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The Book of Ataniel

Character Preferences for the Ataniel Storyboard

Below is a list of all the characters that have appeared on the storyboard.
They're arranged in the following categories:

NPC ("Non-Player Character"):
Characters in GREEN type are NPCs. These characters are communal artistic property and you can use them freely. Most characters who appear on the board will be NPCs, and most of them will probably never be listed on this page, as we all have other things to do than write bios for every character that ever surfaces on the board anywhere; if a character isn't specified as somebody's PC or RPC, you're safe assuming he is an NPC.
PC ("Player Character"):
Characters in BLUE type are PCs. These characters are the artistic property of one author (listed in parentheses). You can still write for other people's PCs provided you stick to the realm of things a good GM might make happen to a character (attacking her, making a spell affect her, revealing information to her, conversing with her, etc., etc.) and stay away from making decisions or forming opinions on her behalf.
RPC ("Restricted Player Character"):
Characters in RED type are RPCs. These characters are basically retired PCs whose authors do not want to write for them actively right now, so they are restricted in their use. You may be allowed to use them for background scenes (check with the author), but do not drag them into any current plotlines, kill or change their characters, or otherwise force the author to mess with them.

Mithril Dagger Divider

AITHNE (RPC, Laura Redish)
Aithne is completely unavailable for anything right now. Don't write for her at all, please.
AKRON (PC, Evan Haag)
Akron is, at first glance, a typical goblin. His equipment seems to be cobbled together from random stuff scrounged from back alleys and sewers, and he has the personal hygiene of a hobo. He is, of course, more than he seems. He has rogue and ranger skills, and he also has magical armor. Assume that the armor will keep him from dying from anything relatively normal, and he is virtually immune to fire and cold. When dealing with other characters, he is rude, irreverent, and uneducated, but has a street-smarts that has been bred into him over dozens of generations. His goals as a hero are to be important enough to get resurrected when he dies, and to be able to go anywhere and not have to pay for anything.
Alderon is a young swashbuckler with poor impulse control. He means well and is loyal to his friends (Princess Thalia and her adventuring group, currently), but is rather cocky and easily distracted, especially by females of the species. Alderon is a cousin of Flicker's; he is elven, of medium build, and has curly copper-colored hair. He fights with a shortsword and also has sailing and swimming skills (he was once captain of his own ship, but crashed it in a bizarre adventure off the coast of Diaria). Right now he is part of the "Coming of Age" plotline.
ALEXKE (PC, Eric Gasior)
Alexke is a rebellious young teen with a mysterious past. She's confident in her abilities, which are unfocused and cover several different areas. She is able to recognize and manipulate extraplanar effects. Alexke has short, straight blond hair and green eyes. Her Dalen is heavily accented and even though her vocabulary and command of the language are good, it's stilted and short on idioms.
BERRYN (PC, Evan Haag)
Berryn is a quirky young priest of the dead god Arawn with a penchant for surrealistic dreams. He also has a healthy sense of humor, much to his mentor Luthien's chagrin. Like Chloe, he dresses in a much wider range of colors than just black, tending towards blues and greens. In terms of ability, he's a bit more capable than some of the other members of the Silver Bullets, having both priest and necromantic mage spells, but they run towards utility over combat. A friend of Princess Thalia's, he is currently part of the "Coming of Age" plotline. He is dating his compatriot Chloe.
Carter, a depressive Everyman superhero, is apparently a walking homage to Jonah's real-life comics habit, able to take on the powers and limitations of any comic-book hero at will.
Chloe is a fresh-faced young priest of the dead god Arawn. She has low-level cleric spells and is a very perceptive woman. She also belongs to the infamous Paris family of organized crime, and can sometimes get information or assistance from their underground network. Chloe has red hair and freckles; unlike most priests of Arawn she does NOT wear black, instead favoring earth tones. She is interested in gardening and farming and has some knowledge in those fields. A friend of Princess Thalia's, she is currently part of the "Coming of Age" plotline. She is dating her compatriot Berryn.
EBRETH TOR (RPC, Laura Redish)
After finishing the first Storyboard chronicles, I feel a sense of completion with this character and am not interested in pursuing further plot avenues with him at this point in time. You can still use Ebreth for a background character in New Trade if you're familiar with him, but please don't involve him in anything new without talking to me about it first.
Flicker was an active character on the first Storyboard, but due to the impending ATYR is no longer available for such. People are still welcome to use him as a background character, just don't do anything to him that would change his status in one year's time. Flicker splits his time between Lianth, where his fiancee Kayla waitresses at the Mithril Dagger, and New Trade, where he operates a ski chalet. He has a complex backstory which is better just to avoid if you aren't already familiar with it, but can be freely referred to if you are. Basically I'm very relaxed about usage but I don't want to have to resolve anything with him before the ATYR, so consider him plottily off-limits.
Garal is a returning character from the last Storyboard, a socially awkward, repressive halfling planeblazer. Garal has no combat abilities to speak of but is capable of planar travel (a meaningful talent in a world without long-range teleportation) and has contacts and experience throughout the planes. He hails from the Land of the Little Folk, but has been exiled from there and cannot return. Garal has some unusual sexual hang-ups (a tendency to get fixated on unavailable women and shy away from available ones, a running habit of semi-accidental voyeurism, and a secretive and very repressed sadistic streak, to date).
HEART (PC, Laura Redish)
Heart is a member of a barbarian people from the Kaltur mountain range. She has a heavy brow like Ansalian Neanderthals and dresses in simple wool clothes, but she is well-groomed, intelligent, and articulate in Dalen (the lingua franca of the region). She has long, coarse brown hair which she wears intricately braided. Heart is a capable martial artist, an excellent horseback rider, and generally physically competent. Magic and psionics do not affect her normally, so please leave any and all reactions to spells being cast upon her (even healing spells) to me.
JASON (PC, Rebecca Operhall)
Jason, a gay teenager with a tragic past he is trying to leave behind, will have a more informative entry as soon as Rebecca provides one. A friend of Princess Thalia's, he is currently part of the "Coming of Age" plotline.
Jimmy is from Saginou, a moderate-sized city in northern Cynystra (born in a more rural area, though). His experience all comes from "adventures" whose goal was stealing stuff. He's got the guts to hang tough in a nasty fight, but will be a little amazed at new experiences that are common to classic adventuring. ("Whoah, that monster has 3 heads! And they don't even match!") His best thieving skills are climbing and scanning/looting; he's ok at most others, but success is far from a given. He wears no armor, carries only light weapons (knives, daggers, a crossbow) and while quite capable of stabbing someone in the back, has little taste for violence against humans (and elves etc) if it's possible to avoid it. He relies a lot on quick thinking and improvising. He's cheerful and outgoing, and naturally gravitates towards working with others. He's had only one encounter with a pre-existing Ataniel character. He's a good looking if thin 5'6", dark hair, unusually natural smile.
Everyone is welcome to write for Kevin and Kayla within the Mithril Dagger, but they don't leave the Mithril Dagger. They are fixtures, and are also protected by the Mithril Dagger compact, so don't kill them. Kevin and Kayla are brother and sister; Kayla is recently engaged to MDH Flicker. They are, respectively, the best bartender and waitress on Ataniel.
Khyrisse was an active character on the first Storyboard, but is now busy with her family life, political career, and waiting for ATYR. May be available for cameos or such; consult author before any use.
LUTHIEN (RPC, Evan Haag)
Luthien was an occasionally-active character on the first Storyboard, but due to the impending ATYR is no longer available for such. Please do not wreak any evil upon him or drag him into any plots before that. Cameos are all right; he's currently on Annwych, working in the Church of Arawn and taking care of his seven-year-old son.
MELISSANDRA (PC, Alyssa Gulledge)
Melissandra Clarabella Annisetta is the beloved child of a human woman and a troll man (stoned, er..., deceased). She aspires to be a great and proper lady, as her mother taught her, but unfortunately takes much more after her father. She is VERY large, grey-green and has enourmous clawed hands and feet - but she did inherit her mother's blue eyes and blond hair. She is an exceptional warrior, strong and relentless, skilled in sword and hand to hand. She just worries about her nails (painted), her hair (braided) and "Did I slay him in a lady-like fashion?" (rarely).
RANI (PC, Laura Redish)
Rani is busy with her dual identity as hardboiled Rimbor City private eye and hooded vigilante Octavian, but she's available to drag into trouble if someone's looking for her.
RHYNWA (PC, Alyssa Gardner)
Alyssa wants to get back into character before the ATYR, so hers is the only original Atanielite character who's going to be written for actively on the Storyboard. Go ahead and sock it to her. Rhynwa can take it. :-) The high priestess of the dead god of Death, Arawn, Rhynwa believes death is the perfection of life. She casts high-level priest spells and wields a scythe. Her husband, Luthien, is currently taking his turn staying home with their seven-year-old son Gordon.
RISSA MINARYE (PC, Kristin L.K. Andersen)
Rissa is the oldest child of Khyrisse's brother Karellion and his human wife Miyrr. She is intelligent, idealistic, cautious, diplomatic, and a bit shy, especially around male members of the species. Rissa inherited her mother's Cynystran coloring (brown hair & eyes, pale skin) but her father's elven build. She wears modest Cynystran noblewoman's garb, her hair always up, but with a sensible split skirt, and the points of her ears remain defiantly in view. Skillwise, if it's book learnin', you may safely assume she knows a little of it; particularly so in the case of archaeology, anatomy, history, and religion. Please do not describe Rissa defending herself in a physical fight--although of course she's fair game to be ATTACKED, just like anyone. :-) The unusual artifact she has recovered cannot be removed from her person, incidentally.
SASHAMI (PC, Laura Redish)
Born Cynystran but raised by a Tharric warlord, Sashami is a proud young warrior woman trying to achieve glory and honor to impress her barbarian foster father. She is of moderate height, has long dark hair, and wields a greataxe. She also has tracking skills. A friend of Princess Thalia's, she is currently part of the "Coming of Age" plotline.
SHILREE (RPC, Jeff Hersh)
Shilree is off-limits for now and will not resurface until ATYR. Thanks.
THALIA (PC, Sylvia Rudy)
Thalia, a young Talarian princess with a fairy gift of perfect golden hair and a dubious familial curse due to her not having married yet, will have a more informative entry as soon as Sylvia provides one. Thalia is the nucleus of the group of young adventurers currently involved in the "Coming of Age" plotline.


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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

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