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Low-Spoiler Exile Walkthrough

Welcome to my Exile walk-through. (-: If you're new to my series of low-spoiler computer game walkthroughs, the idea is to point players towards things they might not have thought of in each game rather than giving away puzzle solutions or offering step-by-step instructions. There's not much point to playing an adventure game if you know all the puzzle solutions in advance, and there's no point at all in investigating a mysterious plotline if you've already had the plot spoiled.

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So these pages are as close to spoiler-free as possible. If you are looking for the solution to a particular puzzle, I recommend the excellent UHS site--you can only see one hint at a time there, so you can get the answer to one puzzle without ruining all the others for yourself. My website here focuses on exactly the things UHS and traditional walkthroughs don't: the non-critical parts of the game, little detours you can take, extra details you might miss if you only did what was strictly necessary to win the game. If you want even fewer spoilers--you're considering whether or not to buy the game, for example, and just want to know whether there's anything you're going to hate in it--please try my Exile Review page to find all the pertinent information in one convenient spoiler-free package.

Adventure games in general tend to be more linear than CRPG's, and Exile is no exception. It's impossible to miss the vast majority of this game--if you don't finish all the puzzles in each Age, you generally won't be able to find the symbols you need to progress. Even so, there are a few game elements that it's possible to skip accidentally. I'll list those for you here:

*It is possible to get Catherine to talk to you a few more times; once by walking up next to her and waiting, once by trying to open the wrong door, and once by coming out of the study without examining the Releeshahn book and walking up to her again. The first of these is worth doing, as it reveals an interesting piece of plot information.

*Inside Saavedro's house, there's a little setup with a generator, a plant, and an electromagnet-looking-thingie. You can play with this; it's completely optional, but gives some general clues to two of the worlds you'll be visiting.
*There are also some scales inside Saavedro's house that give you a clue to a puzzle in the third world. Again, this isn't necessary, but it may be a nice hint if you're stuck.

*On Edanna and Amateria, there are three pieces of Saavedro's journal scattered about. On Voltaic, there are FOUR. (I missed one of these and had to go back scouring around for it, under the mistaken assumption that there would be the same number on each world.) Picking these journal pieces up is strictly optional, but they do make interesting backstory to the main plot.
*On each world, there's a video message from Saavedro inside what looks like a telescope. These are optional, but really shouldn't be missed.
*On each world, notice the mural Saavedro made of the destruction of Narayan.

*When you arrive on Narayan, Saavedro is wearing much brighter clothing than he was when you first encountered him (I actually restarted the game to check myself on this). His new outfit is a bright red robe. With large yellow symbols on it. And yellow tassels at one end. It's... one of the curtains from the symbol chamber in here! If you look up at the row of curtains, you can even see where one of them has been cut off. Guess his old clothes must have been REALLY ripe or something. :-D

There are six possible endings to Exile, four in which you lose and two in which you win. Without spoiling their contents, you can see each of the six endings if you:

1) send Saavedro home and return to Tomahna with the book
2) trap Saavedro and return to Tomahna with the book
3) return to Tomahna without the book while Saavedro is on the other side of the forcefield from you
4) return to Tomahna while Saavedro is on the same side of the forcefield as you
5) drop the force field between you and Saavedro while he is in a berserk rage
6) stand near Saavedro by the gondola and wait around there doing nothing for a while

There are a few variations on #5 depending where you're standing when the ending occurs, and three different variations on #3 depending on whether you trap Saavedro before escaping, send him home and leave without the book, or run past him up the stairs and use the switch up there to send him home and leave without the book. You can also do #4 either with or without the book in your possession, though the ending looks exactly the same either way.

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