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Low-Spoiler Revelation Walkthrough

Welcome to my Revelation walk-through. (-: If you're new to my series of low-spoiler computer game walkthroughs, the idea is to point players towards things they might not have thought of in each game rather than giving away puzzle solutions or offering step-by-step instructions. There's not much point to playing an adventure game if you know all the puzzle solutions in advance, and there's no point at all in investigating a mysterious plotline if you've already had the plot spoiled.

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So these pages are as close to spoiler-free as possible. If you are looking for the solution to a particular puzzle, I recommend the excellent UHS site--you can only see one hint at a time there, so you can get the answer to one puzzle without ruining all the others for yourself. My website here focuses on exactly the things UHS and traditional walkthroughs don't: the non-critical parts of the game, little detours you can take, extra details you might miss if you only did what was strictly necessary to win the game. If you want even fewer spoilers--you're considering whether or not to buy the game, for example, and just want to know whether there's anything you're going to hate in it--please try my Revelation Review page to find all the pertinent information in one convenient spoiler-free package.

Adventure games in general tend to be more linear than CRPG's, and Revelation is no exception. It's impossible to miss the vast majority of this game--if you don't finish all the puzzles in each Age, you won't be able to reach the endgame. Even so, there are a few game elements that it's possible to skip accidentally:

Amulet Memories

Without spoiling their contents, here is my list of all the places where you can use Yeesha's amulet to view a memory.

TOMAHNA (complete, I believe)

Atrus' bedroom:
*inside the fireplace
*close-up of the family portrait over the fireplace
*close-up of the Tomahna plaque just outside this room
*reading the Spire and Haven journals

Yeesha's lab/arboretum:
*close-up of Yeesha's beetles
*close-up of the fusebox
*close-up of the dirt on the floor
*close-up of the plant behind the porthole window

The room down the ladder:
*close-up of Atrus' family tree

Atrus' lab:
*reading Atrus' journal
*close-up of the image machine
*close-up of the security cameras
*looking through the telescope
*looking at the pillar outside the lab, by where you arrived

The kitchen:
*reading the alphabet book
*standing near the stove
*close-up of the pots
*close-up of the chess set

In Yeesha's room:
*reading Yeesha's journal
*close-up of the crystal on Yeesha's desk
*standing near Yeesha's dress
*close-up of the broken cabinet (after returning from Spire or Haven)

The linking room beneath Atrus' bedroom:
*close-up of the broken seal near the linking books

In Atrus' study (the one from Exile, after returning from Serenia):
*close-up of the feather quill
*close-ups of the two burned tapestries
*reading the Serenia journal

In the garden (the one from Exile, after returning from Serenia):
*looking at the bench

SPIRE (under construction)

*close-up of the journal in the linking station
*close-up of the linking station from outside
*close-up of the crystal statues of the family
*close-up of the blanket on the floor nearby
*close-up of the gauge on the large white crystal
*looking into the longest tunnel down
*closeup of the floating rock
*view through Sirrus' telescope
*reading Sirrus' journal
*closeup of the contraption on Sirrus' desk
*closeup of the plant in the statue of Catherine
*closeup of the chess set
*closeup of the large white crystal with the broken gauge
*viewing the closed control panel near the ship (before opening it)
*closeup of the circuitboard near the ship
*closeup of the floating palace in the distance
*viewing the other closed control panel (before opening it)

HAVEN (under construction)

*closeup of floor rubble in the linking station
*closeup of the device (telephone?) near the linking book
*closeup of Yeesha's purse
*closeup of crystal statuette under a rock outside
*closeup of the dinosaur skeleton
*the totem pole by the skeleton
*viewing the map on the broken ship's mast
*closeup of the broken chest on the ship
*closeup of the dead bird on Achenar's desk
*closeup of the tools near the trap in Achenar's room
*reading Achenar's journal
*closeup of the tools by the ship
*closeup of the broken tent (after going for a ride in it)
*the totem pole in the rushes
*the axe in the rushes
*close-up of a plant in the rushes
*close-up of the crossbow in the hunting blind
*close-up of tracks in the swamp (two places, same sound)

SERENIA (under construction)

*viewing the pedastal the Tomahna book has fallen off of

Other Optional Revelation Elements

To be continued...

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