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Welcome to my Nibiru walk-through. (-: If you're new to my series of low-spoiler computer game walkthroughs, the idea is to point players towards things they might not have tried in each game rather than giving away puzzle solutions or offering step-by-step instructions.

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This turns out to pose a serious problem for writing a Nibiru walkthrough. In the entire game, I found only one (1) thing a player could miss and still successfully complete the game, namely:

*When you first meet Stasek, be sure to right-click him for some additional information. Martin will not be able to do anything with this information, but it is nonetheless interesting.

And, well, that's it. There are no optional actions to take in Nibiru, no alternate solutions to puzzles, no dialogue choices that could change what you might learn from a conversation, no side investigations you could do. The Black Mirror was a very linear game, but even that game included enough choices and optional examinations to fill two pages worth of walkthrough. In Nibiru, nada.

So I'm abandoning my usual low-spoiler walkthrough format, and providing you with a simple bullet list of things you need to do to leave each area. If Martin's refusing to leave an area and you don't know why, hopefully you'll be able to use it to get his butt back in gear.


There are three small locations here: a bridge, an apartment building, and a city block. You will visit them in order. The only way to leave each small location until you have everything you need for the next, so don't worry about it. Things you have to accomplish in this area:

*Find the note from Barbora (this involves a lot of conversation to accomplish)
*Call Francois
*Get into Barbora's apartment
[you'll get knocked out, but there's no other way to continue the plot]
*Hack into her computer
[several minutes of automatic stuff will happen]
*Trick your way into Barbora's office (involves much errand-running)
*Get the German Nibiru document
*Prepare a stamped report
*Trick your way into the government building
[more automatic stuff and a travel cutscene]

Military Camp

Things you have to accomplish in this area:

*Talk to everyone over and over and over until one of them finally suggests a way into the mine.
*Get the soldier to leave his post
*Snitch the major's keys and radio
*Loot the cabin for tools (Martin won't mess with the generator until you have all the tools you will need in inventory)
*Open the generator
*Break into the locker
*Sabotage the lights
[cutscene and automatic stuff]

Nazi Mine

Most of the tasks in this dungeon require collecting lots and lots of tools, often using one tool to fetch another tool and then combining it with a third tool to make a fourth tool, and so on. But the actual things you have to accomplish in this area are:

*Open the lock with four dials. (It has three parts: you must use a key, the dials must be oiled, and then you must figure out the proper setting for the dials.)
*Use the generator to light the hallway
*Get past the broken lock into the archive room
*Find the correct file in the archives
*Fix the broken light so you can explore (and loot) the back room
*Open the secret door in the back room (this takes a lot of messing around to accomplish)
*Loot the secret room and read the journal
*Solve the tangram puzzle to get into the lab
*Figure out how to retrieve the key
*Figure out how to extract the code to the safe from the journal
*Open the safe
[cutscene, Martin does some automatic stuff] *Figure out what Martin is up to and escape from the Nazi before he shoots you! [more automatic stuff, that idiot Martin decides to let the Nazi villain go instead of killing him or turning him in to the police]


Most of this chapter takes place in the same location--a harbor neighborhood with a hotel in it--but there are a lot of automatic scene shifts in this chapter, most of which you'll have no input into. Things you have to accomplish in this area are:

*Get a room at the hotel. There's apparently no other hotel in the city and the game won't progress till you get a room here, so do whatever it takes to get one.
*Go to your room. Martin will automatically nap on the chair.
*Call Francois. (Martin's cellphone has inconveniently disappeared, so use the hotel phone.)
*Convince a fisherman to take you to Francois' house.
[travel cutscene]
*Ring the doorbell. Really, that's it.
[cutscene of Martin walking, long automatic conversation with Uncle Francois, another cutscene, Martin wanders off without you and gets knocked out again, automatic conversations and cutscenes with some villains]
*Once you're finally able to move again, solve the timed challenge and escape.
[another cutscene and automatic travel back to Francois' house]
*Get the detective to let you inside
*Find the map to the Mayan temple
*Figure out how to open the safe (there's nothing inside, but you can't leave till you open it anyway)
*Talk to the detective again, then leave
[cutscene, back to the hotel, some automatic stuff]
*Get into the hotel from the back
*Get into the service closet (you'll need to get the janitor out of the way)
*Clear out the building
*Find and open the villain's lockbox (you'll need audio for this)
[voiceover, cutscene, etc.]


This is the last chapter, and though it looks like there are going to be a lot of locations to visit, most of them are just for decoration on the map. Except for one puzzle at the very end, you'll spend the whole time in the village of Tecolut and the Temple of Dawn. Things you have to accomplish in this area:

*Get George to give you a room for the night. As in France, Martin cannot do anything else until he gets a night's sleep at the one location he's fixated on, so do whatever you have to to accomplish this.
*Buy a stone statue in town and acquire transportation to the temple.
*Translate some inscriptions with Paul the archaeologist, and run an errand for him.
*Get two stone cylinders, one from a statue and the other from a tourist (you'll have to manipulate both a little.)
*Solve the Rubik-like spatial puzzle the cylinders reveal.
*Talk to all the NPCs in the area repeatedly until a plan to enter the pyramid is formed and you're sent back to town.
[automatic conversation with a kid]
*The game won't progress until you do, so go meet the guy in Rosie's.
*Get back in the Jeep.
[automatic cutscene conversation with silly New Age guru, deposited back in town]
*Get supplies from George
*Get back in the Jeep.
[cutscene back to the Temple of Dawn]
*Solve the floor tile puzzle.
*Go down the rope and solve the slider puzzle.
*Open the door (not really a puzzle, just keep bothering Pedro over and over again)
*Solve the base-20 math problem (how cool is that?)
*Take the statue and artifacts
*Get Pedro to lower the rope
[cutscene, more automatic conversation with White Bear the New Ager, another cutscene]
*Solve the Mayan-glyph slider puzzle
*Place the three statues in the proper places
[Watch the ending cutscenes]

And that's it, you've made it! I can say with great certainty that there's nothing you've missed in the game once you've made it to that point, so have fun imagining what the ending is supposed to mean. :-) You can go on to the Backseat Game Designer page if you'd like my take on it.

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