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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

The Book of Ataniel

The Corniest/Funniest Pick-Up Lines of Ataniel

The best, worst, funniest, and just plain weirdest pick-up lines in ten years on Ataniel...

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Worked!"Let's go upstairs and rub ointment in our wounds."
--Rhynwa, to Oethnar

No such luck"Does your order have a vow of chastity?"
--some babe Christian the paladin was questioning

No such luck"Waow! What are YOU doing tonight?"
--Kimmy, to Luthien after he jolted her back from death with an essence blast

No such luck"Come here, womanly woman! Hold onto the long healing rod!"
-- the Evil Dr. Zeinfeld, to Khyrisse

No such luck"TAKE me, Evil Doctor!"
--Tila, flinging her clothes off

Worked!"Now I'm really curious about this body so I want to find someone to have sex with me."
--George, to Kitty

No such luck"Hi. I'm Tila. I'm a hero."
--Tila, to some Javinese priest

Took more persuading..."I am the lord of rodly might."

Took more persuading..."Yeah, well at least I'm not tied to a stake."
"Yeah, well... maybe I like being tied to a stake."
--Tila and Palmer

Worked!"You know, they may hang me."
--Palmer, to Tila

No such luck"Do you sleep?"
"I bed. Come an' find out."
--Threnody and Kieran

Took more persuading..."I should let you know, all my clothes got blown up with the ship."

Worked!"1200 memories and come keep me company tonight."
--Tila, haggling with the Death Slaad

Took more persuading..."You know, Max, when I first met you, I was a woman, and I'm a woman again."
--Threnody, to Evil Max

Took more persuading..."Could someone lend me some money? I don't have a place to sleep tonight."

Took more persuading..."You're just not catching the pheromones, Max."

Worked!"Well, Max, here we go halfway across the planet to face destinies we don't even understand. (pause) You know, we may all be killed there. (pause) This is a pass, in case you were wondering."
--Threnody, to Evil Max.

No such luck"Is this body married too?"
--Trissia, to Luthien upon his reincarnation

No such luck"We're allowed to bring dates to the wedding, right?"
--Endicott, to Praxis

Worked!"I'll see that a tent is prepared--"
"Is there room in your tent?"
"In my tent?"
"Just for me."
--Tila, to Kieran in the alternate universe

No such luck"Perhaps you have a change of clothes in your bag, Jack?"
"I, uh, don't think so..."
--Valende, to Jack

No such luck"You ever hear of saddle smile?"
--Asinus the talking donkey, to Khyrisse

No such luck"This donkey tongue ain't just for show, chickie-baby."
--Asinus to Khyrisse

Took more persuading..."Well, what are you waiting for, man? Let's go see if they need someone to scrub their backs!"
--Ebreth to Vas, re Khyrisse and Ariath

Worked!"The Cynystran army isn't here now."
--Ebreth to Khyrisse

Worked!"Shut up and kiss me."
--Ariath to Vas

No such luck"Hey, lolly, come give us a little mouth-to-mouth, why don't you."
--Asinus to Khyrisse

No such luck"Hey, chickie, you look like your nerves could use some soothing. Have you noticed I'm not wearing any pants?"
--Asinus to Khyrisse

Worked!"You know, Asinus, I think I would like some long, hard donkey--"
--Ailonwy the demon, to Asinus

No such luck"Getting a woman into the sack is a lot like disemboweling an ogre."

No such luck"Did Kerouac already ask you if you wanted to fuck?"
--Kerouac to Ember

No such luck"Does this mean that fucking is out?"
--Kerouac to an angry Valende

No such luck"Is that dress illusory?"
"You are welcome to try and disbelieve it, monsieur."
--Vas and Ember

Worked!"Why don't you come up to my room tonight and I'll teach you some Elvish?"
--Val to Rani

No such luck"Rani, Rani, young and sweet. Your little toes, your little feet."
--Marty Hu's love poems

No such luck"Marty, I'm a lesbian. That means I like women."
"I like women too! We have something in common!"
--Marty and Rani

No such luck"You, me, a bottle of chianti, this half-flayed rabbit wriggling around in our orifices..."
--Nox to Vas

No such luck"I'm not a virgin... I've had sex lots of times. I'm pretty good, I think."
--Kingfisher to Marty

Worked!"You like me or NOT, Jack?"
--Aithne to Jack

No such luck"It's been two thousand years, lass. Aren't you curious at all?"
--Kieran, to Kyria

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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

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