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Morrowind Spoilers For Confusing/Unsatisfying Quests

A handful of Morrowind quests just do not resolve very well. They can leave you unsure if you've really finished them at all or you've done something wrong somehow, or missed part of it. There are also a few quests with more than one ending, and you may want to know what the other alternatives were. So here are partial spoilers for those quests that may leave you wondering.

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The Taxman's Fate: This quest has a definite endpoint to it--the murderer will make a confession to you, and you will have the option to either kill him or cover up his crime. That's all there is to this subplot, though. You will never learn more about the allegations of corruption that are brought up; there is no alternate quest investigating that possibility (unfortunately enough.)

Murder Mystery: This quest is over once you have slain the murderer and reported back to Nileno about it. If you're wondering WHY Thanelen killed Ralen Hlaalo, though, you're unfortunately out of luck. He doesn't confess even if his disposition is at 100%, and there's no resolution to this anywhere in the game as far as I can tell.

The Dead Smuggler: This quest never actually reaches a conclusion. You will never learn what happened to Ernil (suicide? murder? overdose? killed by a wandering nixhound?) You can return Tsiya's skooma pipe to her and tell her Ernil is dead; beyond that, there is nothing more to do with this quest as far as I know.

Throats: To the best of my knowledge there is no way to alter the course of this plot sequence. You cannot ally with Galbedir, nor can you reveal to Ranis the lies in Ajira's reports (i.e. that she collected her flower samples by the shores of Lake Amaya).

Balmora Thieves Guild: There are alternate solutions to each of these thefts. For the diamond, the brandy, and the dwemer artifacts, Habasi does not care whether you bring her the particular item she has marked, so you can purchase these objects or acquire them as loot from somewhere else (the dwemer artifacts are common ones in dwemer dungeons). For the manor key, you can bribe the servant for her copy of the key if you can get her disposition high enough (or you can just kill her, something you'll need to do for the Bloodbath quest eventually anyway. Habasi will not yell at you about this one.)

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