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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

The Book of Ataniel

Rimbor City: Arena Lotta Trouble

In which the Sewer Tour, pressed into gladiatorial combat, foment rebellion against the Duke...

'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

"The toast golem!"
-- the Dougmaster

"She's an athletic supporter, I guess..."
-- Tila

"I am not in mourning! I AM IN A SNIT!!"
-- Luthien

"Two! TWO! TWO MAGES IN ONE! But wait-- there's more!"
-- Everyone (re the Max/Khyrisse mindmeld)

"Great for a thief!"
-- Tila and Luthien

-- Palmer

"He has that gladiator twang."
-- Luthien (re Jake)

"His, uh, MOTHER was a gladiator!"
-- Tila

"Never threaten Newell!"
-- Tila

"Palmer, what's your intelligence?"
-- the Dougmaster and Rhynwa

"Come here, womanly woman! Hold onto the long healing rod!"
-- Dr. Zeinfeld to Khyrisse

"Tila leaps forward, rips off her armor, and throws herself on the table."
-- Tila (still trying to get a date)

"You all are the biggest phobes! Not feebs. PHOBES."
-- the Dougmaster

"What is a number? Except for an abstract representation of humanity?"
-- Tila, trying to talk her way out of being branded

"I'm ALLERGIC to brands!"
-- Tila, resrting to wailing

"It's the 'CLERIC-I'M-BETTER-THAN-YOU' Stare."
-- Luthien

"We all glare."
"I'M not!"
-- Everyone except Janther, and Janther

"I seem to have smelled you coming. EWWWW!"
-- Lord Vadiron

"Did you get your balls cut off?"
"NO. But thank you for your concern."
-- Rhynwa and Palmer

"Janther in the lion's den: 'GOOOOOD lions!' "
-- Tila

"Suddenly the wolf pulls out a chainsaw!"
-- Schneider

"The wyvern!!"
-- Luthien and Rhynwa

"He's a vibrator with a nightlight!"
-- Luthien (re Schneider)

"Race ya!"
-- Luthien (to Palmer)

"This looks very serious."
-- Schneider and Luthien (!)

"I'll bet it's easier to hit now!"
-- Luthien

"I'm SO amused. I'M JUST SO AMUSED."
-- the Dougmaster

"Palmer's heart gushes blood all over the floor!"
-- Tila

"Palmer Khan! You just beheaded a wyvern! What are you going to do?"
-- Schneider

"Magic man! Runt magic man! Little runt magic man with the ugly face! How did you do that?"
-- Dr. Zeinfeld and Schneider

"Come back and fight, you!"
-- Tila and Palmer

"Don't lick my spell book, Scott!"
-- the Dougmaster

"It continues as far as you can't see!"
-- the Dougmaster (to Janther)

"Sit down before I stab you!"
-- Luthien

"I want to smack him around!"
-- Luthien and Janther

"You couldn't hit a b-b with the broad side of a barn!"
-- Luthien

-- Palmer (re Signet the Significant)

Book of Ataniel

(Quotes from Jonah Cohen's notes... forgive the Schneidercentricity. :-)

Sewer Tour Cast:
Jonah as Schneider, smart-alecky jester
Evan as Luthien, crabby necromancer
Alyssa as Rhynwa, priestess of death
Laura as Janther, demonically possessed ranger
Kay as Tila, love-starved thief
Scott as Max, nice-guy hero
Ed as Palmer, reckless ex-gladiator
Kris as Khyrisse, high-strung elven sorceress
Doug as Dungeonmaster and everyone else


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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

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