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The Creature of Kapu Cave Walkthrough

Welcome to my Creature of Kapu Cave walk-through. (-: If you're new to my series of low-spoiler computer game walkthroughs, the idea is to point players towards things they might not have tried in each game rather than giving away puzzle solutions or offering step-by-step instructions.

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These Nancy Drew games are structured a little differently than most graphic adventure games, though. In particular, you can solve most of the game's puzzles in any order you feel like, making a chronological walkthrough of little use. The physical area of Creature of Kapu Cave is so small that it makes more sense to use a CRPG-style area guide rather than breaking the game down into chronological chapters. I've included a checklist of important tasks at the beginning and one of optional tasks at the end. Note that I don't tell you how to solve any of the puzzles--just where they are. If you've found a puzzle but just can't seem to get it right no matter what you do, UHS is a good place to go for a single hint that won't spoil the rest of the game for you.

The Creature of Kapu Cave: Key Tasks

If you find yourself getting stuck in the game, keep in mind that plot advancement is often arbitrary. If nothing is happening, you need to make sure that you have spoken to everyone until they have nothing more to say, looked around every area to see if there are any objects you haven't noticed, and used every object in your inventory-- both for Nancy AND the Hardy Boys. If all those things fail, take a look at this checklist of important tasks you will need to complete to solve the game. Most of these general tasks have multiple parts which you can solve in any order you feel like, but the order of the general tasks is pretty linear:

1) Talk to all the NPC's. Repeatedly. Having certain conversations with them is necessary for the plot to progress.
2) Nancy needs to make an Aloha necklace for Big Island Mike.
3) Nancy needs to search Quigley's camp including opening the trunk. (You must have completed #2 first.)
4) Nancy needs to get her car out of the ditch. (You must have completed #3 first.)
5) Nancy needs to examine the solar panel AFTER examining the radio. (If you have already looked at the solar panels and use your own logical skills to figure out what to do next, the game will not progress. You need to look at the panel again to get Nancy to say it herself.)
6) Nancy needs to get the solar panel working and call Quigley. (You must have completed #4 and #5 first.)
7) Joe needs to find Quigley's location for Nancy. (You must have completed #6 first.)
8) Frank needs to find out who attacked Joe. (You must have completed #7 first.)
9) Nancy needs to do Quigley's frass recording job for her. (You must have completed #7 first. This task is a long one requiring you to get help from Frank and complete another task for Dr. Craven to finish it.)
10) Nancy needs to steal a plant sample from Hilihili to test for Quigley. (You must have completed #9 first.)
11) Frank needs to get Big Mike's treasure chest open. (He must have completed #8 first.)
12) Nancy needs to get past the big stone guardian into Kapu Cave, and solve the series of puzzles in there. (You must have completed #10 and #11 first.)
13) Frank needs to earn 30 Big Island Bucks. (This could be done any time after #2-- Frank can still use Joe's money.)
14) Frank needs to snorkel to the underwater tunnel, solve the maze, and examine the crates at the other end. (You must have completed #11 and #13 first.)
15) Once you have finished all fourteen of the previous tasks, Nancy and Frank need to beat the final endgame sequence.

And that's it, you've won!

The Creature of Kapu Cave: Area Guide

The Immersion Excursion Center

*This is where you can find Big Island Mike, one of the four main NPC's in the game. You'll need to return to talk to him many times in order for the plot to advance.
*There is a newspaper on the chair with some important background information in it.
*There is a computer game machine here called "Wiki Tiki." You can play it if you like once you have Big Island Bucks to spend, but all it gives you if you win is an item you can use to make more necklaces with.
*There is another computer in this room which will give you general information about Hawaii once you have Big Island Bucks to spend. You will need this once for plot purposes.
*Once Mike leaves the office, there are a couple of interesting things to see behind his desk, and another object that appears on the floor later (nothing you could possibly miss, since the game won't proceed without reading them.)

The Garden

There are several stalls set up in the garden of the Immersion Escursion Center. Things to see here include:

*The jewelry-making stand, where you can string shells together into necklaces (which you can later sell to Mike.)
*The "Try It And Trade It" shop, where you can spend Big Island Bucks on fish bait, shells, and trinkets.
*The shave-ice stand. You can buy yourself a Sno-Cone if you like. You'll need to solve a puzzle here at one point in the game.
*A treasure chest. You'll have to solve a puzzle to open it eventually.

The Surf Shop

*This is where you can usually find Pua Mapu, one of the four main NPC's in the game. You'll need to return to talk to her many times in order for the plot to advance. She is not there at the beginning of the game, however, so only the Hardy Boys can talk to her.
*There's nothing else here.

The Shore

This is a pretty boring area.

*You can collect seashells on the beach. You will probably get very sick of this area very soon, because there aren't enough shells on the beach to make a necklace with, so you have to walk back and forth until all the shell-collecting areas respawn.
*You can catch fish from the pier. Odds are good that you're probably going to get very tired of this exercise by the end of the game, too.
*This is also the launching-off point for snorkeling. You can collect more shells underwater, but since the snorkeling equipment is the last thing you need money for, you don't need to waste your time.

Quigley's Base Camp

*There is a broken solar array here that will become a puzzle once you get the proper parts to repair it with.
*The whirring machine is a winch-- look up before and after activating it to see how it works.
*There is a tape recorder on the ground here, which you need to listen to carefully since it contains a clue.
*In the tent, there is a radio. You will need to use this to call Quigley at one point. There's a folder on the table nearby with a note you will need to use to accomplish this.
*There is also a lab table with a microscope, some test tubes, and a scanner. You will need to use these to solve puzzles during the course of the game.
*There is a clipboard on the floor, but you can't take it until Quigley asks you to.
*And there is Quigley's trunk, which is locked. Once you solve the puzzle to open it, you can read her journal, find a telephone number you can try to investigate, and take two important items.

The Hilihili Research Center

*This is where you can find Dr. Malachi Craven, one of the four main NPC's in the game. You'll need to return to talk to him many times in order for the plot to advance.
*Dr. Craven's lab coat and PDA are here, but you cannot examine them until he is no longer working at his desk.
*There are two plant-based puzzles in here, one with green vines hanging from a trellis and the other with five flowers sitting in a glass case. You can only solve these puzzles when Dr. Craven asks you to.
*There are also two other plant containers which are just for fun-- push the buttons to play around with them a little bit.
*There is a bank of lockers, in which you can find a useful item once you acquire some more information later in the game.
*There is a greenhouse here, which you cannot enter at first but will be able to explore later in the game. There's nothing to find in the greenhouse but a computer (which you can use to find important information) and the plant sample you are supposed to find there.

Three Finger Rock

*This is where you can find Dr. Quigley Kim, one of the four main NPC's in the game. You'll need to return to talk to her many times in order for the plot to advance.
*Quigley's backpack is here, but you can't take anything out of it until she tells you to.
*There are four color-coded frass traps here which you will need for a puzzle. The other two are at Kapu Cave.

Kapu Cave

*There are two more color-coded frass traps here.
*Inside the cave is a puzzle that you can eventually solve to open the hidden cave.

The Hidden Cave

This is the endgame area. There's nothing in here you could possibly miss. Nancy has to solve a series of puzzles to get to the endgame challenge, meanwhile, Frank has to navigate an underwater maze and examine an object.

The Creature of Kapu Cave: Optional Actions

Have you:

*Beaten the Wiki Tiki game in Big Mike's office?
*Played with the plant samples behind the flowers you're supposed to fertilize?
*Gotten Richard Aikens to admit to Frank Hardy why he really is investigating Pua?
*Gotten Dr. Craven to tell you what happened to Quigley's camp?
*Gotten Dr. Craven to tell you what his secret research at Hilihili really is?
*Gotten Quigley to tell you what she was doing at Hilihili?

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