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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

The Book of Ataniel

Ride the Wild Zerthimon!

A Score-Card of Ataniel

Gertrude, er, Laura has already listed the great pickup lines of Ataniel (try 'em at home!) To see how well they worked, heretofore a list of who was zooming who; I apologize if I forgot anyone's rides on the ole carnal carousel.

Male-Female Divider

The Demon War
PC on PC
Rhynwa + Oethnar
Rhynwa + Farstalker

Shilree + Ralchar
Kerouac + an odd bimbo or two
Max + Candi + Bambi
Oethnar + Ariath

Star-crossed Almost a Couple of the Year
Sunny + Max

Male-Female Divider

The Wall
PC on PC
Luthien + Rhynwa
Khyrisse + Max
Max + Sunny (alternate timeline only)
Khyrisse + Schneider (ditto)
Palmer + Tila

Tila + Thurm

Star-crossed Almost a Couple of the Year
Janther + Syndy

Male-Female Divider

The Regions Beyond
PC on PC
George + Kitty
Praxis + Inez
Threnody + Evil Max

Tila + Kieran (dead version)
Evil Max + Seven
Praxis + Persephone
George + Jarth's wife
Tila + Slaad Boy
Max + Savis

Star-crossed Almost a Couple of the Year
Praxis + Endicott

Male-Female Divider

Unfinished Business
PC on PC
Signet + Waterloo
Tila + Kieran (live version)

Star-crossed Almost a Couple of the Year
Luthien + Merwyn

Male-Female Divider

Most Corny Pickup Line: "All my clothes blew up with the ship." --Inez. Right, like we haven't heard that one a zillion times.

Cutest NPC/NPC Couple: Without a doubt, Lotus + Edyric. It was so cute the way they'd call each other "pookie", trade a quick little kiss or two, then go out and kill lots of people.

Ickiest NPC/NPC Couple: Zzenith + Belle rates high marks, but far and away the evillest one has to be Doug Barre + Winona Ryder.

Who Says All Men Are Dogs: Not only did Luthien stand by his woman, he did so even after learning first-hand that Trissia Maddyx eschews underwear.

Who Says Nice Guys Finish Last?: Who scored with the most people? That's right, Mr. Nice Guy himself, Maxwell Silverhammer, including the now legendary Menage a Max aboard the Love Boat. And that ain't even counting his evil twin's conquests.

What's Wrong With This Picture?!?: Laura Nagel has played 5 characters. All three of the female characters have gotten lucky. The males have remained chaste.

The Love, The Sex, The Psychodrama!: Most angstful relationship? Janther + Shannon had a lot of stormy water under the bridge, but for a wholly in-campaign one, I'll give it to the Max-Khyrisse-Schneider love triangle. Here's hoping they all steer clear of this kind of shenanagens in the future.

Ewww, Those Aren't Reproductive Organs! Eww, What Are Those???: We've scored with many non (demi)human partners, and that ain't even counting the Sunfighters as demons. Some of the various oddities bedded-- a doppelganger, a zaptian, an illithid, a death-slaad, a ghost, and a tree.

(By Jonah Cohen)

'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

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