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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

The Book of Ataniel

A Nice Little Town In The Middle Of Nowhere

In which the Sewer Tour, dispatched to prevent a war between Dalencia and the Giants, teams up with the Noyarc the werewolf to defeat the evil Huntsman...

'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

"Someone, somewhere, needs Evan's tongue. That's PRETTY gross."
-- Jonah

"HMM! It sure SMELLS like blood. Does it SMEAR like blood?"
-- Luthien

-- Rhynwa to Gdeon

" 'Waiting for Gdeon'!"

"Dead or dead, you're coming with me!"
-- Luthien

"You CRITICALLY climb the tree."
-- the Dougmaster

"A Burning Bowling Ball of Blazing Badness."
-- Luthien

"I was kind of more concerned about the PEOPLE."
"Oh. Yeah. Them too."
-- Rhynwa and Luthien prioritizing

"Chester, is Don a werewolf too or is he, like, just this guy?"
-- Janther

"He's a frustrated artist! THAT'S why he's doing this!"
--Luthien psychoanalyzing the Huntsman

"You wanna be Thor, GODDESS OF CARPENTRY?"
-- Alyssa shutting up Steven Kent

"Well, obviously I was captured by Mr. Antler-Head!"
-- Noyarc

"Noyarc takes the lead, muttering about stupid little towns in the middle of nowhere."
-- the Dougmaster

"I may be frivolous, but I'm not an idiot."
-- Rhynwa

"Sorry, you're not dying and getting out of THIS fight!"
-- Rhynwa, curing critical wounds

"If it is, then I'll turn it in; if it's not, then I'm keeping it and fuck all of you."
-- Rhynwa

"How stupid are these people, anyway?"
-- the Evil Dougmaster

Book of Ataniel

(Quotes from Jonah Cohen's notes... forgive the Schneidercentricity. :-)

Sewer Tour Cast:
Jonah as Schneider, smart-alecky jester
Evan as Luthien, crabby necromancer
Alyssa as Rhynwa, priestess of death
Laura as Janther, demonically possessed ranger
Kay as Tila, love-starved thief
Scott as Max, nice-guy hero
Ed as Palmer, reckless ex-gladiator
Kris as Khyrisse, high-strung elven sorceress
Doug as Dungeonmaster and everyone else


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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

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