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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

The Book of Ataniel

Vadiron, Lord

Vadril Ocean, the

The large saltwater sea in the heart of the old Dalencian Empire. (Click here for a map.)
--from the Reference Almanac of Ataniel, 813

Deceased Valden, Brother

Member of the Holy Church of Tal.
--Who's Who V1

Killed during the Madness.
--Hillary Sturoster, filing clerk of Annwyn

Valende Shiarintal

Elven priestess and avowed undead-slayer, sister of Vastarin. The two are Rat Pack members, sworn to the service of Khyrisse Starshadow.
--Who's Who V2

Valende and her brother Vastarin are from the mountain city of Liratyn. Because of their proximity to the Plateau, the town was infrequently plagued with attacks from shadows, wraiths, and other incorporeal undead. Val (as she is known to her friends) was trained to hunt and destroy them by the church of Corellon Larethian, elven god of the sun. She is a priest and ranger who has been trained to recognize the signs of undead in all their forms.
Her coquettish nature has admittedly given me no end of annoyance, particularly when trying to talk business, but there is no one more dedicated to the destruction of the undead, and few more adept at it. Recently, she and Vas left the Chain Gang to work for Khyrisse as bodyguards and personal assistants.

Met her and her brother while they were working with Luth's chain gang. They're both cool. But what's the deal with her and this Paris geek?

Someday, Schneider, you will learn that not every nasty comment is as funny as you think it is.

Valusek, Father

High level member of the Holy Church of Tal.
--Who's Who V1

Vastarin Windbourne

Elven archer, air elementalist, and playboy, brother of Valende. The two are Rat Pack members, sworn to the service of Khyrisse Starshadow.
--Who's Who V2

Vastarin Windbourne (Vas to his friends) joined the Chain Gang mostly out of loyalty to his sister Valende, a devoted undead-slayer. He is an archer by trade, and considers his elemental magic merely a hobby. When his sister volunteered to remain on Ataniel as most of the other elves of Liratyn were departing, he stayed behind as well. He has been with her ever since, and the pair have a very close rapport.
Though his frippery has annoyed me on many an occasion, he is much more intelligent and competent than anyone seems to give him credit for. Recently, Vas and Val left the Chain Gang to serve Khyrisse as bodyguards and personal assistants.

I liked him better before I knew he got my mom pregnant, split town, and didn't even remember it twelve years later.


Tila's nom de guerre as leader of her old guild, the Hood.
--Who's Who V2

Vickie Dare

P.E.A.N.U.T.B.U.T.T.E.R. agent and daredevil spy assigned to the Rat Pack by Pluvious Sturoster to keep tabs on the sanity of Khyrisse Starshadow. Vickie has had affairs with most of the prominent men of Ataniel.
--Who's Who V2

She's not as bad as the rest of the Rat Pack makes her out to be, you know. She's just got a three wisdom. She drags her friends into trouble, puts her foot in her mouth a lot, gets mad easily, drunk easier. But she's a nice girl for all that, and she can't help the way the d6's fell. I'd adventure with her again if she didn't give everyone else in the party so many migraines.
--Ebreth Tor

*counts to ten*




Deceased V'nos

He was the New Gila representative on the Trade Council. Personally, I do not trust him. Why? Well, let me just say I have had private dealings with him. Take my word, do not trust an illithid.

The timing of your warnings, as usual, sucks rocks, Shil.

Crushed by a falling building.
--Hillary Sturoster, filing clerk of Annwyn



A giant working for Gnartriech on the Giant/Dalencian border.
--Who's Who V1


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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

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