
Not for power, but skill
To defeat any warrior, best any foe
But only to victory, never to kill
The second, the staff of the walker was forged
To bear the great traveller safe on its back
O'er water or land, even over the sky
To travel twixt any slight doorway or crack
The amulet, third of the powers arcane
A focus for energies, power released
Yet only manipulate, ne'er to destroy
Lest the magician find himself deceased
Fourth the warrior's helm was created
Destruction its purpose, killing its forte
A weapon of armor, the fighter to lead
Lead enemies into the arms de la morte
The cloak of the stalker, the fifth to be woven
Of darkness and shadow, for hiding of wealth
Seen and yet unseen, the edges of sight
Cloak the man wearing the mantle of stealth
The sigil of power, the leader of men
A band of pure iron and steel then was wrought
To inspire his comrades, to fight the good fight
And incite loyalty where there's no battle being fought
Finally the gem, the focus of mind
The item of power for him who transcends
For pureness of mind and greatness of thought
The light of intelligence in darkness descends
The septum potentis for order were joined
And so, on the advent of chaos' ascent
The light of the truth and the pureness of law
Stemmed the tide of dear chaos, anarchy's advent

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(Attributed to Kieran Talbot, sometime during the Shadowwars)


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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

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