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'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

Penguin Power!

Welcome to Laura's homepage!

Incarnations of the Sunfighter
Computer art and writings from a long time ago...

Incarnations of Laura
Childhood photos and a picture of Laura and Kay in a Brytannwch sewer

Tales of Significance
Fiction and quotes from Doug's Demonwars, Sewer Tour, Sway, and AFYR campaigns,
as well as some campaign apocrypha

Chronicles of Ataniel
Laura's records of our two-year Storyboard campaign

Storyboard of Ataniel
The currently running collaborative fiction game

Rat King Archives, WAHP Archives, Trial and Error Archives, and Shake the Dust Off Archives
The evolving conclusion to the Storyboard campaign

Reference Almanac of Ataniel
1995 tome on the Ataniel gameworld, by Doug and Laura

Computer Game Reviews
CRPG reviews and eclectic gaming stuff

Jay's Wizardry Party
Screenshot of my four-year-old son's Wizardry Gold party (led by Dora the Explorer and friends...)

Indian Languages
Come see what I do in real life

Here's my ODP profile (I'm a volunteer there)

Tjekanefir's Odds and Ends
My other homepage (mostly gaming stuff)

Anything else you could possibly be interested in about me

Email me
But only if you have something really interesting to say! :-D

'Does the moon look bigger to you tonight?'

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