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Book of Pooh/A Story Without a Tail: Where is Eeyore's Tail???

One shouldn't really need spoilers to a computer game designed for toddlers, but I actually got frustrated enough to look on the Internet for one, and couldn't find one. In fact, all I found was complaints that this game never ends and Eeyore never finds his tail again.

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However, that's not true. You CAN find Eeyore's tail... but only if you complete each task in the game an arbitrary number of times. To be specific, you have to finish Pooh's alphabet game once, Rabbit's cooking game twice, Tigger's bounce game three times, Kessie's song game three times, and Piglet's story game four times. If you do all this, then the character whose task you completed last will have a cutscene in which he finds Eeyore's tail, and Eeyore will then gratefully thank you.

My daughter was rather bored by the apple-bouncing game and had only completed that one once, which was why she never seemed to find Eeyore's tail no matter what she did. If you have a child who didn't care to repeat one of the jobs more than once-- or kept X'ing out of some of them before officially finishing-- now you know why they're getting no plot resolution. Go back and finish each of the tasks the correct number of times, and all will be well.

Happy gaming!

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