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The 1998 Endicott Awards

(Last Updated: 5/4/98, 8:40 EST)

Time: 05/04/98 02:21:05
Character(s): The Hosts
Author: Douglass Barre
Title of Post: ENDYS: "Turning Around" clip


Schneider walks on stage.

"Puppet Head Theatre presents Turning Around."

He bows, kneels behind the podium and sticks up a picture of Ebreth Tor sleeping, on a popsicle stick.

Nothing happens.

A minute passes.

Another minute passes.

The audience starts to mutter.

A third minute, and nothing happens.

Suddenly, Schneider flips the popsicle stick around to reveal the other side of the picture, which has a picture of Ebreth Tor, awake.

"I am awake now!"

The audience claps hesitantly.

Schneider stands and bows.

"Thank you."

Endicott Award

Time: 05/04/98 02:24:42
Character(s): Wyvern, presenting
Author: Douglass Barre
Title of Post: ENDYS: Most Evil Post


A terrified hush came over the room as a nondescript man in a slightly loose suit walked up to the podium.

"Good evening, friends," Wyvern said. "I'm very pleased to be let out long enough to be with you tonight. The limbo in which I am currently trapped is a bit cramped, and I do wish I could see the outside. All I have to remind me of it are my drawings.

"I am here to announce the winner of the Most Evil Post."

"EVIL?" cried Quell. "Where is EVIL?"

"Someone silence him before he comes to my notice," Wyvern said coldly.

Five hands covered Quell's mouth.

"This post is given to the writer who was best able to crush the plans, beliefs and hopes of your little adventuring parties. Not a difficult task, but one that ought to be done with at least a modicum of style."

A gasp went through the audience as Vickie Dare strolled onto stage.

"Dr. Wyvern?" she said. "I'm here to ask you a few questions for my boss, Mr. Sturoster."

"Ah, Pluvious is sending you to try to analyze me. Put me under his microscope. Tell me, Victoria, what are your reasons for coming here? Advancement? You must be one of his favorites to be sent to me."

"I'm just here to ask you for your advice on finding a murderer."

"Quid pro quo, Victoria."

"Look, Dr. Wyvern, I'm authorized to offer you this deal. We'll let you out of Limbo to a small Prime Material Plane where you'll be able to see the world, in return you tell us what you know about the murder of Jonah Cohen."

"Okay, enough of this," Schneider said, grabbing Vickie by the arm. "This is an awards show, not a movie riff."

"Dr. Wyvern!" Vickie yelled. "Help us both! Quid pro quo, doctor!"

"I detest rudeness," Wyvern said, glaring at Schneider. "I will tell you what you need... we kill because we covet! Where do we begin to covet? What we see every day!"

"Off, you!" Schneider said, passing Vickie to Trissia offstage.

"I suppose that I had best reveal the nominations now," Wyvern said.

" 'Any More Loose Ends' by the oddly absent Douglass Barré,

" 'Now It's Personal' by Kristin Andersen.

" 'Pieret Does Something' by Douglass Barré.

" 'Rendezvous' by Laura Redish.

"And a personal favorite of mine... 'Riddle Me This, Ebreth Tor', by the late Jonah Cohen. We should talk soon, my little jester. Your mind is quite in need of my sort of... disentangling."

"Uh, Wyvern, just announce the winner?" Threnody said, stepping in front of Schneider.

"Certainly, my dear. The Most Evil Post goes to, as I've already deduced, 'Any More Loose Ends.' Until we meet again, Shalini."

With a turn and a step, Wyvern was gone.

"Even when he's being funny, he creeps me out," Trissia muttered.

"I'm not tangled," moped Schneider.

Most Evil Post

1st "Any More Loose Ends? What? There Are?" (Doug)

2nd "Riddle Me This, Ebreth Tor" (Jonah)

3rd "Pieret Does Something" (Doug)

4th "Now It's Personal" (Kris)

5th "Rendezvous" (Laura)

Endicott Award

Time: 05/04/98 02:27:02
Character(s): Ariath
Author: Laura Redish (who finally gets the jokes now, having just seen Silence Of The Lambs two weeks ago...)
Title of Post: Ari Knows Evil


"I was so honored to be the instrument of Doug Barre's evil in this post," Ariath begins, smiling fondly. "Getting a Doug Barre script is the chance of every villain's lifetime, and I am--so proud--to know I lived up to that high standard. I may never get anything that evil to do again, and I am thrilled and flattered to have been a part of it. So it is with great pleasure that I accept, on behalf of Doug and the other characters that shared this very special scene with me, the Most Evil Post Endicott for "Any More Loose Ends? What? There Are?"

"Thank you all very much. And watch your backs!"

Endicott Award

Time: 05/04/98 02:34:00
Character(s): Khyrisse and co.
Author: Laura Redish
Title of Post: Khyrisse, Connoisseur


"It wasn't one of my better death scenes," admitted Khyrisse.

"Oh, I thought it was very gripping," Ebreth said.

"It was awfully simple on my part. You should have seen the one where Max killed me. That was a good one."

"Or the banshee," added Flicker, from a few seats down. "You did a very good job when the banshee killed you."

"I thought the death scene during the fight with the monsters that breathed chain lightning was more realistic," disagreed Praxis, from his other side.

"Khyrisse?" said Skitch, drumming his heels. "Do you ever worry you're being typecast?"

Endicott Award

Time: 05/04/98 02:30:55
Character(s): Zzenith, presenting
Author: Douglass Barre
Title of Post: ENDYS: Best Supporting Character


"Hoping to cheer room up is Zzenith," the blob said. "Act hard to follow."

"Woohoo! Zzenith!" called someone from the audience.

"Zzenith a lot learned in year of storyboard. Stubbornness in blobs was good. Also, loyalty and support of friends as theme continued to good be. Since Zzenith hoping to better NPC at all time be, so appropriate is that this award Zzenith announce.

"To Best NPC be a hard task is. Many write people you, and consistency important is. Zzenith as always say, simplicity simplicity simplicity.

"Best NPC the classic archetypes were. Young boy adventure first tasting. Woman true love finding when all lost was thought. Villainess bitter hero forced to be. Donkey gruff with gold of heart. Doomed girl her past seeing last one time. All this good is and more much.

"Nomination first is Paris Asinus, introduced Doug Barré was.

"Ember Redish Laura next, by created.

"Norna also Redish again Laura.

"Skitch the Kris Andersen us brought.

"Finally and the Valende Elf Andersen Kris by.

"And the please envelope... winner Skitch the Kris Andersen be! Happys many to the Skitch from Zzenith! Now excusing Zzenith, but learning split how to from Ixplyxblyx is. Thank night and good you!"

Best Supporting Character

1st Skitch (Kris)

2nd Asinus Paris (Doug)

3rd Valende (Kris)

4th Ember (Laura)

5th Norna (Laura)

Endicott Award

Time: 05/04/98 02:34:21
Character(s): Janice and Fred, presenters
Author: Douglass Barre
Title of Post: ENDYS: Best Personal Subplot


"Hey, Janice, did you see that I won best Humorous Post?"

"You didn't win it, Fred."

"But it was all about me!"

"It was a parody. It's a TV show."

"What is?"

"Mr. Ed. It's a TV show about a talking horse."

"No one can talk to a horse, of course."

"Oh, give it up. I've got the munchies, so let's get this done quick."

"Oh. Right. You don't want the cop to know you've been smoking pot in the girl's room."

"Thank you so much. Did anyone not hear that?" she sighed to the audience.

"I didn't!" Quell cried from the audience. "Was it EVIL?"

"No. No it isn't."

"You know, now that I'm a pit fiend," Fred said, "being here reminds me of my younger days, leading the Rat Pack."

"You never led the Rat Pack."

"They followed me! I told them to kill the King of Kings and they did! That's leading!"

"Fred, I'd like you to read the nominations as my mindless slave."

"I'm not your mindless slave. We already agreed that I'd get to read them."

"So read them."

"But..." Fred whined. "But then everyone will think I'm your mindless slave. They'll make that meow-whip noise at me."

"Don't you want to read them?"

"This sucks." Fred frowned. "The first nominee..."

"REOWRR... *crack*!" came from the audience.

"The first nominee for Best Personal Subplot is Asinus' secret love for Khyrisse."

"WHAT?" cried Khyrisse.

"Hey, chickie-babe, it ain't canon, so just ignore it."

"May I?" Fred asked annoyed. "Next, Ditty about Jack and Valende."

There was a brief uncomfortable silence.

"Next, Ebreth and Khyrisse's relationship.

"Also, Ebreth's post-traumatic stress disorder and recovery. Whatever that means.

"Finally, Khyrisse's past."

"WHAT?" cried Khyrisse.

"Good job, my little slave," Janice grinned.

"Am not," Fred pouted.

"The winner," Janice continued, "is... Ebreth's post-traumatic stress disorder and recovery!"

"Yeah, that's something I'm sure we want to remind him of," Fred muttered. "Can't I sing the song at least once?"

"Say goodnight, Fred."

"Goodnight, Fred."

Best Personal Subplot

1st Ebreth's post-traumatic stress disorder and recovery

2nd Ebreth and Khyrisse's relationship

3rd Asinus' secret love for Khyrisse

4th Ditty about Jack and Valende

5th Khyrisse's past

Endicott Award

Time: 05/04/98 02:35:25
Character(s): Ebreth Tor
Author: Laura Redish
Title of Post: Ebreth's Acceptance Speech


"Hnh," says Ebreth. "I hope the Academy will understand if I say I hope I don't win one of these next year."

There is some laughter.

"Right, I'd like to thank the Academy, especially those of you who got your nominations in in timely fashion. Wait, where did that come from?" He shakes his head. "I'd also like to thank everyone in the Rat Pack for their patience with my less well-adjusted moments in pursuit of this award, and to give a lot of credit to Jack Paris and Khyrisse Starshadow for their outstanding roles in this subplot, as well as for being people I admire deeply. Oh, yeah, and this being a meta-event and all that, I'd like to thank Billy Dee Williams for the voice, Laura Redish for putting up with my Y-chromosome, and Doug Barre for the, ah, trial by fire. Thank you, and good night."

"Excuse me," said Pluvious Sturoster. "May I have a word with you?"

"It's not my MO, Pluvious. I backstab through the head."

"Just a formality."

Endicott Award

Time: 05/04/98 02:37:06
Character(s): Pluvious and You
Author: Douglass Barre
Title of Post: ENDYS: Big Dance Routine


"Okay, while they're having the big dance routine out there, I want to get my answers," Pluvious Sturoster said. "One of you authors killed Jonah Cohen to protect your identity as the perpetrator of 'I, Khyrisse'. While Douglass Barré looks like the most obvious suspect due to his convenient absence, I can't rule out any of you until I get your alibis."

"We were all in the audience, Pluvious," Laura said. "Where else would we be? It's the awards show."

"Look, missy," Pluvious said. "No smart answers here. This isn't one of your long string of silly gag scenes. This is a murder investigation."

"Why am I even here?" Alyssa demanded. "I only wrote one post, and it wasn't even prose!"

"Let alone poetry," Laura smiled.

"I've ogt a theory, Pluv," Jeff said. "I think it was a disguised spy from the Brotherhood of Gila."

"Look, Mr. Hersh, you and your Gila stuff will just have to wait until after We'll Always Have Paris is done. One major plotline at a time."

"Look," said Kris, "we don't have all night, Mike needs the computer. Can we just get the awards done and deal with this tomorrow?"

"Is this true, Mr. Haag? Is your time somehow limited?"

Evan looked up from his Playstation. "What?" he asked.

"I don't even post to this board," Sylvia said. "It certainly can't be me."

"What about you, Mr. Gasior? Where were you when the lights went out?"

"Hang on, I'm doing this from work. One second..."

Pluvious sighed. "Perhaps if there was some way to communicate with the dead... but Luthien is the greatest necromancer on Ataniel, but even he couldn't get this information. Damn. Okay, people, you're free to go. If any of you see Douglass Barré, you send him directly to me. And none of you leave the Auditorium. I'm going to solve this case if it's the last thing I do."

The authors left.

"What was it Wyvern said? We kill because we covet? But what would that have to do with 'I, Khyrisse'?"

Endicott Award

Time: 05/04/98 02:38:39
Character(s): Newell, presenting
Author: Douglass Barre`
Title of Post: ENDYS: Best Plotted Post


"Excuse me," Pluvious interrupted the bearded gentleman walking on stage. "Aren't you Doug Barré?"

"No, no, I'm Newell, god of convenient plot twists."

"You look like him."

"No, you're looking for Doug the Author, not Doug the Meta-demiurge. You don't want the guy in Hell, either... he's just a shill."

"So, 'Newell', if that is your real name..."

"It is. Actually, Jonah gave it to me."

"Hm," Pluvious said. "This is getting more complicated all the time."

"Good. You think, I'll announce."

Newell wandered up to the lectern.

"Okay, I'm Newell... many of you here already know that, I'm sure."

"Death to Newell!" someone shouted.

"Down with Evil Plot Twists!"

"No more Psychodrama!"

"Viva la Revolutione!"

"Right. So you do know me. Anyway, I'm here to give the award for Best Plotted Post."

"What're you really here for?" someone called out.

"Yeah, you must have an ulterior motive!"

"No, just announcing," Newell said. "I'm off the clock."

"Pull the other one!"

"Anyway," Newell sighed, "the nominees for Best Plotted Post are...

" 'Foreshadowing: Blue Stone? Did Someone Say Blue Stone?' by Douglass Barré. Not me.

" 'Foreshadowing: Three Old Friends' also not by me.

" 'Killing Tessa' still not me.

" 'Never Send A Math Equation To Do A Donkey's Job.' Nope. Not me.

"And, 'Reaping What Is Sown', by Laura Redish, who is also not me."

"Yeah, right!"

"The winner is..."

"Here it comes!"

"Everybody down! Incoming plot twist!"

"...'Foreshadowing: Three Old Friends'. Thank you."

"Where was the plot twist?"

"It's one of those stealth twists... we're all in trouble now!"

Best Plotted Post

1st "Foreshadowing: Three Old Friends" (Doug)

2nd "Killing Tessa" (Doug)

3rd "Reaping What Is Sown" (Laura)

4th "Never Send A Math Equation To Do A Donkey's Job" (Doug)

5th "Foreshadowing: Blue Stone? Did Someone Say Blue Stone?" (Doug)

Endicott Award

Time: 05/04/98 02:40:15
Character(s): CJ
Author: Laura Redish
Title of Post: A Stitch In Time


A young teenage girl in a backwards baseball cap skips up the stairs of the dais. "Hi," she says, waving. "I'm CJ, and I'm here to accept this award in the place of Rip Hunter, who's, uh, otherwise occupied. Please excuse the body and all that. We're having a few little temporal difficulties.

"Anyway, Rip, Tim, and everyone else involved in this post are pleased to see Doug Barre's excellent script, which touched off the entire Skeins of Fate plotline as well as being a dramatically tight plot twist in and of itself, honored in this way, and were proud to have been a part of it. Thanks a lot, everyone. And don't worry, we'll have the timestream back under control before you know it. Take care!"

Endicott Award

Time: 05/04/98 02:40:41
Character(s): Kieran Talbot and Karatilana Torin, presenting
Author: Douglass Barre
Title of Post: ENDYS: Sexiest Character


Kieran Talbot and Tila were next to present.

"So," Tila said, "it's obvious why I'm here."

"Because all the inns were full?" Kieran quipped.

"Oh, you," Tila smiled. "Try to sound less scripted."


"We're here," Tila said, "to announce the winners of the Sexiest Character award!"

"And to try to pick up the winner."

"Easy for you to say, Mr. Four-out-of-five-are-girls."

"Yeah, but you get Ebreth Tor."

"He is a hottie," Tila agreed.

"So, Kieran said, the nominees are..."

"Ebreth the hottie Tor, by Laura Redish!" Tila said.

"Ember, played by Laura Redish," Kieran continued.

"The Three Succubi. Hey, can someone introduce some incubi?" Tila asked.

"Valende, played by Kristin Andersen," Kieran added.

"And Vickie Dare, played by Douglass Barré. Talk about hotties."


"No, Doug."

"This is really pretty sad right here," Kieran muttered.

"The winner," Tila said, elbowing Kieran, "is... Valende! Not a guy."

"Cool," Kieran said, fiddling with her hair. "Come on up, darlin'... Kier's ready!"

Sexiest Character

1st Valende (Kris)

2nd Ember (Laura)

3rd Ebreth Tor (Laura)

4th The Three Succubi (Kris)

5th Vickie Dare (Doug)

Endicott Award

Time: 05/04/98 02:42:36
Character(s): Knighthawke, presenting
Author: Douglass Barre
Title of Post: ENDYS: Best Romantic Post


There were sighs from all the women (and one loud snort) as Knighthawke rode in on a white stallion.

"Ladies," he said. "The time you've all been waiting for is here."

"Bathroom break?" someone called out.

"Khyrisse, please," Ebreth whispered.

"It's Most Romantic Post time," Knighthawke crooned. "But first, I'd like to read a little of my poetry. This one goes out to a very special lady out there... you know who you are... who this poor knight let go from his life far too soon.

"It's called 'A Hot Shower'."

A Hot Shower

You don't see me enter the shower

The steam in the room

Seducing your body like a jealous lover

My hands wrap around you

Cupping your full breasts firmly

As you feel my heat press against your back

Whether by the pulsating of the water

Or the throbbing of my passion

A wet desire consumes you

The urge to give yourself completely to me wins over

I turn you to face me as I begin to bathe my princess

You respond in kind to my intense pleasure

As I kiss inside you, you feel your body lifted

Pressed against tile, you wrap your leg around me

Moving your hips to temptations you thought long forgotten

Steam rising between us

Pounding deeply until...

Release.......floating freedom in each others arms

We towel our bodies off and collapse in bed together

In your eyes I see a glimmer of tigress

So let loose your inhibitions

And let us live again

"The nominees for Most Romantic Post--other than myself, who told the academy that I would refuse to be considered due to modesty--are...

" 'Endgame', Laura Redish. Here's to you, Laura.

" 'Jack Needs A Little Crab Following Him Around', by some jerk.

" 'Making Up Is Hard To Do'... oh, isn't it just. Sigh. Kristin Andersen.

" 'Sweet Nothings', also by Laura Redish.

"And 'Tale of Two Cities', again, that paramour extraordinaire, Laura Redish.

"The winner... aside from all the ladies who could take those posts home with them and dream of loves past, present and future... is... 'Tale of Two Cities'! Come on up, Laura."

"Is it me, or has the stage become one big sexual harassment complaint waiting to happen?" Threnody asked.

"I'm swooning," Schneider said.

Best Romantic Post

1st "Tale Of Two Cities" (Laura)

2nd "Making Up Is Hard To Do" (Kris (w/Evan))

3rd "Jack Needs A Little Crab Following Him Around" (Doug)

4th "Endgame" (Laura)

5th "Sweet Nothings" (Laura)

Endicott Award

Time: 05/04/98 02:46:22
Character(s): Laura Redish
Author: Laura Redish
Title of Post: At Everyone's Expense, But Especially My Own


Laura climbs up to the dais and looks balefully around the room. "I'd just like you to know," she says, "that while every single one of you nominated the stupid phone sex post, ONE of you voted for it. One! If you didn't like it, what the hell did you have to nominate it for? We could have put one of the good posts in that slot! You cynical morons!"

Knighthawke looks rather taken aback. "Um..."

"'Tale of Two Cities' was sweet, but my best romantic post? Are you all crackers?"

"So... are you refusing to accept the award?" asks Knighthawke.

She looks back and forth, slantwise, her lips pressed together, and snatches it. "No." She shuffles down the dais steps and back to her seat, hugging it to her chest like a sulky child with a teddy bear.

"I liked 'While She Lay Sleeping'," Khyrisse leans over the back of her seat to comfort.

"You were asleep."

"Romance is a cruel myth anyway," says Jonah's ghost, hovering morosely over Laura. "I much prefer pain, and sorrow."

"I liked 'Tale Of Two Cities'," offers Ebreth, to Khyrisse's right. "Besides, I already won the only prize that matters to me."

Khyrisse flushes happily and leans her head into his shoulder across the seat arm.

"Oh, God," moans the ghost, "make them stop!"

"No," says Laura sulkily, folding her arms around her statuette.

Endicott Award

Time: 05/04/98 02:44:40
Character(s): The Hosts
Author: Douglass Barre
Title of Post: ENDYS: "Tension" clip


"Look," Threnody said. "This puppet thing just isn't working, so I'm just going to tell you what happens in 'Tension'."

As she spoke, slowly, two marionettes silently lowered from the ceiling. One was obviously Ebreth Tor. The other was Khyrisse.

"Ebreth and Khyri are in Rimbor City, while the rest of the party is off doing something. They're enjoying some down time."

The two puppets swung back and forth, whapping their heads together in a mockery of a kiss.

"Just then, a bunch of toughs break into the room."

Lowered on ropes were a teddy bear, a plush "Hello Kitty", one of those artist's dummys, and a Bart Simpson figure.

"The bad guys assault Khyrisse and Ebreth in an attempt to rape Khyrisse."

Above Threnody, the dolls are swung repeatedly into the two marionettes.

"Ebreth goes cold and pretends to be the Slaver Lord Tor. The toughs freak out and run."

The mysterious puppeteer dropped the attackers, which clattered to the floor next to the lectern. Threnody looked up.

"Sorry!" Schneider's voice echoed down. "Triss lost her grip."

"Did not!" Trissia cried.

"Did too!"

"I'm about to lose my grip," Threnody sighed. "Thank god that was the last one. Next year I host this thing with someone rational. Like Kerouac."

Endicott Award

Time: 05/04/98 02:46:47
Character(s): Warp, Kyria Vesper
Author: Douglass Barre
Title of Post: ENDYS: Best Addition to Ataniel


In a flash of blue light, two figures appeared from another genre.

"Before you ask," Warp said. "I'm not the Doug you're looking for."

"It's so good to see so many of me out there," Kyria smiled.

"Anyway, I'm Warp..."

"...and I'm Kyria Vesper..."

"...and we're here representing the future of Ataniel."

"Except it's not really Ataniel, Warp."

"Semantics. Anyway, we're here to present the awards for Best Addition to Ataniel and Best Addition Outside Ataniel. They go together. Thematically, get it?"

"They get it."

"Just checking."

Kyria smiled patiently and continued. "This award is given for the best and brightest of the new frontiers discovered. The things that keep Ataniel--"

"--and elsewhere!"

"--and elsewhere fresh and new. Since Doug (not him) opened Ataniel up to additions from players and new recruits, we've seen a lot of great new material."

"Like Enigma! Go, Enigma!"

"Ranging from the bottom of the sea (Coming Home) to the edges of the universe (The Center), our world is one that we have only begun to chart. One with many years of adventure and excitement left for us to find together."

"The nominees in the category of Best Addition to Ataniel are..."

"The Paris Family, introduced by Doug Barré," Kyria read.

"Not me. The Diarian Mafia, introduced by Laura Redish."

"Not me," Kyria grinned. "And the Invisible Empire, introduced by Doug Barré."

"Who we already established--"

"They get it, Warp."

"The winner is," Warp said, as a blue warp opened on one side of the envelope and the winner slid out, "The Paris Family! Way to go, Parises!"

Best Addition to Ataniel

1st The Paris Family (Doug)

2nd The Diari Mafia (Laura)

3rd The Invisible Empire (Doug)

Endicott Award

Time: 05/04/98 02:48:59
Character(s): More Fun With Warp and Kyria
Author: Douglass Barre
Title of Post: ENDYS: Best Addition Outside Ataniel


"Hey! Look at us! We're still here!" Warp waved at the audience.

"You've never done this before, have you?" Kyria asked.

"Um, no. I got to speak at one of Reagan's inaugurations? Does that count?"

"Only if you really regret it."

"Oh, I do."

"The next category is for Best Addition Outside of Ataniel."

"Hi. I'm Warp," Warp said. "I've travelled from one end of the universe, and do you know, there are some planets that don't take American Express."

"I told you not to make that joke."

"It's funny. Anyway, this award goes to the best addition, canon or not canon, to the universe at large, excluding Ataniel proper."

"The nominees here are," Kyria said. "Enigma III, founded by, well, us."

"Yeah! Enigma! Go!"

"What did we talk about before we came?"

"Detatchment," Warp grumbled.

"Just announce."

"Luthien the Dead's Alternate Future, by Doug. Hey, didn't Rip get lost in there?"

"Next year's plotline. The Negative Material Plane, as manifested through Eric Gasior."

"Rhia... how the hell do you pronounce that, anyway?"

"It's Rhian-Civis!" someone in the audience yelled.

"Okay, thanks," Warp said. "Rhian-Civis, created by Kristin Andersen."

"And a World Without Shilree, created by Laura Redish."

"Hey!" came a shout.

"It turned out bad in the end, Shil," Kyria lied.

"The winner is... you get to open this one..."

"Okay," Kyria tore the envelope smoothly. "The winner is... oh, this is embarassing. Enigma III."

"Woo-hoo! Yes! We ROCK!" Warp cried.

"He's going to be impossible when we get home," Kyria apologized.

Best Addition outside Ataniel

1st Enigma III (Doug)

2nd Luthien the Dead's Alternate Future (Doug)

3rd A World Without Shilree (Laura)

4th Rhian-Civis (Kris)

5th The Negative Material Plane (Eric)

Endicott Award

Time: 05/04/98 02:53:45
Character(s): Kyria Vesper
Author: Laura Redish
Title of Post: Walking Away With It All


Kyria tapped her fingers on her hip, her lips pursed with amusement, and then handed the statuette to Warp with a quick little kiss on the cheek. "You've deserved every one, dear," she grinned.

On to Act 6

Endicott Award

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