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Shadows Over Riva Magic Items

One of the most frustrating things about the Realms of Arkania series is the indistinguishability of magic items. Magic items usually look exactly like a nonmagical item of the same type, and its name does not change once you identify it--you and your characters may know it's a sword that has bonuses against the undead, but it will still be labeled simply "sword" and look exactly like every other sword in the game. I wound up identifying the same amulets over and over again because it was impossible to label which ones did what.

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The "Analyze" spell wasn't always much of a big help either, frequently offering useless remarks like "It's magic all right, but I can't tell more than that." So here's my list of magic items I've found in Shadows Over Riva (this includes items that I brought into the game from Star Trail and Blade of Destiny, but not magic items left behind in those games like the Salamander Stone or Grimring.) These are only the magical items-- other jewelry, like the purple ring, gray ring, blue gemstone ring, gold jewelry, and gold wristband, are nonmagical and can only be sold for cash. There are also nonmagical "silver jewelry" necklaces that look exactly like the magical "silver jewelry" listed below.

Note that these are the magic items in the English version of the game. There were apparently some additional magic items available only in the German version of Blade of Destiny, including a +2 shortsword, a sickle that improves your herb lore, and a silver coronet that can cast an armor spell in combat, and those can be carried forward into Shadows of Riva if you're either playing the German version or cheating.

Shadows Over Riva Items


In addition to their specific magical effects, magic weapons in Realms of Arkania are much more difficult to break than regular weapons--I've never seen a magic weapon break in a fight so long as I faithfully use a whetstone after every dungeon.

Weapon NameDistinguishing FeaturesMagical Effect
SwordLooks like an ordinary sword. The Analyze spell suggests this sword will be "especially effective against the undead." +2 to hit, and also does extra damage vs. undead
SwordShiny blade, green hilt (you find it in the Dwarven Mines.) The Analyze spell can't tell you more than "definitely magical." Not sure, probably a bonus to damage.
SwordRed hilt with green jewel. The Analyze spell says it has to do with movement and warns of evil magic. Reduces the wielder's movement rate. No positive effects that I could notice.
Sword of ArtherionNamed. +3 to hit, bonus to damage
SabreLooks like an ordinary sabre. The Analyze spell says it is effective against zombies. Bonuses against the undead.
Two-Handed SwordLooks like an ordinary two-handed sword. The Analyze spell declares it "unbreakable." As far as I can tell nothing, other than not breaking in combat.
Two-Handed SwordGlowing (you find it in the Dwarven Mines.) The Analyze spell can't tell you more than "definitely magical." Lighter and faster than ordinary two-handed swords.
Bastard SwordLooks like an ordinary two-handed sword. The Analyze spell declares it "an excellent weapon." -1 to hit, but bonus to damage.
Dragon-slayerNamed. Massive bonuses against dragons. There are no hand-to-hand fights against dragons in Shadows Over Riva so you can get rid of it at will after winning Star Trail.
Orc HookLooks like an ordinary orc hook. The Analyze spell suggests it is a weapon meant for an expert. -2 to hit, but does increased damage.
SpearLooks like an ordinary spear. The Analyze spell says it's good against spiders. +1to hit, and also does extra damage vs. spiders.
Bow of ArtherionNamed. Bonuses to hit and damage.
Throwing DaggerLooks like an ordinary throwing dagger. The Analyze spell suggests it improves accuracy. Bonus to hit.
Tenobaal BoltsLook like ordinary crossbow bolts. The Analyze spell can't tell you more than "definitely magical." I have no idea what these bolts are supposed to do--my characters were unable to equip them and I was never able to find a crossbow that could fire them.

Armor, Jewelry and Accessories

Object NameDistinguishing FeaturesMagical Effect
Chainmail ShirtLooks like an ordinary chainmail shirt. The Analyze spell suggests the enchantment has "something to do with weight." Same protection as ordinary chainmail, but lighter and less restrictive to movement.
Chainmail ShirtLooks like an ordinary chainmail shirt. The Analyze spell says it contains undead magic. Continuously drains life points from the character wearing it, but does provide an AC bonus against undead.
Mirror ArmorNamed. Increases magic resistance by 5.
Golden Shield, Phex Shield, Silver Helmet, Phex Helmet, and HelmetNamed (except for the "helmet," which looks like the Phex helmet and has identical properties.) The Analyze spell reveals nothing important about any of them. Nothing special except that they can be worn by characters who are otherwise forbidden to wear shields and helmets.
Magic BootsLook like regular boots, but with white wings. Increase movement rate.
Might BeltNamed. +5 to strength.
Deathshead BeltNamed. -4 to necrophobia.
Coronet (blue)Only blue coronet in game. Permanent Arcano spell, magic resistance +2.
Mirror AmuletNamed. Looks like a mirror on a chain. Reflects Fulminictus and Ignifaxus spells back on the caster.
Fire-AmuletNamed. Looks like a medallion on a chain. Protects against fire.
Travia-AmuletNamed. Looks like a cross on a chain. Makes wearer immune to hunger or thirst.
Praios AmuletNamed. Looks like a round gold brooch. (There's another amulet in Blade of Destiny called "Praios Amulet," which looks like a cross, but those are non-magical and have no use outside the dungeon they are found in, so don't bother keeping them.) Protect against vampire attacks.
Amulet (blue)Looks like a blue flower. Increases magic resistance by 5 and protects against transformation and combat spells.
Amulet (red)Looks like a red flower. Protects against magical fire.
Amulet (green)Looks like a green flower. Can use it to cast the "light" spell.
AmuletLooks like a pentagram. Reduces superstition by 2.
Dolphin AmuletNamed. Increases swimming ability by 4.
Silver jewelryLooks just like nonmagical silver jewelry. The Analyze spell says it is protection against undead. Reduces necrophobia by 2.
Bracelet (red)Only red bracelet in game. Reduces acrophobia by 3.
Bracelet (green)Only green bracelet in game. Increases charisma by 5.
Asthenil RingNamed. Protects against fire.
Red RingGold ring with large red gem. (Rings with narrow red bands are unmagical) Permanent Arcano spell, magic resistance +2.
Green RingGold ring with large green gem. Protects against fire.
Green RingNarrow green band. Increases dexterity by 4.
Silver RingNarrow silver band. Can cast Ignifaxus spells during combat. (Also used as a quest item during Shadows Over Riva)

There are a few miscellaneous magic items also in the game:

*Crystal ball -- can increase a character's "danger sense" skill if he is holding one
*Magic waterskin -- provides water for the whole party, you can throw out all other waterskins
*Magic bread bag -- provides food for the whole party, you don't have to worry about carrying any more food

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