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Danger on Deception Island Spoilers

This is the section for commentary about the game that would probably ruin your playing of it, so please go back to the low-spoiler Danger on Deception Island Hints if you haven't played the game yet.

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If you have read that page already, and you still have questions remaining, then read on:

Possible Deaths in Danger on Deception Island
Plot Holes in Danger on Deception Island
Easter Eggs and Optional Actions
Plot Summary and Character Subplots
The Backseat Game Designer

Danger on Deception Island Death Scenarios

This is an unavoidable spoiler, but there are a limited number of possible deaths in Danger on Deception Island, and some of them are creative. You may not have experienced all of them, and may be curious. (-: So, here's a list:

*You can crash and be killed if you go cycling without a helmet.
*You can drown if you go kayaking without a life jacket.
*You can drown if you paddle the kayak out too far.
*You can crash the kayak and die.
*You can be caught and presumably killed by smugglers on the boat.
*Or you can be killed by the villain if you fail the final endgame challenge.

You can also lose the game without dying if you give either yourself or Katie food poisoning; if you get arrested for trapping female crabs; if you get hit by falling rocks from the lighthouse; if you break Katie's kayak; or if you slip and fall from the rocks.

Easter Eggs and Optional Actions

There are two easter eggs in Danger on Deception Island... first, if you click on the goldfish in the little pool enough times (more than 25) you will see a closeup of the fish and the names of two of the game artists. Second, if you click on the trap door to the hardware store enough times (8 or 10), you start seeing what look like screensave images up there: hot air ballons, rock arches, greek columns, a chimp, the statue of liberty, a blimp, some cows, a helicopter, a dog, the great wall of china, a manta ray, a polar bear warning sign, a polar bear, a fountain, an FBI agent.)

There are also a number of actions you can take in the game which are entirely optional to the plot. To give them a try, follow this link: Danger on Deception Island Options.

Spoilers: Plot Holes

Danger on Deception Island has a very good plot that held together quite well. The only thing that left me confused is what the NPC's had been fighting about at the town meeting. It seemed like Holt wanted to get rid of the orca, Katie wanted to study it, and Jenna wanted everybody to leave it alone. Jenna was angry at Katie for wanting to take the orca to an aquarium, and Holt was angry at Katie... because she was there? I don't know, he was mad that he had to detour his fishing ship around the orca, but since he wanted the orca to leave, why was he so against the idea of Katie taking the whale to an aquarium? And it's nice that Holt and Katie made up in the game epilogue, but why did this happen, exactly? Just because the whale left and they had nothing to fight about anymore?

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