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Secrets Can Kill Spoilers

This is the section for commentary about the game that would probably ruin your playing of it, so please go back to the low-spoiler Secrets Can Kill Hints Page if you haven't played the game yet.

If you have read that page already, and you still have questions remaining, then read on:

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Secrets Can Kill Spoilers

Possible Deaths in Secrets Can Kill
Plot Holes in Secrets Can Kill
Easter Eggs and Optional Actions
Plot Summary and Character Subplots
The Backseat Game Designer

Secrets Can Kill Death Scenarios

This is an unavoidable spoiler, but there are a limited number of possible deaths in Secrets Can Kill, and some of them are creative. You may not have experienced all of them, and may be curious. (-: So, here's a list:

*The boiler can explode and kill you if you don't shut it down quickly enough.
*The gas pipe in the kitchen can explode and kill you if you take the bolt-cutters without propping the pipe up with something else.
*And you can be killed in the endgame if you don't use the gun on Mitch quickly enough.

Easter Eggs and Optional Actions

The only real easter-egg in the game is that if you dial Jake's locker combination on the phone (555-5253), you'll get the response "Hi, this is Jake's locker!" That's pretty cute. :-) There are a number of other phone numbers you can call and actions you can take in the game which are entirely optional to the plot; to give them a try, follow this link: Secrets Can Kill Options.

Spoilers: Plot Holes

Secrets Can Kill has a decent plot that holds together pretty well, but two glaring holes did stand out:

1) Why is there no commotion at all over the fact that a high school student has just been murdered? High school classes are apparently going on as usual, the kids milling around in the halls as if nothing had happened, with nothing more than an unattended piece of police tape slapped carelessly onto the dead boy's locker. The kids themselves seem surprised and annoyed at even being questioned about the event. There are no police, no media, no freaked-out parents, nothing at all. It's just ridiculous.

2) This is more of a game design flaw, but for Pete's sake, given that none of the kids in the high school even realizes Nancy is undercover, why are there encoded messages to her telling her each kid's secrets, how to safely fix the boiler, and what to do if Mitch should happen to pull a gun on her at the pharmacy that night? These are the most carelessly integrated puzzles I've seen in an adventure game since The 7th Guest.

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