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Treasure in the Royal Tower Spoilers

This is the section for commentary about the game that would probably ruin your playing of it, so please go back to the low-spoiler Treasure in the Royal Tower Hints if you haven't played the game yet.

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If you have read that page already, and you still have questions remaining, then read on:

Possible Deaths in Treasure in the Royal Tower
Plot Holes in Treasure in the Royal Tower
Easter Eggs and Optional Actions
Plot Summary and Character Subplots
The Backseat Game Designer

Treasure in the Royal Tower Death Scenarios

This is an unavoidable spoiler, but there are a limited number of possible deaths in Treasure in the Royal Tower, and some of them are creative. You may not have experienced all of them, and may be curious. (-: So, here's a list:

*You can fall to your death if you try to jump across the elevator shaft.
*You can freeze to death if you stay outside in the snow too long. (What on earth was Nancy doing on a ski trip if she's this sensitive to winter weather?)
*If you dawdle too long in solving the puzzle at the base of the elevator shaft, the elevator can actually come back down and crush you!

You can also lose the game without dying if the diamond thief escapes in the end, if you start the ski lift running for a second time, or if Dexter catches you in the library (two slightly different endings depending on whether you get caught because you fail to hide in the vent quickly enough, or because you fail to disarm the wall alarm),

Easter Eggs and Optional Actions

There weren't any easter eggs per se in Treasure in the Royal Tower, but there are three animal sound effects you can get by entering the correct strings of numbers on the telephone: 462287 ("gocats,") 6208225 ("mcquack,") and 2722274 ("aracari.") These must be injokes from the online Nancy Drew messageboards, since there are users there named Gocats and Aracari. (Aracari is the Latin name for a toucan, which I guess is the source of that sound effect.)

There are also a number of actions you can take in the game which are entirely optional to the plot. To give them a try, follow this link: Treasure in the Royal Tower Options.

The only other note worth mentioning is that the one French line in the stained glass which went untranslated--La v�rit� est toujours l'id�e de tout le monde-- is a proverb that means "The truth is always everybody's idea."

Spoilers: Plot Holes

Royal Tower has a very good plot that holds together quite well, but a couple of holes did stand out:

1) Why did Lisa turn off power to the elevator in the beginning of the game? This makes no sense from a motive perspective; in fact, I assumed Jacques had done that (so as to get under the elevator to do his sawing thing) until Lisa sort of randomly copped to it in the endgame.

2) It doesn't make much sense why Lisa locked Nancy out of the building, either. She wanted Nancy to find the green amulet, both to implicate Dexter and also so that Nancy could solve the puzzle Lisa couldn't get past. So why lock her outside? I had assumed at that point she was trying to kill Nancy, and it was really weak that she turned out to just be counterproductively trying to test her mettle.

3) This is probably really splitting hairs for a game that asks you to believe that solving slider puzzles can make staircases pop out of the wall, but how could a tower possibly have been taken completely apart and rebuilt stone for stone without anyone finding the pedastal with the gigantic diamond on it hidden beneath the flagstones?!?

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