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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

The Book of Ataniel


Both the Lord High Mage and the head of the Mage's Guild, Zazoo is somewhat of an enigma, and his allegiences are unknown. Zazoo disappeared when the Empire disbanded, along with much of the Dalencian mages' guild.
--Who's Who V1

Deceased Zelin

One of Malcar's old host-bodies, he is the biological father of Maxwell Silverhammer.
--Who's Who V1

Died of old age.
--Hillary Sturoster, filing clerk of Annwn


The Zerthimaniacs are a rather bizarre chaotic cult of a dead god of Law. Properly known as the New Morvonics, they have cheerfully accepted the pejorative name the High Church of Morvon levelled at them--"Zerthimaniacs." Their leader is supposedly Jarth Averdale, the avatar of the angel Zerthimon; however, he is in fact neither, but rather an alien from Zaptiocalionaziokoosbiliarth named George who got merged with Jarth during a transporter accident. Jarth was killed when he took a poison that would kill non-avatars to prove his faith (though he has since been resurrected as some sort of mad stone golem), but George, who survived the ordeal, is now convinced he truly IS the Avatar, albeit an, er, unconventional one.
--Who's Who V2


That's me, alright, the avatar of old Morvon. Man, it's cool being an avatar.
--George Biblio

Zerthimon is an angel of Morvon who manifests himself periodically in human avatars. His current avatar is actually Asinus Paris, though the Zaptiocalionaziokoosbiliarthan alien George, who got merged with a Morvonic priest named Jarth during a transporter accident, is now convinced that he is actually Zerthimon and is leading the strange Zerthimaniac sect.
--Who's Who V2


Zzenith was a wandering wisdom devotee and healer from a race of greenish-purple gibbering mouthers and one of the most beloved members of Sway. Though it was genderless, its friends conferred honorary malehood upon him so as not to keep referring to him with an impersonal "it". Zzenith was essentially a four-foot high amorphous glob of goop with a few dozen eyes and mouths at random intervals who fed on dead bodies, but you got to love him quickly. He had the habit of vocalizing different words with different mouths, which had the effect of distorting his word order into Yoda-like constructions. He was perfectly comprehensible nevertheless, which may say something about the nature of English syntax or may not.
--from the Chronicles of the Sunfighter

For a being with no actual solid form, he's the most sensitive lover I've ever had. Far better than that Talbot buffoon. I hope that someday he will find a way to return to the stars that still sing in his eyes.
--GA-4, aka "Belle"

The wisest person I know. (Yes, Zzenith isn't -technically- a person, but it wouldn't be much of a compliment to call him the wisest Argos I know, because he's the only Argos I know.) It's always good to have him around. I don't even mind his, er, eccentric eating habits (much). If only all aliens could be like him.


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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

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