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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

The Book of Ataniel

See Arawn.


Departed elven goddess of love, sometimes invoked by Valende.
--Who's Who V2

Happy Fun Ball

I knew a man who taunted Happy Fun Ball once. Zerthimon dropped the damn thing right on him. Damndest thing you ever saw. Damn Happy Fun Ball. Something should be done about it...
--Wayne (Jug & Jigger barkeep)

Deceased Haroshi "Hari" Indo

Cori's husband, slain by the penagglion Chu-I Po.
--Who's Who V2

Killed in combat.
--Hillary Sturoster, filing clerk of Annwyn

Heart of the City, the

The Heart is the source of the City on the Edge of Forever, now known as Trade. Back before that whole business with Tres started, I struck a deal with Magnate. With his help, we manipulated events so I could claim the city for Magnate. In return, I got my position on the Trade Council.

So we really can blame all of this on Shilree, right? And she thinks she has any right to mock Signet? Yeesh.

No comment.

Shilree, trust me. If all of this could be blamed on you, I would have throttled you by now.

Heaven's Devils, the

A gang of mutated juvenile delinquents led by Fizznang and Dragworth.
--Who's Who V1


An inn at an interplanar crosspoint used frequently by Garal.
--Who's Who V2


NEGATIVE stars. Man, this place sucked. It's got devils. It's got mind games. It's got Ariath. Just, go anyplace. Go to Javin. Anywhere is better than Hell.
--Threnody's travel guide

Yeah, what she said.
--Ebreth Tor

Deceased Hester

Died during the Madness.
--Hillary Sturoster, filing clerk of Arawn

Highway Nine

Cynystran road through the Dyved forest and into Ti'Ashentes, the Land of the Little Folk. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess it extends into Western Nylevia and passes near Darwood, too. (-:

Deceased Hogs, the

Killed during the Madness.
--Hillary Sturoster, filing clerk of Annwyn

Hood, the

The Hood, or Brotherhood of Tila, was Tila's thieves' guild, under her nom de guerre "Venom".
--Who's Who V2

Escaped from Hell Hotspur

Dwarf member of Bloodscar.
--Who's Who V2

Murdered; currently at large.
--Hillary Sturoster, filing clerk of Annwyn

Hou-Hsieh Haito

One of Praxis' disciples at the Order of Redemption, a Shikinti sorceress and the daughter of the daimyo of Shanghai.
--Who's Who V2

Hronmir Silent-Voice

Last of the Aesir, this proud warrior was bound in service to the mad Valkyrie Norna before her True Death. His current whereabouts are unknown.
--Who's Who V2

Hsin Shuyang

One of Praxis' disciples at the Order of Redemption, an older Shikinti priest.
--Who's Who V2

Huntington Dare, Dr.

Deceased Huntsman, the

The Huntsman, also known as Lord Evidon of Tibor, was a wolfwere obsessed with hunting down other lycanthropes and using them as experiments. He also created the race of blink wolves by breeding from a she-wolf irradiated by the blue stones.
--Who's Who V1

Egads, the breath on this guy could kill a thousand elves! Here's a hint, hunty boy: FLUSH the toilet before drinking out of it!

Killed in combat.
--Hillary Sturoster, filing clerk of Annwyn


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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

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