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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

The Book of Ataniel

Earth, Cult of

Ebreth Tor

Once the notorious Master Slaver of the Montas Archipelago, Ebreth Tor was one of twelve souls escaped from Hell during the chaos of the Madness, when the positive energies from the Schism Tine briefly turned the damned souls there good, and one of two who were in Limbo when the Tine was destroyed and suffered scrambling of their personalities. Ebreth is trying now to start over. He retains the memories and abilities of the former pirate lord and underworld guildmaster, but little emotional connection to them. Ebreth is tall and very dark with a shaved head and incongruous blue eyes.
--Who's Who V2

Let me tell you, it wasn't easy living on Ebreth Tor's hit list. It was a long list, of course. Shalini wasn't nearly important enough to be anywhere near the top of it. You still had to be pretty careful who you talked to on the Islands. There were a lot of people anxious to do him a favor.

I'm really impressed by this guy. Not only does he seem to have a crappy rep, but he can impress the pants off of women who know about it. If I didn't agree with geekboy about him, I might have made a move myself, but I wouldn't trust this grifter with my body any more than with my back.

I'm beginning to wonder if a LOT of people's crappy reps may not be applicable... Don't you agree, Ariath? *mischievous grin* (And while I don't know about your body, I can recommend trusting him with your back. He gives a GREAT massage.)

He ended up in Hell? Gee, THERE'S a shock!

Fine print looks good. He's clear.
--Hillary Sturoster, filing clerk of Annwyn

Voiced by Billy Dee Williams. Here's a clip.
--Bunny, casting agent of Ataniel


The capital city of Dalencia. (Click here for a map.)
--from the Reference Almanac of Ataniel, 813


The best archer on Ataniel, Edyric is a butch mercenary villain and longtime adversary of the Sewer Tour's (as well as an early inductee to the Bitches from Hell.) She once teamed up with Sway to rescue her lover Lotus from Diaria, though she ruined any potential camaraderie by kidnapping Trissia Maddyx's baby. Lotus was killed during the fight on Bane--where the pair took a stand against Shadow--and Edyric blames the New Mithril Dagger Heroes for not saving her life.
--Who's Who V2

Egilex Acsur

Egrets, the

A gang of street punks that Prince Renault was associated with. They assisted him in production and distribution of his addictive strength potion, until their gang was rousted by Palmer Khan and Renault taken into custody.
--Who's Who V1


Capital city of Diaria. (Click here for a map.)
--from the Reference Almanac of Ataniel, 813

Elena Raimonde, Queen

The queen of Dalencia, she was the target of an assasination plot by a group of renegade giants working with the Web hoping to foster tension between Dalencia and the Meadowlands. The plot was actually formed by her husband and the other members of Tres. She remains behind in Edimon, a broken woman.
--Who's Who V1


Oh, that was real incognito, Shil. Taking undercover lessons from Farstalker, were you? Or just hoping evil assassins are mostly illiterate?

Deceased Ember

This beautiful, mysterious time traveler proved to be Khyrisse and Ebreth's daughter from the alternate future of Luthien the Dead, come to Ataniel to prevent her future from ever occurring. This she did, by sabotaging the Lich Lord with an artifact the alternate-future Kit prepared for her. It is unknown whether her sacrifice means she will now never be born or not.
--Who's Who V2

Eviscerated by a lich lord. Then her entire timeline was destroyed.
--Hillary Sturoster, filing clerk of Annwyn

Endicott, Bill

Endicott's what you call a real man.
--Kid Creole


Wow-- these guys are, like, real super-heroes! Plus, they rescued me from a hugely lame dimension.

Cheated Death Eren Messala (see also Flicker)

Eren "Flicker" Messala was the quiet, competent Riklandic archer and ski champion who became the fourth incarnation of the Sunfighter.
--Who's Who V2

Killed in combat, currently AWOL.
--Hillary Sturoster, filing clerk of Annwyn

Eric Tremontagne

Lord of Cynystra, master illusionist and politician's politician, married to Khyrisse until he got around to divorcing her five years ago, still married to (although separated from) Shannon. He married Khyrisse when she was fifteen with the intention of turning her into a goddess who would then obey him, but she fled and then the gods were all killed anyway. Shannon was a better match for him, but he tried to take over her native Brytannwch and she left him in dramatic fashion, getting pregnant by an old flame and displacing the entire country out of his grasp.
--Who's Who, V2

Deceased Erikson, Lord High Chancellor

One of the king's advisors. Unaware of the Tres plot, when his king was disgraced he killed himself.
--Who's Who V1

Committed suicide.
--Hillary Sturoster, filing clerk of Annwyn

Deceased Evidon, Lord

See the Huntsman.
--Who's Who V1

Evil Eight, the

The Evil Eight were eight sulky heroes who had each spent a lot of time and energy rescuing a ditzy spoiled princess only to be jilted by her. They eventually banded together and kidnapped the princess themselves. It was hard to hold it against them.

Exodus Inward, the

The Exodus Inward is the long-standing policy of Diari isolationism. Long ago, Diaria covered most of Ataniel. Then, rather than deal with foreigners, it was decided to reduce Diaria's scope. At the end of the Exodus there were the states of Northern, Eastern, Southern and Western Diaria. Northern Diaria was destroyed during the Shadowwars, and is now is called the Shadowlands. Sountern Diaria is an archipelago at the edge of the world and is Ataniel's only spelljamming port. Western and Eastern Diaria are what most people today think of as Diaria.

Shilree is exaggerating, but Diaria really did use to be much larger than it is today, taking up as much as one-quarter of the continent. An objective historian must suspect that the belief that Diaria voluntarily reduced its scope is somewhat propagandistic, given that most of the reduction occurred in the third millennium B.E. when the Celtic armies of the Weird Sisters were sweeping across Ataniel. However, it is true that Diaria made no attempt to reconquer any of their former lands once ancient Celtia collapsed, which must have been a decision made by the Diari Emperor and was probably related to concerns about cultural contamination as Shilree suggested. Probably not the, ah, brightest idea in the world, though, in retrospect.
--Kyria Vesper

Don't blame me, Sunfighter. I wasn't around then. But I concur, I do not know what the Emperor was thinking.


A western Nylevian town. (Click here for a map.)
--from the Reference Almanac of Ataniel, 813


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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

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