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Reader Rabbit Preschool/Sparkle Star Rescue: Blue and Green Brillite Gems

Question: What do you need green and blue brillite jewels for in the game "Sparkle Star Rescue"?

Answer: Nothing. They're just there as additional rewards if your child likes to complete activities more than once. You never need to get any to win the game, but if you do get them, you can use them to unlock extra animations. The blue brillites can be used to create a rainbow fountain in the main screen (in front of Mount Brillite,) by clicking and dragging each brillite to the correctly shaped hole in the ground (they sparkle, making them easy to find.) The green brillites can be used to create little easter-egg animations in the individual game areas-- find a sparkling area somewhere in the same screen where you were awarded the green brillite, and just click and drag it there. The extra animation will remain in place till you leave the area.

If you're curious, the five green-jewel animations in this game are: a swimming fish in the river by the lightning bug game, the fat Pi-Rat popping up from the crater by the rocket ship/math game, the scrawny Pi-Rat snorkeling in the water by the flower coloring game, the female Pi-Rat peeking out of the mining cart in the gem-matching game, and a gopher and rainbow appearing across the river in the spelling game.

Happy gaming!

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