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The Witcher Spoilers: Plot Holes, Translation Glitches, and Other Confused Questions

I really enjoyed The Witcher and thought it had an interesting and thought-provoking plot that held together quite well. Unfortunately, it was also rather clumsily translated from the original Polish-- hundreds of lines of dialogue were apparently omitted or condensed for the English-language version, and some of the lines that are left just plain don't make much sense in English at all. I'm going to give the game designers the benefit of the doubt and assume that the missing and badly translated lines are probably responsible for most of the "WTF?" moments I had while playing.

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But in any case, here's my list of them (along with all the confused questions I've heard from other players), as well as my best attempts at answering them. If anyone has more light to shed on any of these topics, or knows what the answer was in the original Polish version, please let me know and I'll be glad to add it to my page.


I found no plot holes or open questions in the prologue. Everything in this intro sequence basically made sense (with the exception of some inscrutable dialogue lines like "Smash it!")

Chapter One

Q: What's going on in this beginning cutscene? How did Geralt suddenly appear in this inn? Did I miss something?
A: No, either the writers or the translators just failed to provide a transition here. It tells you what happened in Geralt's journal: he was journeying towards Vizima and stopped here in the outskirts of town, where he witnessed the attack of the spectral dogs from the cutscene.

Q: I saw Vesna the waitress sneaking around outside at night in a "crouch" position, acting very oddly. When I tried to talk to her she just said she didn't talk to strangers. What's she doing?
A: Moving stealthily so as to avoid the roving gangs of deranged sociopaths that live around here. If you come here around dusk one day you'll see some of them harassing her and will get the option of coming to her rescue.

Q: What on earth was that bizarre conversation with Kalkstein on the bridge after killing the Salamandra assassins about? The one where Geralt says "This would never have happened if I'd stayed with Vesemir" and Kalkstein asks him if he'd do something differently?
A: I'm pretty sure this was a bad cut and paste job from the opposite forking path, where the conversation makes more sense: if Geralt stays with Vesemir in the prologue instead of protecting the lab, then that allows the assassins to escape with more mutagens, and when they show up on the bridge they have a mutated Armored Hound in tow, leading Geralt to muse that it's his fault it happened and Kalkstein to ask him philosophical questions. I don't know why they used the same audio track for the path with no mutant monster in it.

Q: Who is this King of the Hunt that appears in the chapel, and what was that conversation between him and Geralt supposed to be about?
A: This is a reference to Geralt's backstory in the novels the game is based in. It's not just you; this conversation won't make sense to anyone who hasn't read the books (poor game design.) All you need to take out of this conversation is that he's a supernatural creature who follows Geralt around for his own purposes which he hasn't yet revealed.

Q: What is the deal with the stall-keeper who is selling rotten meat to the peasants?
A: Nothing. She is just for ambience. She is not related to any of the deaths and there is no way to interact with her or learn more about her meat.

Q: Did you meet a beggar who asked for alcohol, but then just said "What a wimp!" over and over after you give it to him? What's that mean?
A: Just comic relief evidently. Maybe it was funnier in Polish.

Q: Why does Odo's dog act so strange?
A: No idea. This is never remarked on again. Perhaps dogs are just more aware of what's going on with the hellhound than humans are.

Q: Who raped Ilsa? Was it Mikul, or the troublemakers in the bar?
A: This is never made clear, at least not in the English version. Abigail claims it was Ilsa's suitor Mikul, but the gang in the bar confessed to it, and since they were threatening Shani with the same fate at the time, I'm personally inclined to believe them. (Alvin's vision of the crime also made it sound more like a gang rape than a date rape to me.) If that's true, though, does that mean Abigail was lying about Mikul being the culprit, trying to influence Geralt's decision? I wouldn't put it past her, per se, but it feels like a piece was left out of this story somehow.

Q: Why did Abigail have a voodoo doll that looked a little like Odo?
A: I think the doll is supposed to somewhat resemble Odo because it is actually a doll of Odo's brother, which Abigail used to kill him (or incapacitate him so that Odo could kill him) at Odo's request. This fits with the story the Salamandra guys told about Odo wanting to assassinate a soldier. But for some reason that's the one thing Geralt doesn't confront Abigail about in the cave, so I guess we'll never know for sure.

Q: After the big boss fight, why are there dozens of extra dead bodies lying in pools of blood everywhere?
A: Probably the Beast summoned an army of barghests to fight the villagers while it battled Geralt. It's also possible that if you let the mob kill Abigail, the peasants were killed by Abigail's curse, whereas if you rescued Abigail, the peasants were killed by the berserk Reverend. It's very characteristic of this game for the peasants to be victimized by somebody no matter what you try and do.

Chapter Two

Q: Why did Mikul have Geralt thrown in jail?
A: Well, he's not very bright, so I doubt he came up with it on his own. Most likely, Azar Javed and his people convinced the guards to capture Geralt if he tried to enter the city.

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