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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

The Book of Ataniel

Rimbor City: Duke St. Augustine

In which Duke St Augustine is slain at last and his soul trapped within Janther...

'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

"You hath breasts!"
"Quite a few."
"Only two!"
"Yeah, but there's a lot of them."
-- Oethnar, Rhynwa, and Janther

"I'm a trainer at the arena."
"There IS no arena."
-- Jake and Everyone (coming to terms with unemployment)

"You lay one hand on the elf and you're dead shit."
-- Schneider (to Leon Kim)

"NPC, proud as a peacock."
-- Tila

"No. Well, yes. Yes!"
-- Tila (being offered use of Rhynwa's beau-hunk)

"Through the--"
-- the Dougmaster and group

"Plate armor: strong enough for a man."
"But made for a woman."
-- Tila and group

"Only you can prevent demon fire."
-- Schneider

"Sometimes a janitorial closet is just a janitorial closet."
-- Schneider

"Is there ANYTHING we can do about these damn doors?"
"I can destroy the hallway."
-- Tila and Luthien

"Which hallway, Top, Middle or Bottom?"
"Top. I like to be on top."
"I don't mind being on the bottom. It's the middle that's the problem."
-- the Dougmaster, Tila, and Rhynwa

"The mages orgasm."
-- Tila and Rhynwa

"Let's loot as much as we can before they jump us."
-- Tila

"There once was a feeb named Clyde,
Who challenged the S.T. and died,
He could not spell,
So he went straight to hell,
And that was a pretty long ride."

"He does souls. He does life forces. He does bar mitzvahs and weddings. He's the fun-loving god of death. He's Arawn."
-- Schneider

-- Tila and Luthien

"Care to make an evil soliliquy and tell us why you're still alive, Duke St. Augustine?"
-- Janther

"What a scummy thing to do!"
"Thank you!"
-- Rhynwa and the Dougmaster

"What do you think I am, a condominium?"
-- Janther, on Duke St. Augustine's imprisonment

"Always look on the bright side of life-- Armor Class 1."
-- Tila

"Laura leaps onto the couch and attacks Kay with a mechanical pencil."
-- Kay

"Quell is not stupid. He knows the difference between lawyers and demons-- there IS no difference!"
-- Quell, Scourge of All Demons

"Tila starts to cry, suddenly realizing that she is still a virgin."
-- Tila

"He's straddling Tila. He's hard as a rock. And she's not even alive to enjoy it."
-- Schneider


"Pluvius Sturoster: the only man in existance to kill a stone golem with a desk set."
-- Janther

"It's okay, Schluffy-Pops."
-- Rhynwa and Luthien

"Quell, you'd better heal that."
-- Janther (to the mind-controlled Quell, who just belted him)

"Never underestimate the power of positive threatening."
-- Luthien

Book of Ataniel

(Quotes from Jonah Cohen's notes... forgive the Schneidercentricity. :-)

Sewer Tour Cast:
Jonah as Schneider, smart-alecky jester
Evan as Luthien, crabby necromancer
Alyssa as Rhynwa, priestess of death
Laura as Janther, demonically possessed ranger
Kay as Tila, love-starved thief
Scott as Max, nice-guy hero
Ed as Palmer, reckless ex-gladiator
Kris as Khyrisse, high-strung elven sorceress
Doug as Dungeonmaster and everyone else


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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

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